Table decoration for the newlyweds


One of the main parts of a banquet hall at a wedding – it’s the presidium, the place where the bride and groom are accommodated. Sometimes there are witnesses in this zone, and even less often – parents. The decoration of the table of the newlyweds should be performed impeccably, since all the attention of the guests will be riveted to it. There are many rules, recommendations from first-class florists that are worth considering, but you still need to rely on your desires.

Rules for the design of the wedding table of the newlyweds

1. The Presidium should be in the center of the hall so that it is convenient for each guest to look at the newlyweds.
2. The table of the bride and groom should be the most saturated in decor, bright, unusual.
3. It is necessary to decorate not only the table itself, but also the place in front, behind it. It is better to combine live compositions, fabric, tablecloths, napkins, dishes, ribbons, beads.
4. The decoration for the table of young people should be combined with the outfit of the bride, groom, a bouquet of the bride and groom, the general theme of the wedding.
5. Presidium elements can be repeated in small compositions on guest tables and in other parts of the hall.
6. The chosen decor of the wedding venue should be combined with the dishes of the establishment, restaurant parameters, the direction of the selected menu.

Decor Ideas

Ideas for decorating a wedding table should be closely intertwined with the state of mind of the newlyweds. Try not to copy the design of other people's weddings. The idea of ​​tenderness, modesty is welcomed, pastel colors are used for it. – white, peach, blue, pale pink. Jewelry Base – flower arrangements in combination with candles, greens, additionally apply table illumination. This classic image represents the beginning of a new life, a turn from scratch. You can implement bolder options with balls or furniture elements, but they will suit unusual couples.

Fresh or artificial flowers

Decor with flowers is used in most cases. There is nothing more tender and beautiful than what nature creates. Even the artificial implementation of compositions of roses, peonies, tulips can be the most realistic and perfectly complement the decoration of the table of young people. Often a large bouquet is placed in the center of the table and its small repetitions – around the edges. Similar floral arrangements should also be present at the guest areas..

If the whole wedding celebration is based on floral themes, it is also allowed to use such a decorative landscape or garland for the background of the table. Even with a good natural design of the hall, an original background for the newlyweds is necessary, and the flowers will fit well here. Compositions can be used both in a live version and in an artificial one (plastic, paper, fabric). Complete them with LED backlight, which will add tenderness, gloss, richness to the whole image..

Wedding table decoration with flowers


On the table of the bride and groom, the fabric will be used in any case, at least – as a tablecloth. It is not uncommon for textiles to become the main idea for decor, they make out the backdrop at the table, the presidium itself, chairs and other elements of the chosen place. If such a method of decoration is defined, it is desirable to create volumetric design using flounces, pinches, folds, assemblies, waves. Every detail of the drapery is important, as close attention will be paid to the main place..

Basic fabrics for bridal table decoration – This is a chiffon, veil, organza, nylon. You can combine them or use separately. Each of these types of fabric is very easy to impact, textiles are easily scratched, so you need to work with it carefully. Any material should be perfectly ironed, even if assemblies will be made in the future. Choose pastel colors that create the effect of lightness, airiness.

Fabric for decorating the table of the bride and groom


For the table, the newlyweds need a tablecloth. To make it reflect wealth, you can use lace as a decoration. For example, a small strip, ribbon or fully lace table skirt. Keep in mind that lace usually has shallow holes. So that through it the legs of those sitting at the table do not shine, under a layer of such decoration you need to lay additional fabric. It can be any textile, even cotton. The main thing is that the color is appropriate.

If you chose to decorate the table with lace, it is advisable in this format to make the decor of glasses, bottles, wine glasses. It looks interesting if the bride’s bouquet and groom’s boutonniere include similar lace ribbons. This design will add wealth and tenderness to the overall style of the holiday, and the preserved decorated glasses will long remind you of an important day.

Lace for the decor of the wedding table of the newlyweds


The presidium for young people is decorated with candles; it is a good idea to create mystery at a celebration. Place a vase or candlestick on the table in which large and small scented accessories are placed. Such candles can simply stand on a table for decor or light up at some point. For example, candles for a family hearth or for mothers and children are useful.

Please note that in recent years there are a lot of types of candles, different sizes, colors and formats. Combine several different decorations correctly, and the simple design of the wedding room can turn into an unrivaled one. A small flight of fancy, a combination of different types of decor will help you make the perfect wedding design for a table of young.

Candles for the decor of the wedding table of the newlyweds


Not only Hawaiian party-style weddings are becoming popular, but also fruit-themed celebrations. Do you like an orange, lemon or apple holiday? Very impressive, it will be remembered exactly for a lifetime. And for a beautiful wedding table decor, very little is required – vases with fruits, flowers in the tone of the selected citrus and additional accessories (beads, candles, ribbons, bows).

Fruit in the design of the Presidium Young

Options for decorating the backdrop at the table of young

1. The floral boom. The backdrop can be decorated in the form of a flower meadow, arch or heart. This option will be ideal both in live performance and with the use of artificial accessories. It is important to correctly combine the types of colors and the range of their shades.
2. Textile curtains. There is nothing more tender than combining several types of pastel color chiffon. Let this fabric fall down or in different directions, creating the effect of light clouds or running water.
3. Firefly. LED backlighting is recommended for use in all types of decor, as it creates a glossy effect. But if you want more light and brightness, use several layers of such decoration. The table for the young will then glow more strongly than the brightest stars in the sky.
4. Paper decor. If you want to make a backdrop for the place of the newlyweds with your own hands, then there is nothing easier than paper flowers. To do this, get pastel colored paper, cut out different flower buds (small, large, full, empty, full and young) from it. Fasten them together, and tighten the ends of the leaves with scissors. Such paper decoration can be attached to the wall at the table of young, previously covered with pastel fabric..
5. Exclusive. If the standard design options do not impress you and you want something special, select unusual objects for decoration. It can be huge letters that make up the words: «Love», «A family», «Me and you»; open doors to a new life; furniture items or watches. Everything that comes to mind of the bride and groom can be used to decorate the backdrop at the table.

Newlywed table backdrop decor options

DIY table decoration tutorial

The festive table of the newlyweds is easy to decorate on their own, this task is not only for professional stylists and florists. Each couple of newlyweds can fulfill such a mission. To fulfill your desires, stock up on a ton of ideas, beautiful materials for decoration and patience to create an ideal. Do not be afraid to experiment, even the most unusual idea will have its fans, and most importantly, the creators will like it.

Photo of the exclusive table decoration for the newlyweds

When planning to buy accessories for decorating and decorating a wedding table, consider already implemented ideas. Pay attention to unusual options for design and serving, so that they can prompt you to original topics. Let the chosen decor of the wedding table please not only the creators, but also all the guests at the event. The photos below will help you arrange a place for the newlyweds in the best way..

Exclusive design of the wedding presidium of the newlyweds

Table decoration for the newlyweds