Orange wedding


Preparations on the eve of the wedding always make the newlyweds do a fair amount of work so that the result exceeds expectations and impresses all guests with its scope. Start with the concept of the holiday: traditional or in a certain style, what will be the decor of the interior, the kitchen for the banquet menu. One option is an orange wedding. It provides an orange color scheme and all the paraphernalia to match this tropical citrus. How is it possible to sustain such a style of celebration, see the recommendations below.

Bright Orange Wedding Scenario

  • Part one. Orange buyback.

Orange wedding

A friend with friends decorates the courtyard and the entrance to the bride’s house with orange balloons, ribbons, chiffon, hangs artificial oranges on tree branches. When the hour of the groom’s meeting is approaching, everyone is lining up at the gate and cheerfully greet the newlyweds with their retinue.


«Welcome to the house of orange summer, where oranges grow on trees, everything around is fragrant with health and cheerfulness. You got to the orange princess. And in order to see her it will be necessary to go through many trials and then, if you are a true prince, you will lead her down the aisle. Ready?».


«So lucky for us! But where to go, since we are already here ?! Let's take these tests - we can do everything!».


Orange Wedding Contest

The witness gives the groom a card with a picture of a large orange. Inside, segments of numbers are painted, each of which is a date with a certain event in the life of the bride and groom. The groom must figure out what these numbers are. If he succeeds, he moves closer to the bride. If not - pays girlfriends a certain amount of money.


«You almost won the heart of the princess. It's time to show your financial situation. Do not be sorry for banknotes: put a beautiful name for your sweetheart with money».

The groom spreads the bride’s name on the floor with banknotes, enters the house, takes the bride to the registry office.

  • Part two. Orange meeting young.

Parents of the newlyweds line up at the restaurant. Mother of the groom holds a loaf, baked in the form of an orange, in the center of which salt is poured. Newlyweds follow their parents through a living corridor with guests who sprinkle young sweets, orange paper ribbons, confetti.

Mother-in-law speech:

«My dear children! From now on, your path goes in one direction. Build it in such a way that it is pleasant to move around it: expand, create comfort, let little tots run around, invite dear guests. We, as parents, will do our best to help your happiness and will always be near. Take care of each other, love, respect, support. Now taste the orange loaf».

After the newlyweds break off a piece of the holiday cake, feed each other, an invitation sounds to guests to go inside. The groom and the bride perform the first dance of the young with pre-selected music. Everyone is seated at the table. Toastmaster cheerfully greets guests.

  • Part three. Banquet contests with oranges.

Rings at the Orange Wedding

Gifts. The presenter passes through the hall with the matchmakers and a large box in the form of an orange for money, pouring each a glass after pronouncing the toast. Guests must put envelopes with gifts, express their wishes to the newlyweds, congratulate them on their wedding, shout «Bitterly!».

Orange dance of witnesses. A friend with a friend should dance a slow dance. Between them in the solar plexus area is an orange. The goal is to raise the citrus up without touching your hands and make a bite to everyone. When a shoe is stolen from a bride, a friend and a friend work out an event using the following contest: eat an incised whole orange without hands.

  • Part Four Orange goodbye.

The holiday with the orange concept is coming to an end, guests are dispersing. In parting, the young people give a thank you speech and hand each one an orange-shaped bonbonniere with small souvenirs inside. Accompanying music sounds, everyone goes outside in order to launch Japanese lanterns and enjoy watching a beautiful salute.

The image of the newlyweds in an orange style

If your wedding is orange, it is important to comply with this theme, first of all, with your outfits. The groom and the bride should carefully approach this issue and take into account every detail. This is important, because the newlyweds are the main objects that all eyes will face all day. You can save on the design of the banquet, do not require a specific dress code from the guests, but you can certainly choose your wedding dresses in accordance with the orange concept.

Bride's dress

Orange Style Bridesmaid Dresses

The bride’s wedding dress is the most important moment in preparation for the solemn wedding day. The selection of dresses is always filled with great excitement, doubts, money expenses. The task is doubly more difficult if you have chosen a wedding with an orange theme. Here you need to show not a small talent, a subtle sense of style, creating an outfit that matches the general concept. To do this, use the recommendations below:

  • An orange wedding does not mean that you need to wear a completely orange dress. Leave the traditional white color as the base, complementing the outfit with orange accents on the hem or top.
  • Decorate a white dress with a wide orange belt at the waist.
  • Use accessories: citrus-shaped earrings, a miniature hat in the shape of an orange slice with a white veil.
  • Sew a long bright orange train and hook it onto a snow-white dress at the waist.
  • If you really love this cheerful color - no one will blame you for the extravagant image of an orange tint.

Suit groom

Groom costume in orange style

The groom also should not fall out of the general concept of such an orange wedding, so it is important to choose a suit taking into account this style. If you choose this theme, then this already means that you are an extraordinary personality, capable of daring experiments in clothes. An orange costume will become the trend of the day in the places where you will appear during the wedding photo shoot. If the groom is conservative when choosing a wedding attire, there are many compromises. Here are some basic tips:

  • When choosing a black or white suit, use the small details that accentuate the orange theme. This is a tie of orange color, the same tone of cufflink, a boutonniere with a bright orange flower.
  • You can wear a bright orange shirt and shoes under a white suit..
  • Small Citrus Butterfly.

Orange wedding theme design - photo

Decorating the holiday according to the orange theme is a responsible task, to miss which will be an unforgivable mistake for the wedding. Be sure to consider every detail during the design of the hall in the restaurant, the bride’s house and courtyard, the wedding procession, the bouquet of the future wife. All this will create a positive overall impression and indicate the scope of the holiday. Browse further beautiful photos where the orange wedding in different variations is illustrated.

Orange Themed Wedding Ideas

The unofficial continuation of the wedding in the restaurant should also be consistent with the orange concept. Be sure to take care not only of decorating the interior of the institution, but also of the banquet menu. Using oranges in most wedding dishes is a natural condition. However, it is necessary to clearly express the idea of ​​the holiday, so use expressive accents that will make a lasting impression on everyone present.

Half Orange Cake

Half orange cake

The bright conclusion to such a grand event as your own wedding is a beautifully decorated orange dessert. 40% of the success of the holiday depends on how you approach the choice of a wedding cake. This is the main decoration of the evening, so decorating it in the form of half an orange would be an ideal option. Such an order is a doable task for any professional pastry chef. Pick the citrus topping to show even the taste of orange at your wedding.

Orange refreshments

Banquet menu wedding orange theme necessarily includes a plentiful drink for everyone present. Order orange refreshments. It can be a variety of juices in decanters: peach, orange, carrot, apricot. Set the bottles with bright orange Fanta with orange flavor. Alcoholic drinks are also possible to prepare, observing the general color scheme of the entire wedding. For example, orange punch or orange smoothies based on juices.

Video example of a vibrant orange wedding

A wedding holiday is an event that will be remembered for a lifetime. The brighter you pick up an idea for a celebration, the deeper it will remain in your memories. Orange style, this is exactly the idea that meets this condition. To perfectly arrange your holiday in accordance with this concept, watch a video example of a bright orange wedding. Here you will draw a lot of useful details for yourself, see how it looks from the side.

Orange Style Photo Shoot Ideas

The wedding must be captured in beautiful pictures. A professional photographer will help you in realizing this issue. Using a photo shoot in the studio or on the street, you will create unique shots of the first day of family life. And to get a beautiful and interesting result, study several options for ideas on how to create an orange-style wedding photo shoot..

Orange style photo shoots
  • Organize a photo shoot in the forest. Create an orange orchard by decorating trees with citrus fruits or dried cloves. The idea of ​​the frame: the bride and groom came to harvest. They hold in their hands baskets filled with oranges..
  • Have a picnic on the shore of any body of water. Sprinkle a lot of oranges in the middle of green grass, plant kissing newlyweds among them.
  • Take a photo of how the bride feeds her lover with juicy citrus fruit. She looks at him with a bewitched look, experiences moments of happiness. Newlyweds look at each other and smile..