Buttonhole for the witness


Newlyweds begin to prepare for the wedding long before the appointed date. But it often happens that some details that are remembered immediately before the solemn day remain incomplete. To prevent such misunderstandings, it is better to immediately include in the wedding list a buttonhole not only for the groom or witness, but also for the bridesmaid.

Do witnesses need a boutonniere

A boutonniere is a small bouquet that men pin on a jacket during a wedding, and women pin it on a hand, dress or hair. As a rule, witnesses are decorated with these accessories, emphasizing their important role in the celebration. If earlier the bride's girlfriend could be identified by a satin ribbon with the inscription «Honorary Witness», now she’s wearing a buttonhole as a decoration.

To distinguish a newlywed girlfriend among the guests, several methods of attaching this wedding attribute are selected:

  • near the bodice or on the chest;
  • side on the belt;
  • on the wrist like a bracelet;
  • on a clutch or purse.

How to choose the right buttonhole

When choosing this wedding accessory, it is necessary to remember that it is selected by:

  1. Color. It is better to combine a bouquet with a dress or with a buttonhole of a witness.
  2. Kind of. If the newlyweds also have this accessory in the outfit, then the boutonniere of the bridesmaid should have a less lush finish.
  3. Type. There are several options for the implementation of a wedding accessory, which may include: natural or artificial flowers, branches of ornamental shrubs, berries, cotton fabric, polymer clay and other materials.

Wedding Boutonniere Ideas

This wedding tradition has been around since ancient times. Even in ancient Greece, the bride before the wedding ceremony attached a small flower arrangement to the dress. It was believed that such a bouquet protects the bride from evil spirits. Modern brides prefer large bouquets, and a small boutonniere migrated to the witness, emphasizing the responsible wedding position.

The most popular compositions worn by bridesmaids are made using artificial or live roses. Often, girls make boutonnieres for the wedding with their own hands, using decorative wire, fabrics, beads, satin ribbons to implement creative ideas. Often materials are selected depending on the season in which the wedding is being held. For example, in the fall, the original wedding boutonniere is composed with dry leaves, acorns and small vegetables.

Of beads or rhinestones

Although a small bouquet of a girlfriend and the main assistant to the bride should look more modest at a wedding than a bouquet of the hero of the occasion, decorating it with beads, rhinestones or natural pearls will not hurt. Such decor does not look defiant, but rather adds a bridal image to elegance and aristocratic modesty. Whatever accessory the witness chooses, whether it is decorated with a living flower or other materials, white or colored beads will make the composition complete.

Buttonholes for witnesses made of beads and rhinestones

From satin ribbons

It is easiest to use a satin ribbon for a buttonhole and decorate it with rhinestones or beads. To make a beautiful satin bow for your wrist is as simple as possible: for this you should stock up on two pieces of ribbon, a thread, a needle. You need to carefully tie one piece into a bow and sew it on the back with another piece of ribbon that will play the role of a bracelet. You can decorate it with any material at hand or make an additional more voluminous bow with a ribbon of a different color.

Boutonnieres with satin ribbons for the witness

From feathers or buttons

If the witness wants to look original and unusual at the wedding, it is logical to choose a small composition with feathers or buttons and attach it to her hand or purse. For its manufacture, you can use everything that is at hand: dried flowers, beads, multi-colored buttons, feathers of birds. The assembly technology is the same for all elements: they are attached to the wire using PVA glue, then they are assembled together, connected with a decorative tape or braid.

Feather buttonholes for bridesmaids

From natural or artificial flowers

The witness’s classic jewelry is a bracelet made using natural or artificial flowers. For live compositions, roses, sage, rosemary, lavender are selected. First of all, the resistance of plants is taken into account, because they will remain without water for the whole day. Bridesmaids are forced to periodically spray flowers with water to keep them fresh for longer. A less problematic and costly option is artificial flowers in a boutonniere. They do not require water, do not break and do not crease.

Flower buttonholes for the witness

From decorative twigs or berries

Often, bridesmaids, to stand out among the guests, add original elements to the image. For example, put on your hand a composition with twigs of berries or other decorative elements: cones, cotton, shells. Only when creating an extraordinary decoration it is necessary to adhere to harmony so that the bouquet does not look like a foreign element in the image. Unusual decoration should be combined with the accessories of the witness, fit the style of the wedding or the witness should have a similar decoration.

Fancy boutonnieres to the bridesmaid

Video: boutonniere witness on hand do-it-yourself

The boutonniere should be part of the overall concept of the witness attire. If all the elements are designed in the same style, then the bridesmaid will be at the wedding a model of impeccable style. It is desirable that the decor of her small bouquet has something else in common with the wedding theme. Currently, it will not be a problem to order any invented composition for specialists.

If the budget of the wedding is limited, then simple decorations can be made with your own hands. For example, with the help of beads weave absolutely any flowers, and with the help of fabric to create elegant and unusual elements. Watch the video, which shows the option of making jewelry, which the witness needs to put on her hand on the wedding day:

Photos of wedding boutonnieres for a witness

The witness at the wedding needs to look restrained, observe moderation in makeup and accessories, so as not to draw the attention of others to herself. The main decoration of the wedding should be the bride. But the girlfriend of the bride and groom has a unique opportunity to show individuality - to create an unusual, bright and original boutonniere. We bring to your attention a photo selection of beautiful compositions designed to decorate a witness.

Original ideas for boutonnieres