Newlyweds car decoration

Some attention should be paid to decorating wedding vehicles, which in our time, usually consists of cars. The main of the wedding procession is newlywed car. Usually it is decorated with bows, colorful balloons and ribbons, it is very fashionable to put a bride doll on the hood of a car or install rings that are best rented. When choosing rings, it does not hinder to clarify how they need to be mounted on the machine. Rings can be with hearts, pigeons, bells, etc. On the sides of the car, you can attach emblems from the rings, flags or flowers, which will also look good on the hood.

You can also attach wreaths of flowers, leaves, twigs to the hood of the newlyweds’s car, after decorating the car with balls or bows. Wreaths should be fixed in the image of the rings. In winter, you can set a basket with artificial flowers. Also on the hood of the car on the wedding day, jewelry in the form of hearts will ideally look.

The roof of the car can be decorated with interwoven golden rings with many bells or a figure of swans. If such decorations are absent, they can be replaced with wreaths of flowers, inside which a bell with a bow is attached.

You can also decorate the car with a young stork with some kind of wedding symbol in its beak, fixing it on the roof. In this case, bows will look good on the sides of the car. It is now fashionable to place a special sticker with the inscription "WEDDING" on the car number. According to the rules of the GDDD, this, of course, is prohibited, but the GAI does not stop the wedding cars.