Wedding hairstyles for the witness


Have you been invited to a wedding as a witness? Then you just need to look decent. Beautiful dress, shoes, makeup, hairstyle - necessary components of a brilliant appearance. The witness is the second most important person at the wedding after the bride, the attention of guests is riveted to her appearance all day. Wedding hairstyles for the witness should be comfortable, reliable, so that you do not worry about your appearance during the party.

Beautiful hairstyles for a wedding witness

The beauty of the witness is indispensable, because she will be present at the wedding in crucial moments, in addition, this will be reflected in the photo, video. However, there is a rule: the appearance should set off the bride, and not be brighter than her. The hairstyle and dress of a charming girl are selected so that they are noticeable, but not provocative.

On medium hair

For a wedding, a witness can choose any evening styling, if only she does not overshadow the bride's hairstyle. There are many types of styling that anyone can do with their own hands without much work. Medium length hair allows you to make a beautiful bunch of bows - an unusual stylish hairstyle.

A bunch of

A volumetric bundle on the back of the head fits everything, it emphasizes the beauty of the neck and shoulders. An elegant, restrained hairstyle goes well with an off shoulder dress.

Photo: lift beam

Asymmetric styling - a winning option for original witnesses whose attractiveness is visible.

Asymmetric styling options

A French shell will never become unfashionable. There are a huge number of its options, among which you are sure to pick up your special.

French cockleshell elegant witness

The hairstyles chosen for the wedding by the girlfriend of the bride are decorated with beautiful accessories: hairpins, hairpins with roses, pebbles. But do not allow the search so that the witness does not seem vulgar.

On long

For long hair, there are many options for beautiful holiday hairstyles. Looks good one beautifully braided braid, laid with interesting bends, decorated with flowers or elegant hairpins.

Options braids for the bridesmaid

For those who like extraordinary, original hairstyles, long hair is just a godsend, there is a lot of room for imagination. The skillful hands of the master stylist use them for an impeccable weaving pattern, from which it is simply impossible to take your eyes off. Such masterpieces are more effective in owners of blond hair.

Photo: Hairstyles with weave elements

Strands laid with beautiful curves, and even with different shades, fastened with decorative hairpins, will delight anyone.

Original styling for fashionable women witnesses for the wedding

You can wrap long strands and leave them loose, or you can curl them with neat curls and lay them.

Photo: curls

Looks great feminine, romantic Greek styling made on long curly hair. Fancy curls, braids, curls with interwoven flowers, ribbons will make you an ancient Greek goddess. Greek wedding hairstyles for charming witnesses will look even better if they can choose the appropriate outfits for them.

Photo: Greek-style styling

For short

There is an opinion that a girl with a short haircut wears hairstyles of a strict or sports style and romance is alien to her. Hairdressers prove the opposite: short hair is a great foundation, which later turns into a chic bridal styling.

If the witness is bold, not afraid to become the center of attention, the simplest hairstyle is suitable for her, and for her modeling you do not even need to visit the hairdresser: the hair is sprayed with varnish, and then whipped in a creative mess. After that, the strands whipped by the hedgehog are laid in the right direction.

Easy styling for short hair

A convenient option for a short-haired witness is a hairstyle with curled curls in the back of the head and smooth strands in the temporal. We showed examples of such styling in the photo.

Curls on the back of the head for a witness

Hairstyle with short wavy strands looks coquettish, graceful, because curls gently fall down. To give hair splendor, you can slightly comb it at the roots. Use a special spray to fix.

Perky witness hairs at a wedding

Not out of fashion, a square is best for a wedding. Both straight glossy smoothed strands and curly mischievous ones look beautiful, creating a feminine delicate look.

Charming square for bridesmaids

For lovers of a very short haircut, a classic hairstyle will be interesting «bean» with straight and curly locks. Bob has many varieties, but all of them are charming, but for the most part these are wedding hairstyles for thin witnesses. Also, the option of this haircut is suitable and low.

Convenient and practical witness bean

Hairstyles for bridesmaids

The witness worries on the eve of the wedding almost as much as the bride: her role is important, the image should be in harmony with the culprit of the celebration and with the witness, because they will have to be a real couple at the celebration. We will show you some of the bright and popular hairstyles that emphasize the beauty of the bridesmaid.

With weaving and braids

A witness with a wedding hairstyle with weaving elements will make fairytale beautiful. Braids have long become the main decoration of the female sex, and such hairstyles in the modern interpretation fascinate, captivate everyone around. Beautifully combined hairstyles from braids with curled locks at the temples.

Braids plus curls for a bride witness

A young provocative witness would be the best fit to face a French braid, decorated with several cute hairpins or an artificial flower.

French braid - styling option for the witness

A crown-shaped braid will be a win-win option for a gorgeous wedding appearance. You will have a chance to feel like a real queen.

Crown in the form of a crown witness to the bride

Intricate weaving, resembling a mesh, will add romanticism: the witness will resemble a beautiful princess from a fairytale castle.

Weave on the hair in the image of a witness

Loose curls

Most girls wore locks in childhood, and in memories of youth and adulthood, memories of them warm the soul. Having done a hairstyle with curls, as if we are becoming children again. No wonder they symbolize innocence, purity. Such hairstyles make the witness more tender, defenseless, more feminine. Curls are worn as loose, and stack them in different ways..

Loose curls - the hairstyle of the witness

Among the pop and movie stars, curls on the side are popular.

Laying to the side - a variation for a stylish witness

Elegant, each in its own unique styling with cascading curls.

Laying from cascading curls to the brides

The curls laid by a malvina are familiar to us all from childhood. A beautiful woman with curls wound and fixed in the upper part of her head will definitely not leave anyone indifferent at the wedding.

Hairstyle Malvina witness

In greek style

Remember the ancient Greek beauties from school textbooks: their hairstyles were simple, elegant, always open their faces. Light, carelessly chipped, they seemed to be made in a hurry. Curly hair is either fully or partially collected. For decoration, braids, bunches, ribbons, flowers, hoops, tiaras are widely used.

Greek-style hairstyles for witnesses

Greek tail is wrapped in ribbon, beads, garlands of flowers that intercept it several times..

Greek tail for bridesmaids

Greek braid weaves simply, it runs along the forehead above the bangs. The hairstyle is stable, does not fall apart during the wedding.

Greek scythe

With waves and twisting

You can make a hairstyle with waves on your own, for this you need to braid wet strands into pigtails. After drying the braids, untangle them - you get a lot of fluffy body waves. The hair will look perfect loose, it is also easy to simulate beautiful styling.

Wavy Hairstyles for Witnesses

With the help of such a technique as twisting thin strands, we get amazing patterns that the master lays out in a certain way, modeling a chic hairstyle. Twisting technique is used together with weaving and curls.

Twisting is a great way to style your bridesmaid


High hairstyles for a wedding for a witness should be light, stylish, youth. Selected and raised hair emphasize the beauty of the delicate neck, make the girl taller, slimmer. High styling from curls, tows, twisted strands, weaves are popular. Their options are shown in the photo..

High hairstyles for wedding witnesses

Classic nape

An extremely elegant hairstyle is made very easily from medium and long hair: you can do it yourself. The bundle goes well with plaits, braids. He emphasizes the correct features, slender girl. If you do not strict, but a free, natural bunch, it will look feminine, attractive. The bundle is high, low, voluminous with a roller. Choose your option so that it harmonizes with the outfit bought for the wedding..

Classic bun for styling a witness

Stylish ponytail

This is the name of the hanging from the back with elastic, hanging long beautiful hair, resembling a horse's tail from the side. The hairstyle is extremely comfortable, does not require you to go to the hairdresser, you can well build it at home. But keep in mind that you must be the owner of healthy, thick, uncut, shiny hair. If they are dry, lifeless, the hairstyle will not come out beautiful. In the tail, they can be straight or curly, in addition, the tail is magnificent in combination with a side parting..

The tail will look especially beautiful, solemn if the bridesmaid puts on an evening dress with an open back.

Horse tail for the image of the bridesmaid

French shell

The classic hairstyle worn by fashionistas of the past and the century before last is still popular, she is not going to give up her positions. Thanks to new trends, it is only becoming more diverse and interesting. Its advantage is that it is simply performed, easily combined with any outfit, suitable for every woman. Stock up with beautiful stilettos, invisibility - and success in your pocket!

French shell charming witness

A selection of beautiful hairstyles for a witness, see the video.

Photos of the hairstyles of the witness for the wedding 2016




To create a wedding image, there are a lot of hairstyles. In order to choose your only one among them, you need to experiment a bit - try a few that you like on yourself. Choose a hairstyle that conceals imperfections in appearance, fits your outfit. Trust the professionals, as well as take into account all the above nuances. Dare, then the result will not keep you waiting: you will stun those present with your magnificence!

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