Ice sculptures for a wedding


Wedding celebration – The most important day for the newlyweds. Every couple in love of future spouses wants the holiday to go perfectly and be remembered by the guests for a long time. Ice sculptures for a wedding – An original decoration that will help make your celebration truly unique and elegant. Thanks to a wide selection of ice figures, it is possible to choose an option that will not only stylistically fit into the format of the event, but will also carry a certain functionality. What sculpture to choose for a wedding?

Ice pigeons to decorate a wedding celebration

Decoration of the wedding with ice sculptures

Ice wedding decoration – difficult but feasible task. The wide assortment offered by companies and private masters of ice art makes you confused when choosing the right option. Order standard wedding figures of different sizes, proven over the years, or agree on the manufacture of a sculpture according to an individual sketch. Wedding decoration is possible using:

  • small decorations up to 50 cm high for the design of banquet or buffet tables;
  • sculptures above 50 cm in height to create original compositions or zonal separation of the room;
  • large structures bearing a functional load, for example, a completely ice bar with a stand for accommodation of refreshments and drinks, as in the photo below.

The figures can be made of transparent or frosted ice with the application of different letters and inscriptions: names or initials of the newlyweds, warm wishes, declarations of love. Compositions with frozen natural flowers, such as roses, gerberas, tulips, or bright fruits (oranges, pineapples, grapes) are popular. Ice sculptures highlighted using LED technology look spectacular.

Ice bar at the wedding

Thanks to modern methods of manufacturing wedding ice decorations for decorating the celebration, they are used not only for winter, but also for summer weddings. To preserve the appearance of the sculpture, special freezing stands are used to help maintain the desired subzero temperature. Small ice figures up to 50 cm at room temperature not exceeding 22 degrees will delight you with clear contours for 3-4 hours. Large sculptural compositions over 50 cm under the same conditions will retain their shape from 8 to 24 hours.

Ice arch

Ice arch – original decoration of the room for a wedding party. The sculpture can be used to frame the wedding ceremony, to serve as a beautiful decor for the entrance to the banquet hall or to become an element that will divide the area in a zonal manner. With the help of a carved ice arch, it is possible to organize a beautiful composition for a photo shoot of the newlyweds and wedding guests, which will be remembered for a long time by the participants. Examples of the use of such a decor, see the photo.

Ice arches for a wedding

A pair of swans or hearts

Ice figures in the form of a pair of swans or hearts. – beautiful decor, symbolizing love in a strong marital union. Small sculptures up to 50 cm high complete with fresh or frozen flowers and fruits can be used as the central element of the composition decorating the table of the newlyweds. Couples made in the form of fruit dishes, light snacks on the buffet and banquet tables look original. Examples of wedding couples of swans or hearts, see the photo below.

Ice sculptures in the form of a pair of swans or hearts

Huge flower vases

Interesting wedding decor – huge ice flower vases over 50 cm high. The figures are used both as separate structures and as a key element of a large structure. The sculptures look beautiful in the buffet area, near the presidium table or in the design of the newlyweds' places for lighting the family hearth. Particularly spectacular are vases with floral arrangements taller than human height, illuminated by LEDs, which are used for zonal separation of the banquet hall. See examples below..

Huge ice flower vases

Stranded rings

The intertwined wedding rings belong to the classic ice wedding figures. They can be made of smooth transparent or frosted ice, and also decorated with original curly carvings: patterns, monograms, curls. If you wish, you can order an ice sculpture for a wedding, exactly repeating your wedding rings. Use such decorations for themed design of the banquet hall along with floral arrangements. Examples of figures are presented in the photo below..

Twisted Ice Wedding Rings

Ice Bar and Buffet Table

An ice bar and a buffet table are guaranteed to become a key element of the wedding decor of the room. Such designs look impressive and impressive, causing delight and admiration of the guests. A bar or a buffet table can be fully equipped with dishes made of ice: glasses for wine or brandy, bottle holders, large dishes for snacks, small sockets or plates for chilled desserts.

Ice bar and a buffet table for a wedding

Of particular interest to those invited to the celebration is the spectacular bartender show. To organize such an event, you will need to install an ice slide for cooling drinks, for example, made in the form of a huge glass. Having previously mixed the cocktail, the bartender passes the drink along a special gutter cut in the figure. Passing through the ice slide, the alcohol cools remarkably. By including such an event in the evening program, you are guaranteed to receive an admiring response from the wedding guests.

Columns with flowers or light garlands inside

The banquet hall at the wedding looks original, decorated with ice columns with floral arrangements frozen into it. For the manufacture of using as individual parts of plants, such as petals or inflorescences, as well as whole flowers or bouquets. Columns with light garlands inside look spectacular, which make it possible to use them as an additional light source. Such structures can be freestanding or create group ensembles with other figures. Examples of wedding decoration of the hall using columns, see the photo.

Columns with Frozen Flowers and Garlands Inside

How much are wedding sculptures made of ice?

The cost of ice sculptures for decorating a wedding depends on the amount of material used, the detail of the study and the artistic value of the work. The average price of standard figures made of ice in Moscow ranges from:

  • ice decorations up to 50 cm high – from 6,000 to 20,000 rubles .;
  • figures from 50 cm to 1 m high – from 20,000 to 50,000 rubles .;
  • structures with a height of 1 to 3 m – from 50,000 to 100,000 rubles .;
  • structures from 3 to 5 m high – from 100,000 to 300,000 rubles;
  • monumental sculptures 10 m or more high – from 300 000 rub.

The cost of making a figure according to an individual sketch requires prior coordination with the master and is calculated according to a separate price list. When ordering ice sculptures for a wedding, be sure to check with the company manager if the price includes additional decor of figures, such as flowers or fruits, spotlights for lighting or light garlands. Do not forget to agree on transport services: loading, delivery, unloading and installation of the structure on the day of the celebration.

Photo of ice sculptures for a wedding

Ice figures – bright decor for decorating the wedding, giving the celebration a special effect. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised by interesting compositions that create a unique combination of frozen transparent water, fresh flowers, various lighting and skillful carvings. Choosing an ice sculpture for a wedding celebration, do not limit yourself and use all your imagination. You can use ready-made ideas, which are presented below, or come up with your original and creative version of the figure.

Ice sculptures for a wedding

Ice sculptures for a wedding

Ice sculptures for a wedding