What should a witness do at a wedding?


Does your best friend decide to marry and invites you to be a witness at his wedding? As a guest at weddings, you have seen witnesses more than once, watched their actions, but you are not completely sure that you know in full detail what a witness should do at a wedding. This usually happens. But if you have had such an honor, you can’t let a friend down. It is necessary to clearly assimilate the duties of a witness. We will try to help you with this..

Wedding witness duties

What should a witness do at a wedding - relax or work? Get ready to be the main thing in preparing and conducting the bachelor party. Usually it is held on the eve or 2-3 days before the wedding. Your friend says goodbye to a single life, this day should be remembered for him forever. Take care of the bachelor party scenario in advance. The bride and groom should not know anything about the program, for him everything on this day should be a surprise. Attract the best friends of the groom, women, girls not familiar to him, to the stag party, drink, have plenty of fun.

Stag organization

Spend the party in such a way that by morning your friend, exhaling, said: «All! Walked! I want to get married soon!» Do not forget that by the day of the wedding, the witness and the groom should have a good rest, sleep, because the main thing is not a bachelor party, but a wedding. Both of you have a lot of trouble, you are waiting for pleasant and not very contests, tasks. What is the ransom of the bride! Everything that a witness should do at a wedding should look beautiful, relaxed. Remember where the nearest flower shop is located. You will have to go there with a friend to choose bouquets for the bride and the witness. Show your generosity, delicate taste.

Bouquet for the witness

The appearance of the witness is selected according to his taste. It can be a black suit, white shirt and tie. A white suit will also look quite solemn; a bow tie will be a suitable accessory. Although, taking into account what a witness should do at a wedding, a dark suit is preferable. Shoes match the color of the costume. The outfit should be beautiful, elegant, because the witness is the second person of the wedding after the groom. And the presence of a charming witness nearby makes it even more obligatory to look excellent.

Appearance of the witness

Do not forget that the witness is the right hand, support and support of the groom. He simply must be the most cheerful, inventive, know exactly what witnesses should do at weddings, know wedding customs, traditions. Your responsible mission is to ensure that everything goes according to plan, it begins with the preparation of the bachelor party and ends with the departure of the last guest from the wedding.

Wedding day

On the day of the wedding, the witness needs to arrive early at his friend's house to help him get dressed and get together at the registry office. Try not to be embarrassed, do not forget anything necessary for the ceremony, it is better to make a list in advance. Carry a passport, wedding rings, bouquets for the bride and groom with you. Take an interest in how the newlyweds will sprinkle after leaving the registry office. For example, rose petals, coins, grain. Grab these items with you. Be sure to remind guests to decorate cars with wedding ribbons. If at least you remember from your experience what a witness should do at a wedding, then you have an idea about the procedure for buying out a bride. You will have to endure this procedure on your shoulders. Be sure to bring money with you, it is desirable that they be different bills, smaller and larger - brides are now not cheap. Also, several bottles of champagne, wine, vodka, some fruits, sweets will come in handy - this can come in handy for bribing harsh «sellers». Remember how to bargain, all kinds of jokes, jokes about this. It will help to bribe the witness a beautiful bouquet, selected the day before. And most importantly - take courage, because they’ll make fun of you great before they give the bride away. And when the happy bridegroom finally gets to her lover, the wedding process goes to the registry office, there you will find new responsibilities.

In the registry office

You need to come to the registry office 20 minutes before the start of marriage registration. The witness gives the passports to the staff of the institution so that they are stamped. He also checks the willingness of the photographer and the video operator to work, because the solemn ceremony must be captured. During the wedding ceremony, a witness stands next to the bride, trying not to step on her dress. He holds wedding rings, which he will then give to the newlyweds..

Witnesses at the ceremony in the registry office

Together with the witness, at the right time, the wedding towel, on which they stand, spreads before the young. When the time comes, he opens a bottle of champagne and pours it into a wedding glass for the young. Carefully takes from the hands of young flowers given by guests. When the solemn melody of the Mendelssohn’s march sounds, he distributes to the guests little bags with rose petals, wheat or coins to sprinkle with the young ones upon leaving the Wedding Palace. Knowing what a witness should do at a wedding, you will become the first violin, the main organizer of all key events.

At the banquet

It would seem that the most important thing is already behind us, you can relax at a delicious wedding table. But there it was ... For the witness, everything is just beginning. You don’t even guess what a witness should do at a wedding after the registry office? He will be the chief assistant to the host, and in his absence - the leader. The witness makes toasts, invites guests, relatives, young parents to the floor. One of the professional presenters tells in more detail in our video about the tasks of witnesses at the wedding.

Be prepared for active participation in all events where you will have to not only participate, entertain people, but also attract guests to games and competitions.

The witness holds a competition

And most importantly, in this wedding mess, you will not lose sight of the bride, because they will certainly want to steal her, then you will not be too good - you will have to pay the ransom with the groom.

While taking pictures

On the eve of the wedding, you will need to travel with your friend along the route of walks and photography in order to time, approximately plan the day. After the wedding ceremony, a good witness checks how guests are provided with transport, whether everyone had enough seats in cars and buses. Reminds drivers the route. He takes with him champagne, glasses necessary for photographing. During the shooting, the witness helps the newlyweds to choose the right places for shooting, helps the photographer, the operator. Starving guests are given a snack. He must keep track of time so that young people are not late for the banquet..

Redemption Actions

The ransom of the bride is an ancient Russian rite, very funny, spectacular. The groom and the witness and guests come to the house of the narrowed one, where they must pay a certain amount of money for it. Therefore, you need to prepare for the ransom in advance. Help a friend collect the bag with the necessary props. Put there wine, sweets, apples and everything else that will help to negotiate with «retinue» cruel witnesses. Do not forget to grab the money when everybody shakes a penny from the groom, the witness will have to shell out. Get ready, along with the groom, to go through the most unimaginable tasks that you will be ordered to fulfill his narrowed girlfriends, without which they certainly will not give it to you. One example of a bride redemption procedure is captured in our video..

You will sing, dance, joke - this is the main thing that a witness should do at a wedding. Have fun, laugh, charge everyone with a positive, this day should be remembered for a long time!

Help in buying a bride

After the celebration

The witness plays a role until the last guest. When the newlyweds go to bed, he must help them collect flowers, gifts, arrange beautiful farewells. Then, for the remaining guests, continue the feast and fun. Being a witness and understanding exactly what a witness should do at a wedding, you obviously will not have to rest. How do you like that role? There are more responsibilities than rights, you need to prepare thoroughly. If you have already been in the role of a witness, share with us your impressions of what was possible and what is not. We look forward to hearing that our tips have been helpful to you..