Peony wedding


Harmoniously combining the floral design of the wedding and its theme is not an easy task, because you need to take into account many nuances: the venue of the celebration, the seasonality of flowers, the outfit of the bride and groom, and the cake. Peony wedding immediately reflects two fashion trends: a single color scheme and floral accent. Peony symbolizes wealth, joy and fertility, combines tenderness and luxury, is available in spring and summer, therefore, rightfully occupies one of the leading places in the design of weddings..

Peony Weddings

Peonies in the image of the bride and groom

Peony wedding will easily find a response in the image of the bride and groom. Fresh or artificial flowers look great on the belt of the dress, in a bracelet or on a garter. In the design of the outfit, the wedding theme will be supported by peonies in the form of embroidery, applique or print. Brave girls who prefer non-standard solutions can refuse a white dress in favor of a colored one. The shade of the outfit should overlap with the general color scheme of the wedding - pink, peach or fuchsia.

Peonies in the image of a bride

The bride’s hairstyle is another important accent that will successfully emphasize the theme of the wedding. Living peonies decorating the curls of the bride and groom look touching and stylish at the same time. A wreath of delicate flowers that replaces a veil looks very romantic. Do not overload the image with an abundance of flowers - one floral accent (on a dress or in a hairstyle) plus a wedding bouquet is enough, otherwise the bride runs the risk of becoming like a flower bed.

Hairstyle of the bride with living peonies

The groom’s boutonniere should have something in common with the bride’s bouquet, so on the lapel of the newly-made husband, a single peony or a small floral arrangement with this flower will be appropriate. For bold creative men, a shirt, tie, socks or cufflinks of pink color of the desired shade (in harmony with the color of the bouquet or dress of the bride) are suitable.

Peonies in the image of the groom

Peony Wedding Design Ideas - Photos

The flowering season of peonies falls on May-June, and in warm regions the flowering period begins even earlier. If the wedding is planned in other months, it will be more difficult and expensive to purchase a large number of these flowers. In winter, holding a wedding in this style is impractical, because Buy peonies in the quantity necessary for the celebration is available only on order (winter flowers are delivered to Russia by Europe).

Wedding peonies decoration

There are a great many forms and colors of this delicate flower, so newlyweds need to choose the main color of the wedding and use the buds of this shade (and those close to it) in the design. Peony is magnificent solo, and also in combination with a large number of other flowers. These are roses, hydrangeas, tulips, lilacs and many others. Choose flowers in a close range of colors. Peonies go well with white - use this property in the design of the wedding, and you will not lose.

Banquet room decor

The wedding venue is responsible for the overall surroundings of the holiday and creates an atmosphere that will certainly affect the wedding photos. The banquet hall is traditionally decorated with floral arrangements and fabric draperies. The venue of the visiting ceremony is decorated in the same way, but it’s appropriate to add a flower arch and a path to the altar, in which the peony petals look very touching.

Registration by peonies of an exit ceremony

You need to arrange the venue for the holiday in about a day, so it is important to correctly calculate the time of order and the delivery time of flowers. Peonies are used for bouquets on tables, in floor vases, hanging decorations. Light compositions with one bud will perfectly decorate chairs (with or without covers), plates, napkins or fabric draperies. If for some reason you decide to do without a decorator, use our tips.

Decor of chairs peonies at a wedding

What goes well with living peonies:

  • Glass home decoration.
  • White or light plain cookware.
  • White or pink candles, especially thick ones.
  • Balls of thread.
  • Light transparent, translucent fabrics, plain matte materials.
  • Accessories and furniture made of brushed metal with fine openwork (candle holders, vases, napkin holders, chairs, arches).

Decoration of a wedding party with peonies

What will not tolerate a peony wedding:

  • Balloons and feathers. Neither one nor the other is combined with floral design and will only cause a feeling of congestion.
  • Flashy colors - leave them for the decor of creative weddings. For contrast, it is allowed to use one shade close to the main design, which is used to a minimum (for napkins, ribbons, dishes, individual accessories). For example, for a wedding in light pink colors - it is burgundy, dark pink or chocolate. If peonies of bright saturated color (purple, burgundy, yellow) were chosen for the wedding, then the flowers themselves should be the brightest spot in the decor.
  • A large number of other flowers and plants. The temptation to use roses or tulips with peonies is great, but there should be few of them, otherwise the style idea will be lost - it will not be a peony wedding, but just a floral one. An exception is greens for complex cascading or hanging compositions, the manufacture of which is best left to the florist.
  • Shiny satin-like fabrics. Use such material with a large number of flower arrangements should be minimized - for example, in ribbons or napkins. But shiny tablecloths or chair covers will attract attention, making the decor pretentious. Exceptions are printed fabrics (e.g. alpaca).

Peony Wedding Accessories

To make the peony wedding as stylistically as possible, do not forget about decorating with these flowers such important things as a wedding car, a pillow for rings, glasses and champagne for the newlyweds, a chest for money. These accessories will not require as much effort and money as decorating a banquet hall, so it is quite possible to arrange them yourself or entrust them to friends and relatives. Flowers suitable live or artificial.

Peony wedding car decoration

Wedding Ring Pads

The bride's bouquet

A bouquet of peonies looks gentle and sensual, regardless of color. A white dress will suit a bouquet of any shades. To color along with it is necessary to select buds so that the colors of the fabric and bouquet do not dissonant. Do not forget about makeup - for fragile peonies, choose a delicate make-up, and the makeup artist will help determine the color scheme. The bride also needs to think about whether she will cause a strong aroma of these flowers irritation, because the wedding celebration lasts more than one hour.

Bridal bouquet with peonies

If the composition is supposed to be made only of peonies, such a bouquet will easily be made by the bride herself or her friends. The lower leaves must be cut, and the buds should be half-used. If you want a complex composition with different colors, it is better to use the services of a florist. Fresh buds are well preserved for many hours. Long-cut flowers quickly fade and fall, so it is necessary to use a stabilizing solution (this will also help the florist).

Invitations and cards for guests

It is advisable to entrust the production of invitations to the printing house or scrapbooking master. Cards for seating guests, as a rule, are made in the same style as invitations, but not necessarily in the form of traditional cardboard cards. For example, buds of living peonies on plates or in glasses with names.

Floral Style Guest Cards

A wedding cake

A cake is not only a tradition and a treat, but also part of the overall purpose of the wedding, which necessarily coincides with the festive decoration. It is not difficult to order a cake with peonies - modern confectioners make flowers of any size and shade to order. To do this, as a rule, sugar mastic is used, less often - photo printing, chocolate or cream.

Mastic Wedding Cake

A trendy trend is the use of fresh flowers in the decoration of cakes. At first glance, this is the perfect design that anyone can handle. However, there are some nuances. For the cake you need to choose fresh buds grown without the use of pesticides (for example, country). Decorate the treat with fresh flowers no earlier than 2 hours before serving the cake.

To stick flowers in a biscuit, use special containers or flasks with water for the stem to prevent the plant from touching the product and extend its life (or wrap the stem with cling film). Peony blends well with other colors, especially in the cascade. But you need to remember that not all living plants are suitable for decorating food. Do not use lilies of the valley, hydrangeas, tulips, hyacinths, white lilies, calla lilies, pink carnations, jasmine - these plants are toxic.

Wedding cake with live peonies

For decorating with fresh flowers, a white cake is ideal. On the surface of pastel shades pink, lilac or yellow peonies look great. For a fashionable metallic coating (gold, silver), choose bright or dark flowers (burgundy, purple, red). For trendy Naked Cake cakes with «naked» peonies of any color are suitable for cakes.

In addition to decorating with whole buds, it is fashionable to decorate a wedding dessert with fresh petals. Peony is especially suitable for such a decor, as he has large petals of a suitable shape. The main thing is that the cake itself is monophonic, not overloaded with details. Then fresh flowers at the treat will not be a lurid spot, but a bright accent, complementing the general atmosphere and emphasizing the style of the wedding.

Peony Wedding Cakes