Wall decoration for a wedding


Wall decoration – one of the most popular, fashionable trends in the art of wedding decor. The view of the decorated walls makes the holiday even more refined and magnificent. The wedding party is transformed with a change in the decor of the room, the interior changes depending on the type of decoration. The fantasy of the newlyweds and designers helps to use fabric, pompons, balloons, posters, garlands for decorating the walls of the banquet hall.

DIY wall decoration ideas for a wedding - photo

Decoration of the walls of the wedding hall

To keep the wedding in your memory for a long time, it was bright, impressive, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on decorating the empty walls of the hall. Making decor with your own hands will take some amount of free time, but if friends and future witnesses come to the rescue, then things will go not only faster, but also more fun. Later you will have something to remember in a general circle.

Having distributed responsibilities for making garlands, pompons, artificial flowers between friends, the newlyweds will be able to take the time to plan the placement of decor in the room. Blowing balloons, making garlands with fresh flowers, it is better to do on the morning of the wedding day to avoid incidents with wilted plants or balloons that have lost volume.

Decoration of walls with garlands

Very well complement the wedding decor of the garland on the walls, it is important to choose the right material and design. Newlyweds can imagine what these products will be: vertical chains of paper hearts or delicate pigeons, luminous garlands of lanterns or floral arrangements woven with an intricate pattern. Artificial flowers, interconnected in long strings and placed around the perimeter of the hall, can come to replace natural flowers..

Paper garlands for wedding decor

Wall decoration for a wedding

Quickly make a bright garland will help textile ribbons, which you will need to fasten to a stretch tightly to each other. Garlands with handmade tassels look positive and original. For their manufacture, dense threads or paper are suitable. Garland in the form of flags with the inscription – especially interesting. Something significant may be written on it: wedding date, names of the bride and groom, wishes.

Balloon Decoration

Decorating a wedding venue with balloons is some people call the classics of the genre. A large number of marbles and the variety of their color palette allow you to make bright chains, arches on the walls. Figures in the form of wedding rings or swans look touching and gentle. Hearts – this never-aging romantic attribute is often placed on the wall, behind the newlyweds.

Balloon Decorations for Wedding

Wall decoration for a wedding

Wall decoration for a wedding

Fresh or artificial flowers

It is not possible to imagine a wedding without flowers. These gifts of nature are the most sought after decoration of any celebration. Well-matched in color, fresh flowers are woven into garlands and hung on the walls. Pay attention to shades if the wedding is planned in a certain color. The bride’s bouquet should not be a separate element, and the flowers used for the decor should be combined, be a continuation of the general floral theme.

Decoration of the wedding hall with fresh flowers

Living plants will become a bright fragrant touch in a festive atmosphere. For decor, daisies, lilies, chrysanthemums, roses are suitable. If financial opportunities do not allow to arrange a banquet room with fresh flowers, artificial ones made of paper or fabric will come to the rescue. The wall of huge paper peonies looks unusual and tender. A photoshoot against the backdrop of such scenery will turn out to be bright and colorful. Large mirrors, contoured with flowers – a very winning option. Flowers, partially reflecting, will give the composition an even greater volume.

Decorating walls with handmade flowers

Paper pompons

Bright fluffy pompons will be a great backdrop during a photo shoot or video. Self-made, they will bring a special charm to the decor of the room. Colorful multi-colored paper balls in themselves are already part of the celebration. Choosing pompons of the right size and color, you can diversify the decor or mask small flaws on the wall.

Wedding Wall Pompoms

Wall decoration with fabric

Decoration with a cloth helps transform the premises and make it more attractive. Stylish decoration from the first minutes of being in the hall will immerse all those present in an atmosphere of love and family happiness. Decor elements on the wall can overlap with table decorations, especially in the area where the newlyweds will be. You can collect huge roses from silk fabric that look gorgeous on the wall.

Decor of a wedding banquet room with fabric flowers

Paper butterflies

To make the wall with attached paper butterflies look interesting, the number of products should be at least fifty pieces. Made in one style, they can vary in size. To put butterflies in a pattern, spiral, in the shape of a heart, a designer or a person with a good sense of style will help. Volumetric cardboard wings will look like alive, if you treat the implementation of ideas with love.

Paper volumetric butterflies for wall decor

Decor for posters and drawings.

The longest and most carefully preserved decor is humorous posters, drawings, where the main characters are the bride and groom. Joking wishes on large sheets of paper, toasts, life mottos, cartoons for the newlyweds and their relatives need to be prepared in advance. Sometimes this is a surprise for the bride and groom. Such playful posters are hung not only in the hall itself, but also on the walls of the corridor. Guests can carefully consider drawings, greetings and collages made from photos of newlyweds..

Wedding wall decorations

Fabric drapery

Decoration of the wedding premises with a cloth will help transform it, make it unique. This type of decor is chosen by those who want the room to look elegant and solid. The type of drapery depends on the fabric used. Thick velvet or velor will decorate the room royally. The heavy waves of dark fabric create an atmosphere of wealth and luxury. Light pastel colors will add tenderness to the overall image associated with the bride. Light transparent chiffon or tulle will add airiness, weightlessness to flying folds through which rays of light will pass.

Drapery of the wedding hall with fabric

How to decorate the table and the wall for the young

The decoration of the banquet hall is prepared in advance, even little things are thought out that affect the overall picture of the holiday. The drapery of the fabric of the walls and table of the bride and groom plays an important role. The combination of delicate materials collected in soft shuttlecocks, bows, waterfalls give the interior significance and nobility. It’s very difficult to make the decoration of the whole hall with your own hands, it is better to resort to the services of professionals.