Composition on the table newlyweds


Before the solemn wedding day, the newlyweds need to thoroughly prepare. The groom should have a neat, ironed jacket, classic trousers, shoes polished to a shine, and the bride needs only a gorgeous snow-white dress with lace and an irresistible smile. An impeccable arrangement of flowers on the table of the newlyweds will add to the celebration a note of additional joy. Decorating with flowers the place where the newlyweds will sit, it is better to entrust the florists.

Features of table decoration for the bride and groom

The most important table, at which lovers will sit, should attract admiring glances of guests. The more amazing its decoration will be, the more emotions the people present in the hall will have, and the banquet will succeed. Plus, lovers seated facing guests will be photographed. A pre-originally decorated table will emphasize the uniqueness of the ongoing action. It’s not worth it to design a banquet hall a week before the celebration, as plans can change dramatically, and you will lose your time.

On the main table, the newlyweds must have beautiful tall glasses (sometimes with gilding or silver), two bottles of sparkling champagne, fresh flowers beautifully arranged in the center. Amazing tablecloth, different from those that lie on the tables of guests. Possible, but not necessary attributes for decoration are candles with stands, as well as satin ribbons with a suitable color.

Flower Arrangements

In table decor can be used:

  • compositions with various eye-catching flowers
  • lighted candles, beautiful tablecloths and fabrics, a unique set of dishes
  • beautiful precious or artificial stones
  • fresh fruit pyramids

Options for decorating a wedding table with flowers

The most common way to create a beautiful composition on the table of the newlyweds is to use a large number of flowers, such as gerberas or chrysanthemums, where they are appropriate. This will require the painstaking work of florists with good creative thinking and imagination. It is necessary to combine the range of shades of fresh flowers with accessories on the table, its shape, and also take into account the general design and style of the room in which the upcoming celebration will be held. It is important not to overdo it with flowers so that they do not interfere with guests and lovers.

Large compositions of fresh flowers

Fresh flowers on the sides of the table or its perimeter usually surround the main decoration - the composition in the center. As a result, the impression of a single whole is created. If the wedding takes place in hot climates, the flowers will always need moisture. It is best to irrigate them with a spray gun. The easiest way to make a frame for fresh flowers is to combine metal plastic, polystyrene and a little wire. Such a composition on the table of the newlyweds will retain its impeccable appearance throughout the feast..

flower composition

Small bouquets in vases

Bouquets in vases on the table of the newlyweds

Among the popular compositions on the table of the newlyweds are bouquets in high and low vases. At first, connected bouquets are placed in long ones, and then various kinds of flowers are added: roses, lilies and others. The main thing is that the bouquets are in harmony with other colors and the overall design on the table. Vases are considered high, whose height does not exceed 30 cm, they are actively used for celebrations with the number of guests more than a hundred. For low vases, it is best to lay flowers in the shape of a ball, this will add tenderness and improve the effect of decor.

Flowers in rectangular coasters

Rose petals, decorative pebbles and candles

Additional decorations for newlyweds table decoration

Most decorators like to use additional things to decorate, emphasizing attention and increasing the interest of guests in small details. As elements of decor, the composition on the table of the newlyweds can include small woven baskets, inside which are large and small petals of red roses. It is desirable to arrange such braids around the perimeter or randomly. If there are no baskets, decorate the table with one petal according to your imagination..

Any composition on the table of the newlyweds can be made more romantic if you put white long candles, having previously fixed them in vessels, candlesticks or candelabra. An important nuance - they must be combined with other decorations on the table and serving. Medium-sized sea and / or precious stones with shells can also fit into such an event, it is better to place them on the edges of the table or, as an option, lay them out in half circles on the side of the groom and the bride.

Pebbles with names on the wedding table

Table decoration with candles

Do it yourself master class

The composition on the table of the newlyweds does not need decoration professionals; you can decorate everything yourself. This will not require special skills, a sense of harmony is important. The design is best to start with the acquisition of satin ribbons in interesting color options, for example in soft lavender, purple. Place a plate, appliances, glasses and white candles on the table. In the process of decorating you will need tools: scissors, pliers, pruning shears, wire, tape. The master class uses orchids, pink bush roses, white roses, and eucalyptus greenery.

  1. First you need to make glasses, for this, take each type of flower, connect them to each other, cut them to buds for the sake of a concise look.
  2. To already cut buds, you need to add long canes of greenery, and then slightly fix them together using wire.
    Tools on the table
  3. Dampen cotton wool in water and wrap it around the bouquet so that it does not fade, additionally wrap the bouquet with tape. Cover all irregularities, as well as visible adhesive tape with a satin ribbon and seal using a hot glue gun.
    Cutting flowers to buds with scissors


  4. Attach the finished bouquet using wire to the glass and decorate it with ribbon.
    Adding cotton, tape, tape, glue to the bouquet
  5. To decorate a napkin with a purple ribbon, make a ring and fix the seams with hot glue. The same must be repeated with another ring wrapped over the first.
  6. Put the rings from two different satin ribbons on a napkin.
    Bonding two rings
  7. Create the same bouquet as you did earlier, and attach it with a pin to the napkin, threading it through.
  8. Do the same actions with the candlestick, not sparing the rhinestone for decoration.
  9. Add the white rose petals to the table at the end..
    Fastening a bouquet to a napkin

Photo-examples of the table design for the newlyweds

If there are not enough textual instructions for decorating the table, take a look at the photos below. Each decoration in the photo is a unique work of florists and lovers with unlimited imagination. Combining a sense of harmony and a desire to make the wedding unforgettable, you will be able to create a table for the newlyweds in an original way that guests will not be able to miss.