Decoration for a wedding car with cloth


Wedding – significant event involving painstaking and laborious preparatory work. To make everything go perfectly, the bride and groom spend a lot of time thinking through every detail of the celebration. An important step in preparing for a wedding event – this is an order and decorative design of a motorcade in which newlyweds and guests will travel around the city. A lot of ideas can be realized by future spouses, decorating a festive car, but the most popular – decor of the machine with a cloth. Let's see how to make it beautiful..

Fabric wedding decoration options

Decoration a wedding car with cloth – it is a classic that has been used by couples from around the world for many years. It’s easy to explain this popularity of fabric decor. – it looks refined, elegant, does not require too much expense and is perfect for the celebration of any style and theme. Material design can look both simple and modest, and magnificent, elaborate. When choosing a method for fabric decoration of a tuple for a wedding, it is important to consider several nuances:

If the car is provided by the transport company, before confirming your order, make sure that you will be allowed to decorate the car yourself. In practice, there are times when the heroes of the occasion order a wedding procession, on which even ordinary satin ribbons cannot be fastened because of the expensive paint covering the vehicle body.
Future spouses rarely order only one car for themselves, so you may need more cars for guests who are going to the registry office or for a walk. A column of vehicles of one shade (white, black or silver) looks good. Choosing brighter colors of cars, it is worth giving preference to not too elaborate decor. Abundance «screaming» shades will look tasteless.

Decoration of a wedding procession with pink cars

If the motorcade is made up of cars of close relatives with friends, you should make sure that cars of restrained classic colors drive the convoy – black, white, silver. Leading positions will also be appropriate to give to beige, burgundy, navy blue cars. The column must be arranged so that all bright cars or cars with airbrushing are behind.
The chosen design must necessarily contrast with the color of the car. So, for dark cars light, delicate decorations are more suitable, and for white – Bright decor details. If the car of the newlyweds is colored, the gamut must be selected in accordance with its shades.
The fastenings of all decorative details must be reliable, so that when driving fast or in a strong wind, they will not be torn off and the driver will not be blocked.
A great solution for both the classic and themed celebrations will be the choice of a retro car, but the design of such a machine has its own characteristics. Do not decorate the car with too bright details, piling colored fabrics abundantly on it. The best option would be a modest decor for the newlywed cortege with satin ribbons or fabric bows.

Car decoration for the wedding with fabric and flowers

If future spouses have chosen a fabric decor of cars, this does not mean that you can not use other accessories to decorate the motorcade. Together with fabrics and ribbons, the following decor elements can make up the composition: balloons, fresh flowers, artificial plants, plastic figures of the groom and the bride, rings, tiaras, pearl threads, paper garlands.

Ribbon fabric for hood decoration in the form of the letter V

The design of the car with ribbons attached in the form of the letter V looks elegant and elegant. This decoration option is inexpensive, and therefore the V-shaped decor with fabrics is suitable even for a budget wedding, but this design looks festive. Decoration with ribbons in the form of the letter V will look especially good if you use additional accessories – for example, butterflies, flowers, floral bows. In the center of the composition you can place large wedding rings, figurines of the bride and groom.

V-shaped wedding car decoration with ribbons

Ribbons stretched along the entire length of the vehicle

Newlyweds can only decorate the hood of a car, but the ribbons stretched along the entire length of the car look more interesting. This decor looks especially solemn, allows you to create beautiful, original compositions. In the design can be used conventional satin ribbons that are attached on both sides of the car, or large tulle fabrics with drapery on the hood. It is necessary to ensure that the decorative parts do not cover the windshield. As an additional decor, the bride and groom can use fresh flowers, figurines.

Decoration of the wedding car with fabric along the entire length

Roof decor with tulle or tulle

Fabrics such as tulle or tulle that adorn the roof of wedding cars look airy, easy, gently. This is a simple and sure way to create a beautiful festive decoration of transport at a wedding, which takes a little money and effort. For example, newlyweds can put tulle or tulle on the roof, and put a decorative diadem on top. So the design will resemble a bride’s headdress. Near the makeshift «veil» may be the hat of the groom.

Tulle wedding decoration with tulle

Hood diagonal veil

The laconic design of the wedding procession with a veil, fitted diagonally over the hood, looks elegant, emphasizes the refined taste of the heroes of the occasion. As a rule, translucent materials are used for such a decor. – tulle or tulle, which are located at the windshield. At the place of assembly of the fabric, the groom and the bride can put some kind of accessory. For example, a small floral arrangement, a butterfly, or other decor details. It’s easy to fix such a decoration; the hood cover will hold it.

Decorating a wedding car with a veil diagonally

Decoration of the machine with fabric bows

Bows – it is a decorative detail that is always associated with celebration and fun. They are well suited for decorating wedding cars. Bows can be decorated with a car hood, roof or bumper. As a decoration, many small bows or one large one will look great. The laconic decor of the bows located on the door handles of the car will complement.

Groom car decoration with bride bows

A lesson on decorating a car with a do-it-yourself cloth

Newlyweds can apply for a wedding procession to a special agency or decorate a car with their own hands. The second option will cost the groom and the bride cheaper, will realize their own fantasies. The heroes of the video used lilac and purple fabrics, artificial flowers to contrast with a dark shade of the car. An original solution was to fix an unusual device for creating soap bubbles on the bumper of a car.

Photo of wedding cars decorated with cloth

To create the perfect decor for a wedding car, the newlyweds must study the ideas that have already been implemented earlier. Decoration of cars with balls, flowers, figures and figurines, rhinestones, beads is often combined with fabric decoration. Check out our selection of photos with the original decor of the wedding procession with fabrics and choose the perfect one for yourself.

Fabric decor for wedding cars

Decoration for a wedding car with cloth

Decoration for a wedding car with cloth