Wedding witness


Before the wedding, every girl experiences great stress, because often on her fragile shoulders a large-scale preparation of the celebration falls. You need to take care of a hundred things: a wedding procession, a celebration hall, music, finding a makeup artist, stylist, florist, and much, much more. After the troublesome weeks of preparation, the bride wants to relax and have a carefree wedding day, and the witness at the wedding helps her in this. To make the holiday perfect, the girl you choose has to clearly know your role and follow it to the end.

Who can be a witness at a wedding

There are several customs, traditions associated with who can be a witness during the celebration, but modern young people are less likely to follow them. The main qualities that a girl should have are responsibility, punctuality, attentiveness, cheerfulness, the ability to have fun and have fun. Many brides want the best friend to be a witness, but future spouses should think carefully: does her character have the necessary properties? Will the main assistant at the wedding boldly act in critical situations?

Witness with the bride at the wedding

During the celebration of the festive event, anything can happen - an unwanted guest will appear, there will be awkward pauses or tension between the guests. The witness in this case should dispel the situation, cheer on those present, and only an active girl who is not afraid to take the initiative will cope with this. Choosing an assistant for herself, the bride should first of all pay attention to those who can cope with all the hardships of controlling the wedding day - calls to contractors, coordination of guests, resolution of force majeure situations.

If the best friend does not possess the above qualities, do not think that she will be very upset. Each prudent girl will adequately assess her abilities and say whether she is capable of withstanding such a load. In order not to offend anyone, it will turn out to take advantage of the Western tradition: to invite everyone who did not come up as a wedding assistant to become bridesmaids. And for the role of a witness at the wedding, there is a responsible, patient, caring person who, at the right time, will calm, support, correct the wedding dress, adjust «swam» makeup.

The witness helps the bride to get ready for the wedding

Choosing a helper for your wedding day, you need to be honest with the girl, stipulate all the details, tell what kind of support will be needed. If the bride uses the help of the agency in organizing the wedding, then the wedding steward takes on most of the trouble - in this case the role of the witness will not be so difficult and many girlfriends will cope with it. The culprit of the celebration should remember that only a girl who can be completely trusted can be a witness - only then the future wife will truly celebrate the wedding.

Can a sister be a witness

It has long been customary that sisters rarely become witnesses of a wedding, but there is no direct prohibition that speaks of the impossibility of such a choice. If the future spouse wants to take her own sister as the main assistant to the holiday, and she has all the necessary qualities, this is only a plus: after all, such a close relative knows perfectly the habits of the hero of the occasion, she feels her excitement, therefore, in extreme cases, she will help calm down, find the right words to cheer up.

Can married be witnesses

According to ancient tradition, witnesses should be both unmarried. Many years ago, there was a belief that if the wedding assistants spend the night together after the event, the newly-married couple will be happy for the rest of their lives. Witnesses symbolized the following union. Obviously, if one of them was married, then a passionate night between them could not take place. If the witness and the witness were married to each other, it was believed that the marriage after this event would soon break up.

Witnesses with Culprits

Modern people almost do not follow these ancient signs, and of those who follow, few believe, so there is nothing to be afraid of choosing a married witness. If you want to pay tribute to ancient traditions or play a wedding in the traditional Old Russian style, try to find a girl on the part of the bride and friend of the groom who are not married to anyone.

How many times can I witness

There are many ancient customs according to which a witness is chosen at a wedding: omens do not bypass the number of solemn events that a girl can witness for her life. According to ancient traditions, it is allowed to be a wedding helper no more than three friends. If the girl decided to become a witness for the fourth time, then she will not be able to get married. However, this belief is refuted by modern girls: the bridesmaids calmly married after the fourth event.

Witness with the bride

What the witness should do: responsibilities

The duties of the assistant extend not only to the wedding day, but also to the entire period of the pre-wedding preparation, if the girlfriend wants to greatly facilitate the life of the future wife. Below is a list of the main tasks that a witness can perform at a wedding, starting from the period of organizing the event to the implementation of the planned scenario:

  • Help with finding a place, ordering a wedding procession, searching for a make-up artist, stylist, bouquet shop. The witness can perform these functions of her own free will, but the organization of such important moments will remove a lot of trouble from the shoulders of the hero of the occasion..
  • Organization of a bachelorette party. The girl should approach this event extremely responsibly, because the bachelorette party is the last fun event that will happen to the bride as an unmarried woman. To begin with, the assistant must determine the finances, coordinate with the other invited girls, who will help with the organization and drafting of the script, if possible. Then you have to choose the theme of the party - will it be a homely hen party in pajamas or a trip in retro dresses to an expensive restaurant. It is advisable to take care of the presence of a camera. During the bachelorette party, the witness should act proactively so that the future spouse had good fun before the wedding.

Bachelorette Party

  • Organization of repurchase. The ransom of the main character of the holiday on the wedding day is a solemn tradition that came to us from antiquity. In ancient times, a ransom meant a very real monetary reward for the bride, but now this is only a performance designed to amuse those present and heroes of the occasion. A witness is usually involved in arranging a ransom; she needs to try hard so that the event goes well and gives the right charge at the beginning of the wedding day.
  • To begin with, the witness writes a script on her own or with other girlfriends, which will include interesting contests for the groom, funny trials necessary for him to prove his love to his future wife with his mind, strength or pay money. Then you need to purchase or find the necessary props, make posters, create an entourage. The ransom, like the bachelorette party before the wedding, can be thematic - this option is much more interesting than the classic competitive program.

The main bridesmaid on the ransom

  • Help the bride at the beginning of the wedding: a meeting of a stylist, makeup artist, coordination of their work, delivery of a wedding bouquet. It is advisable for the witness to buy a few more flowers, which will replace wilted or accidentally damaged plants..
  • Psychological support. Many girls are very nervous on their wedding day, so the witness should monitor the emotional state of the future spouse, if possible, calm her, encourage her, cheer up.
  • A trip to the registry office along with the hero of the occasion and the signature in the registration book - the main role of the witness at the wedding.
  • Answers to guest questions along the way, phone calls with the motorcade driver, coordination of people who came from afar and did not know how to get to the wedding venue.
  • Collection of bouquets after registration, assistance in sorting wedding gifts.
  • Assistance in seating guests of the wedding, active participation in the competition program. The witness also helps solve problems along the way during the banquet so as not to disturb the newly made spouse.
  • Making a toast and speech with congratulations for husband and wife. A witness can read poetry or write greetings on her wedding in prose.

The witness makes a toast at the wedding

  • The witness must monitor the appearance of the bride. The assistant must have an antistatic agent, bride’s lipstick, foundation, powder, carcass, shadows from the future wife’s makeup, flowers, a thread with a needle, nail polish, wet wipes.

What should the main bridesmaid look

Each girl wants to look great and shine, but the witness, like all the other bridesmaids, should dress up festively, but modestly, during the wedding. It is important to remember that the main character of a large-scale holiday is the future spouse, so all eyes should be turned on her. On this day, it is worth abandoning excessively bright colors of clothing, short skirts, deep necklines, shining jewelry and bulky hairstyles with lots of details. Below is a selection of photos of clothing, makeup, acceptable for a wedding event.

Dresses for the witness

The appearance of the witness should be restrained, so it is better to choose dresses of medium length A-silhouette or long Greek dresses. However, consult the choice of the hero of the occasion, because some girls prefer the Greek style of empire as a holiday outfit. It will be embarrassing if the witness with the future wife will have dresses of the same style. The color of the outfit should be combined with the shade of the wedding dress, give preference better to discreet, saturated colors that will well emphasize the color type of the main assistant to the wedding.

Wedding witness dresses

Hairstyle and makeup

The witness will constantly flash in the photo next to the main heroine of the holiday, so it is important that her hair does not turn out to be more magnificent or interesting. Before choosing, you need to ask your girlfriend who is getting married what style she prefers. The assistant needs to avoid complex designs, lush curls and loose hair. Stylish bunches, simple weaving, elegant shell-style hairstyle are ideal.

Beautiful hairstyles for the witness

Regarding makeup, there are also a few recommendations. During the wedding day, you should avoid brightly summed up eyes, color shadows, and it is better to refuse wide arrows. To look organically next to a tender future wife, you need to adjust the tone of the face with cream, powder, slightly lower your eyes with thin arrows, emphasize eyebrows and tint your lips with light lipstick.

Makeup for wedding assistant

Video: Witness Contests

Witnesses are the main «ringleaders» weddings along with the host, they should not have any embarrassment or awkwardness. Friends of the groom and the bride are obliged to set an example for guests, participating in various contests, quizzes, inventing toasts and unusual greetings. Active, cheerful witnesses create a positive mood among those present, set everyone on the right track. Watch the video where the witness and witness participate in a funny contest with various wishes for the heroes of the occasion:

A wedding witness is an important person who helps the hero of the occasion feel as relaxed as possible. Every girl getting married is worried that everything was perfect on her wedding day, and the assistant’s task is to take care of this. A kind, responsible, punctual and patient witness will be a real gift at a ceremony.