Wedding witness


The importance of the witnesses at the wedding is the second after the newlyweds, so their role is difficult to exaggerate. Although according to the law, the bride and groom are no longer needed witnesses, because they do not put signatures in the registration books. However, not a single wedding celebration takes place without their presence. The wedding witness provides invaluable assistance to the newlyweds, but what are his responsibilities and who should be chosen for this role, let's figure it out.

Who can be a witness at a wedding

There is still a debate about who is allowed to take a witness to the wedding. But there are no strict requirements, the main thing is that the selected people can take responsibility and solve all the problems that arise at the wedding. It is better if they will be familiar with the guests or with a part of the invitees in order to feel at ease among them. The question often arises whether a married person is allowed to be a witness at a wedding.?

Badges for Witnesses

Some newlyweds avoid inviting married people to this role. But such a sign is easily explained logically. If the witnesses of the bride and groom are strangers to each other, and also unfree people, then their partners are also present at the wedding. The halves feel lonely, and the witnesses cannot fully feel free and fully participate in competitions that are sometimes difficult to call innocent.

Honeymooners must be sociable

What a witness should do: his role and responsibilities

Why are wedding witnesses needed? Their main duty is to solve all organizational issues, doing everything so that the newlyweds are not affected by any problems that arise, because on this day the young should only enjoy. Well, if the invited witnesses have not only organizational skills, but also oratory talents, as well as a great sense of humor. The general duties of a friend of the groom and the bridesmaid include:

  1. The solution to all organizational issues.
  2. Psychological support.
  3. Help or organization of a wedding procession, banquet hall.
  4. Seating invited guests in places in the banquet hall, and at the end of the wedding - in cars.
  5. Organization of the traditional sprinkling of the newlyweds upon exiting the registry office with rose petals, sweets, small coins or rice.
  6. Providing guests with sandwiches, champagne, sweets.
  7. Active participation in all contests hosted by the host.

Are witnesses obligatory at the wedding? As practice shows, it is difficult to do without them, because in addition to general duties, the bridesmaid has separate functions, and the groom's friend has a role. The witness before the event and during the whole wedding performs the following work:

  • Helps the bride to choose a dress, shoes, accessories.
  • Organizes a bachelorette party.
  • Comes up with a buyback scenario.
  • Gets white boutonnieres for the groom and the bride, blue for the witness, and pink for himself.
  • Directly on the wedding day helps the bride to wear a wedding attire.
  • Reminds about documents.
  • The first to meet the groom.
  • Creatively approaches the organization of obstacles for the ransom, giving his girlfriend as dearly as possible.

Bridesmaid should always be there

The duties of a witness include:

  • Organize a bachelor party.
  • At the appointed time, arrive at the groom.
  • Stock up on liquor, sweets, money to buy a bride.
  • Help a friend get dressed without missing a single detail.
  • When buying, sing, dance, bargain to the last.
  • Showers the bride with generous gifts, not forgetting to joke witty.
  • Check the presence of rings and passports in front of the registry office.
  • Track the photo shoot and personal belongings of the newlyweds in public places.
  • Follow guests during a banquet, receive gifts, fill glasses.
  • Be an active assistant toastmaster, propose toasts, participate in all competitions.

The witness should not leave the groom

What to wear for a wedding witness photo

What should a witness look like at a wedding? It is strictly forbidden for the bridesmaid to wear a white outfit for the wedding. As for the other colors, there are no special prohibitions, the only thing is that black clothes at the wedding will not look quite right. Not the best choice and a short dress, as well as too low neckline, so as not to distract the attention of guests.

Bridesmaids can't be in white

If the newlyweds will have a wedding ceremony, then the dress of the witness should hide her knees and shoulders. Girls use a bolero, boa or cape for this. Fans of high heels need to consider that you will have to dance often at the wedding, so it’s better to grab a comfortable pair of shoes. With accessories, you should also be careful, the main thing in the dress is a sense of proportion.

Successful dresses for bridesmaids

A friend of the groom should not wear a wedding white or black tuxedo - this is the groom’s clothes. It is better to immediately discuss with a friend the color of the wedding suit in order to know which one to choose for yourself. No need to overshadow the groom at the wedding ceremony. Costumes for the witness of bright colors with contrasting shirts are allowed. For example, a discreet monophonic suit with a bright striped shirt. Such clothes will immediately distinguish him among the guests. At a youth wedding, a friend of the groom is even allowed to wear jeans with a jacket, a bright shirt and a neckerchief..

The clothes of the witness must be different from the suit of the groom

Toasts and competitions for witnesses

Witnesses should come up with toasts for the newlyweds so that they are remembered by everyone. Congratulations should be thought out in advance and carefully rehearsed. It is better if the toast is in poetic form - this will give the occasion more solemnity. But beautiful prose will also look great on a video that will be happy to look young many times after many years of married life.

Wedding toasts should be humorous

Mobile competitions for witnesses should alternate with calm ones so that they manage to gain strength and take a breath. We offer several options for difficult tests:

  1. Dance with clothespins. He will need two shawls, 12 clothespins and dance fast music. Toastmaster blindfolded blindfolds to children, placing 6 clothespins on each. Then he brings the young people to each other and turns on a melody, during which they must touch to remove all clothespins from their partner. The winner is the one who will complete the task earlier.
  2. Who is better? In this competition, young people name the good qualities of the bride and groom in turn, representing the interests of their friends. Victory awaits the one who comes up with more good qualities.
  3. A difficult feast. For the competition, 4 small tables are needed, on 2 of which they put one glass and a bottle of beer, and the rest, which are at the other end of the hall, have a snack. Witnesses at the host’s command run to the beer table, pour the drink into the glass and pronounce the tongue twister: «Congratulations to the young, wish love and fidelity», drink, and then run to the table with a snack and again return to beer. Whoever empties the bottle first wins.

Witness contests are very funny

Video: Witness speech at a wedding

If there is no toastmaster at the wedding, then the friend of the groom takes on his role. If you feel insecure in this quality, then we advise you to see how others do it:

Wedding signs for the witness

Since at any wedding, witnesses were and remain important persons, there have long been many superstitions and signs associated with them. For example, you cannot invite a married couple to this role so that they do not take away the happiness of the newlyweds. The groom is not recommended to call a divorced friend, so as not to call a divorce in his family. An ideal option for a wedding would be an unmarried but loving couple of friends, and then a young wife and husband will definitely have a happy life together.