How to decorate cars for a wedding


The organization of a wedding is not only a pleasant, but also a troublesome process, which involves taking into account all kinds of details and nuances. Decorating a wedding procession is an integral part of preparing for the holiday ceremony. How to decorate a car for a wedding? Many newlyweds, wanting to make the holiday original and unforgettable, rent spectacular foreign cars, Cadillacs, old domestic cars and even buses. When the choice of model and shade of the car is made, it is worth moving on to the issue of decoration.

DIY wedding car decoration

Decorative elements for car decoration

Decorate a car for a wedding is quite possible with your own hand. To make a real masterpiece, you may need:

  • tapes,
  • fairy lights,
  • bows,
  • balls,
  • the flowers,
  • flags,
  • decorative rings,
  • dolls and other accessories.

On the Internet there are lots of instructions, workshops, diagrams, tips and tricks for making wedding decorations. Choose the example you like, and then proceed to the production of decorations, following the guide. Believe me, it’s not so difficult: just show your imagination and add some skills to it, then the result will be impressive.

Skilfully decorated on the occasion of the celebration, the car will attract the attention of others, and will also help to highlight the festive motorcade in the parking lot near the registry office. Designers offer a wide variety of variations on the topic of how to decorate a car. Modern grooms and brides have an excellent opportunity to choose the design options for a wedding vehicle to their liking. It is necessary to consider this process in detail - from the design of the grille to the decoration of the roof, not forgetting the bumper, hood, doors and trunk.


Car decoration with decorative rings

Currently, various original compositions are offered with decorative golden rings decorated with bells, flowers, figures of pigeons or swans, as well as other interesting elements. Rings are usually mounted on the roof of a car or hood. It must be ensured that the decoration does not obscure the driver's vision. Most of these compositions are fixed with magnets, however, as practice shows, it is better to further fix the decoration with tapes through the salon.

Fresh flowers

Flowers for a wedding car

Flowers are one of the main decorative elements that decorate cars for a wedding. Today, many newlyweds prefer to decorate cars with bouquets of fresh flowers. This option will cost the bride and groom more expensive than artificial flowers, but such a design will look really amazing. Vibrant colors adorn the hood, door handles, mirrors and even car wheel rims for a wedding.

Artificial flowers

Many couples decorate wedding processions with artificial flowers. This is a beautiful, and most importantly practical option at any time of the year. A huge number of interesting compositions are presented on the modern market of holiday accessories, which are difficult to distinguish from bouquets of fresh flowers. Artificial roses retain a presentable appearance, securely attached to various elements of the car.


Car decoration for wedding ribbons

Ribbon is a popular accessory with the help of which cars are most often decorated for a wedding. A variety of materials, shapes and colors allows you to choose the option that suits your taste preferences and decorate the car as you wish. In modern wedding salons, three pieces are sold for wedding cars. As a rule, they have a certain length, and are also equipped with special rubber bands for fastening.

Helium balloons

Balloons for decorating a wedding car

Many newlyweds decorate wedding processions with colorful balloons with helium. This design option for the car always looks bright and spectacular. Choosing balloons as decorative elements, you should take care of their strength, as well as the reliability of fastening. The idea of ​​decorating a wedding car with balloons is not very practical: when the car starts to move, because of speed, the chance will increase that the accessories will lose their attractive appearance and fly away with loose fastening.

Dolls for decorating wedding cars

Teddy bears for car decoration

Decorating cars with dolls is a wedding tradition, which many newlyweds still observe. Modern interpretations of this design suggest using soft toys instead of ordinary dolls. Such an interesting accent will look stylish and original. A smartly dressed doll usually adorns the hood of a car. Teddy bears dressed in wedding costumes will look festive. The main thing is that the scenery does not close the view to the driver.

Beautiful license plates

Decorating a car for a wedding, many couples pay special attention to registration of license plates. Currently on sale there are funny stickers and signs with inscriptions «Mafia of the groom» or for example, «Cool wedding». Butterflies with magnets are another popular decorative element that adorns all kinds of car parts, including license plates. To attract the attention of others, you can attach empty cans on ribbons to the bumper - they will create a characteristic sound for a wedding procession.

Creative wedding procession decoration

Spectacular wedding procession decoration

To creatively decorate a motorcade, first you need to decide on car models. Some newlyweds rent rare cars and vans. This option is perfect if you are planning a wedding in retro style. In 2014, luxurious rare car models were especially popular. It is expensive, but worth it. Many trust specialists to decorate cars..

To interestingly decorate the vehicle with your own hands, you need to carefully think out a design plan. But the main rule of decorating a tuple is to observe a single idea. If each car looks beautiful on its own, but stylistic features are not respected, the entire motorcade risks becoming uninteresting.

The multi-colored cars of the motorcade are another original, but at the same time risky idea. There is a risk that the different colors of the cars will destroy the tuple. Interesting photos of young people glued to the car. Rhinestones and butterflies on magnets often adorn the windows of vehicles. For decoration, also use fabric, for example, tulle, decorative hearts or even emergency lights. A chic motorcade in bright red colors will surely attract the attention of others.