Wall of flowers for a wedding


Floral walls are the perfect decoration for your wedding. You can place the composition created by professional florists as a background for the table of the newlyweds or use it in the guest photo zone. If the newlyweds plan to organize an exit ceremony, then a wall of flowers is used instead of an arch. With the help of decor, in which live or artificial flowers take part, you will get an unusual and effective decoration of the whole wedding. But for this luxurious element to succeed, it is important to know the rules for its creation and combination of plants and their shades.

Flower wall for a wedding

Decoration of wedding walls

After the newlyweds have decided on the venue for the banquet, it is worth taking care of the design of the hall. The decor of the room includes many nuances that need to be considered when selecting and determining the location of jewelry. An absolute favorite in the design of weddings is a wall made of natural or artificial flowers. Such decoration can favorably emphasize the individuality of the interior and create a welcoming atmosphere, filling the room with cosiness and warmth.

Wall of white flowers for a wedding

Fresh flowers

Floral decor will contribute to the fact that the wedding will be a grand and unforgettable event for the newlyweds and guests present. To create a wall for a wedding with fresh flowers, you will need to select plants in advance that can withstand the event. Carnations, roses, chrysanthemums, peonies are ideal for this. The panel, which houses fresh flowers, will give an unforgettable aroma throughout the celebration. Although this decoration is expensive, positive emotions are provided both for the newlyweds and all the guests present..

Fresh flowers for decorating a wall for a wedding

Wall of flowers for a wedding

Paper flowers

The budget decoration of the wedding wall is the use of paper flowers. Such an alternative to living plants is available to newlyweds, who are limited in their financial capabilities. Although the paper masterpiece has a low cost, the decor created with its help gives the room charm and sophistication. The original composition will certainly become a unique decoration of your wedding:

  • Do you want the flowers on the wall to look spectacular and unusual? Use a combination of rich colors – this will allow you to get a bright, stylish room decor.
  • To give the interior airiness, professional designers recommend choosing white, milk or cream shades.
  • If you use pearl paper flowers to decorate the wall, such a composition will sparkle with magical sparks that will create a mysterious wedding atmosphere.

Paper flowers for decorating the wall for a wedding

Wall of flowers for a wedding

Additional decorative elements

To decorate the wall with flowers, wedding florists recommend the use of additional elements. If you plan to produce decoration with fresh flowers, then it will be beneficial to supplement the background with the help of green moss, leaves, branches. You can combine paper decor with crystal garlands that will elegantly hang on the sides of the wall. It is important to choose the right elements to help create an unforgettable style for your wedding..

Wall Decoration for Wedding

Wall of flowers for a wedding

How to make a wall of paper flowers with your own hands?

The independent production of paper flowers for the wall for a wedding will significantly save the newlyweds budget, and the individual design of the composition will help to make the celebration stylish and special. Wedding designers recommend making a medium-sized wall. The optimal solution would be a background whose parameters are 2 m high and 4 m long. To spend a little time on the decor, use large flowers, as large elements are easier to hold together. To make wall decorations, you need to prepare the following materials:

  1. One A1 Whatman or thick cardboard sheet.
  2. Simple pencil and eraser.
  3. Scissors.
  4. PVA glue or double-sided tape.

A step-by-step instruction will help you to correctly make a flower:

  1. First you need to draw a template that will become the basis of all the petals. Take a thick cardboard and draw a pattern of the desired size and shape. The color of the paper must be selected in accordance with the color scheme of your wedding. For one flower you need 6 petals.
    Wall of flowers for a wedding
  2. Lay each received petal in front of you and bend it with a fan. Please note that the harmonica lines should converge in the center of the pattern.
  3. Make a small vertical incision at the base of the petal.
  4. Then it is necessary to give the petal a shape: put the two sides of the cut in the lap and fix with glue.
    Wall of flowers for a wedding
  5. Then glue together the three petals.
  6. After the glue has dried, you need to connect the remaining three patterns as well. Then glue the two resulting shamrocks.
    Wall of flowers for a wedding
  7. We proceed to the formation of the core of the poppy. To do this, cut out two circles of yellow and black. The diameter of the first circle should be twice as large as the second.
  8. Then the yellow and black circles are evenly cut from the edges to the center. After that, with the help of a blade of scissors, you need to tighten the ends.
    Wall of flowers for a wedding
  9. Gently glue the resulting core in the center of the flower.
    Wall of flowers for a wedding
  10. Final chord – three large leaves that are attached under the poppy petals.
    Wall of flowers for a wedding

After the decorations are ready, proceed to decorate the wall. For decor, you will need about 20 paper flowers. The combination of several shades in one color scheme will help to achieve the original design of your wedding. To get the original composition, we recommend using flowers of different sizes and shapes. It is important to avoid unpleasant moments at the wedding, and for this, be sure to pay attention to the reliable fastening of the entire structure.

Wedding wall decoration with paper pompoms

If you are independently engaged in decorating a wedding, you need to know how to properly place paper pompons on the wall, chairs, tables so that the decorations look harmonious in the interior. When designing a banquet hall with paper decorations, consider the color scheme. The right combination of shades will allow you to get a unique composition that will become the main decoration of your celebration.

Photo collage of a beautiful wedding wall decor

Before ordering wall decor from professional florists, decide in which style and color your wedding will be decorated. With the help of harmoniously selected decorations, you will be able to create a magical atmosphere in an ordinary room. In order to evaluate the wall decor for a wedding, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a selection of photos. The images show possible options for decorating the wall with natural or artificial flowers..

Wall of flowers for a wedding

Wall of flowers for a wedding

Wall of flowers for a wedding

Wall of flowers for a wedding

Wall of flowers for a wedding

Wall of flowers for a wedding