Wedding napkins


The festive decoration of the wedding table is not only beautiful cutlery, floral arrangements, stylish tablecloths, but also napkins. Thanks to this accessory, it is possible to emphasize and complement the theme of the celebration. Wedding napkins are fabric and paper. When serving a banquet table, both types of accessories are used. A tissue napkin is a piece of square or cotton cotton or linen material of any size. To give it the necessary shape, the fabric must first be starched.

Options for beautiful folding wedding napkins

How to fold fabric napkins for a wedding table?

To make the accessory look beautiful and attractive, it must be folded in an original way. There are many ways to create intricate shapes from napkins. It will be possible to maintain the theme of the holiday through the use of multi-colored fabric products, but the use of white linen for serving a wedding table is considered a classic option. Regardless of the size of the napkin, its shape should be square, and the material itself – it is well starched, otherwise the steady and form-keeping figure will not come out.

Napkin figures for a wedding table

In the form of a rose

A fabric napkin folded in the shape of a rose looks stylish and delicate on the wedding table. The composition of fresh flowers, complemented by a neat fabric bud in a glass, fits perfectly into the decor of the banquet. If your event is held in classic white color, then the accessory should be appropriate color scheme. A rose made in an original and sophisticated way, thanks to a combination of green and pink or red fabric.

Roses from napkins

You will need:

  • fabric wedding napkins in two colors;
  • wineglass.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. First we form a rose bud. To do this, we fold the pink or red fabric base diagonally from one corner to another.
  2. Turn the resulting triangle into a strip about 5 cm wide.
  3. We twist the strip into a tight roll, which forms the rose bud.
  4. We fix the end inside the bud.
  5. We fold the green fabric, which will be the leaves of the flower, from two opposite ends towards the center. From the other two ends we bend the sides a few centimeters in the same direction.
  6. Carefully place the green blank in the glass, shaping the leaves of rose. Insert the formed bud inside.

How to make a rose from a doily do-it-yourself

A fan in a ring (in a glass)

Fan-shaped wedding napkins look unusual. The design looks presentable and sophisticated and does not require special skills for DIY manufacturing. To keep the fan in good shape, use a special ring that fastens the base of the figure. Products of this shape will become an ornament for a wedding banquet in the style of gentlemen and a lady, a gangster themed wedding.

Fan-shaped napkins

You will need:

  • cloth napkin, which can be not only square, but also rectangular;
  • table ring;
  • wineglass.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Put the starched material with the front side on the table.
  2. Fold the fabric in half with the wrong side inward. Carefully iron the fold line to leave a mark. Open the napkin again and return it to its original position..
  3. If you use a rectangular blank, then start folding one side with a smaller width into an accordion. For a square shaped product, the choice of the folding side is not important. Gently fold the accordion, the bend width should be no more than 1.5 cm. Go to the middle and make sure that the last bend layer ideally matches the line outlined in the center of the product.
  4. Finish folding the product into an accordion.
  5. Fold the fan in half.
  6. Pass the end of the product into the ring. Insert the structure into a transparent glass, ring down.

Step by step creating a fan napkin in the ring

Wedding napkins

Envelope for devices

When setting the table in elite restaurants around the world, fabric envelopes for cutlery are used. The purpose of such structures is to protect forks, spoons and knives from contamination before the arrival of guests. Envelopes serve as a beautiful decorative element and design detail of the entire room. With their apparent complexity, making such products is easy with your own hands..

Wedding cutlery envelope

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. We fold the starched cloth base of the required color and tone four times to make a square.
  2. We turn off the top layer of the square diagonally to the corner. We smooth the bend line with our hands.
  3. The same manipulations are repeated with the next layer of tissue. This time, the side is not bent to the full length, but we leave a small gap between the first and second layer. Make sure bent corners are flush..
  4. Add the next (third) layer in the same way as you did with the previous two.
  5. We unfold the napkin with the back to ourselves so that the layers folded by the corner are facing the table.
  6. We fold the workpiece with corners to each other, wrapping them about a third of the width. We iron the fold lines so that the envelope keeps its shape well.

How to make an envelope for cutlery

The bow tie

Make a bow tie look like a bow tie – The original idea of ​​an accessory for the decor of wedding tables. Such designs are suitable for serving a banquet in honor of any themed or classic wedding. The more starched the material, the better the butterfly will keep its shape, its folds will become clear and even. It is recommended to decorate the neck of the tie with a ring, lace ribbons or ties.

How to fold a wedding napkin with a bow tie

You will need:

  • napkin;
  • round ring or other decorative element for the membrane.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. The material is bent from two sides towards the center. The edges should connect in the center..
  2. Then again we bend the already bent sides inward, directing the edges to the center.
  3. Overlap fold the edges of the smaller sides on top of each other.
  4. The corners of the fabric on one side are bent into small triangles to reduce the width of the product. Poke the smaller part inward to the wide side.
  5. In the center we press the product, straighten two symmetrical sides.
  6. We decorate a bow tie with a decorative element.

DIY paper napkin design ideas

Fabric napkins are an indispensable attribute of the festive table setting. Guests use this item to protect their clothing from possible contamination. But in addition to fabric accessories, in many cases there are also paper wedding napkins on the tables, which are designed to wipe hands and lips. To make this serving element look festive and fit into the theme of the design of the banquet hall, use napkins of different colors or products with inscriptions, for example, wedding date and initials of the newlyweds.

Ideas for folding wedding napkins

Flower in a glass

Wedding celebration – It is a romantic and tender event. When decorating the banquet hall, floral arrangements are used. It will be possible to support this theme with the help of paper napkins that give the shape of a flower. The created composition is placed in a glass on a high leg. When choosing a paper color, give preference to those tones that are present in the general decor.

How to make a paper napkin-flower in a glass with your own hands


  1. Fold the square napkin in half. Fold the bend line a little..
  2. Then we fold it widowed again so that a square product forms again.
  3. We fold the blank in the shape of an accordion diagonally. You should get three folds of about 2.5 cm wide.
  4. The small upper corner formed is slightly bent inward, pressing the product in the center, slightly stretching the edges.
  5. Place the workpiece angled down into a narrow glass, gently spread the ends along the walls of the vessel.
  6. Let's make a few more layers of petals, repeating the previous manipulations.
  7. Gently fluff the petals, giving them the natural look of a flower.

Table fan

A common way to fold napkins is to use a tabletop fan. Such a design can be created not only with the help of paper, but also with a fabric product. Wedding table setting involves the use of luxurious and attractive elements. The paper fan will look colorful, bright and solemn, which will bring the necessary contribution to creating a festive atmosphere.

How to fold a paper towel with a table fan

Instruction manual

  1. Fold the base in half.
  2. On the one hand, we assemble the workpiece into an accordion by approximately two-thirds of the length, making sure that the first fold is turned inward.
  3. Bend the accordion from top to bottom.
  4. We bend the not folded accordion part, the end of the corner should go between the folds.
  5. We straighten the fan and set it on a plate or next to it.

In the shape of a heart

What can so successfully support the romantic orientation of the event, if not wedding napkins folded in a heart? If the color theme of the celebration allows, then products are recommended to be made in pink or red, which will bring bright notes and place accents in the decor of the hall. Paper hearts are then laid out on plates or folded into a napkin holder.

Paper Napkin Heart


  1. Add the opposite angles to each other diagonally to form a triangle.
  2. Bend one sharp corner up to the center of the triangle.
  3. Repeat this step with a second sharp angle..
  4. We turn the product to the opposite side. Bend one layer outward, angle to corner.
  5. The remaining two upper corners are bent to the middle.
  6. We give roundness to the heart, bending the upper sharp corners. Turn the product over.

Instructions for creating a heart from a napkin

How to beautifully fold a napkin for a table of young

There are many ways to set up a wedding table for young people. Following our step-by-step instructions and master classes with photos, you will be able to reproduce even complex figures with your own hands at home. Find out about another original way to fold your napkins for your bridal table..

Photo of napkins for a wedding

You got acquainted with popular wedding figures from napkins, both paper and fabric. In addition to the options presented, there are other, no less original and sophisticated forms and designs. You can build each of them with your own hands. A large photo selection will help you to be inspired to create such products and get ideas for your wedding event..

Wedding napkins

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