Mint color wedding


Mint shades are associated with the coolness of an early morning, the summer freshness of a light breeze with a menthol note, give tenderness to the image of the bride. Mint color is considered neutral, so it is used as the main one, complementing with other shades. Rich, cold tones of menthol suit brides to brunettes, and warm, pastel to blondes. Wedding in mint color - a godsend for the newlyweds. By choosing this color for the event, you will appear in front of others an interesting, sophisticated, romantic lady.

Outfits of the bride and groom in mint color

A mint wedding dress, as in the photo below, is an excellent option for a holiday. Peppermint colors look delicious in a newlywed outfit, emphasizing the harmony of the image. Choosing the right style, you will demonstrate the virtues of your figure.

A mint dress is a great choice for any season. In summer, this color will emphasize the tanned skin of the bride and groom, give the image fragility, sophistication, and in winter - add warmth, brightness.

Peppermint Bridesmaid Dress

Beautiful accessories in mint color, as in the photo, set off the freshness of the bride and groom. If you choose a white dress, then the menthol details will add a twist to your look. A beautiful veil, jewelry made of turquoise, malachite, emeralds, menthol shoes - all this will wonderfully complement the ensemble of the newlywed.

Peppermint Accessories

There are many options for making a wedding dress in mint color. A classic mint color suit, white shirt and tie / bow tie, as pictured. This option is suitable for a youth wedding, organized without unnecessary formal ceremonies in nature, or a retro wedding.

If the celebration is full of officialdom, for example, the presence of many high-ranking guests is expected, the rules are strictly followed, then for a wedding of this format the classic black (gray) costume with the addition of various menthol details will be the best choice.

Mint suit of the groom

The classic suit of the groom will be well complemented: tie, bow tie, pocket square, cufflinks, as in the photo. In the accessories of the bride and groom, use the same shade as for the bride’s dress, then the newlyweds will look great together. To achieve additional harmony, take the fabric with the same texture, for example, satin.

Mint Accessories Groom

Clothing Ideas for Witnesses and Guests

Dress up the celebration code in advance. Dresses for bridesmaids pick one style from the same fabric, then the bridesmaids stand out among the guests of the wedding. Alternatively, pick up the same details for the outfits of the witnesses, for example, hairpins, hair ornaments, bouquets. How it will look, look at the photos below.

Examples of mint dresses for bridesmaids

Costumes of the groom's witnesses must match the color scheme of the wedding. Butterflies, vests harmoniously fit into the style of the event, elegantly emphasizing the theme of the celebration.

Examples of mint dresses for friends of the groom

Wedding attire can be minty or include accents that match the colors of the celebration. It is important for the newlywed to decide in advance how the guests invited to the wedding will look so that there is no excess of mint, and the images of those present do not merge with each other.

If the dresses of the girlfriends are made in a pure mint tone, then the clothes of the invited ladies should be in other pastel shades with menthol details. For example, beige, peach, coral are quite suitable. The male half should wear a mint tie or chest scarf.

Wedding accessories in mint colors photo

A delicious addition to the wedding will be accessories of mint shades: a pillow for rings, a guest book of wishes, a garter, candles, jewelry on champagne bottles, banquet cards, beautiful glasses for newlyweds. All these are pleasant trifles that will give the celebration an individual character and a unique atmosphere..

The bride's bouquet

The bride’s bouquet should correspond to the main colors of the celebration. Use white or colored roses, add eustoma, gypsophila, amaryllis, hydrangea, eucalyptus, brunei. Do not forget to decorate the composition with silk ribbons, lace, braid, beads.

Options of a mint bouquet of the bride

Invitations and cards for guests

Cards, invitations should be made in mint color. Colored paper, vintage monograms, lace and other decor emphasize the theme of the celebration, will be very appropriate for a mint wedding.

Mint Wedding Invitations

A wedding cake

The cake should match the style of the wedding. Peppermint base, beige jewelry worthy choice. The taste of the product can be anything, but menthol notes once again emphasize the choice of the original thematic direction of the wedding.

Mint Wedding Cake

Mint color wedding hall decoration

When decorating a banquet hall, use mint-colored textiles (tablecloths, napkins), shading porcelain dishes of ivory color. Decorate white chair covers with bows. Additional effects will be given by mint candles with aroma, various compositions of flowers, lace, ribbons of the holiday color palette.

Banquet room decoration in mint colors

A beautiful theme design of the banquet hall, see the video:

Decoration of the wedding procession

A great effect will be a mint wedding procession. Order retro cars, as in the photo, decorate them with compositions of flowers, bows, ribbons that are used to decorate the holiday.

Mint wedding procession

The combination of mint color with other colors

Menthol goes well with white, red, blue, yellow, purple, violet, brown. Mint green looks good with warmer, pastel shades: pale yellow, beige, chocolate, dark gray, olive.

Classical menthol is well combined with sand, coral, wine tones, fuchsia tones. Mint blue requires colder, more saturated colors: from pale blue to dark blue, purple, pink burgundy.

The combination of mint with other colors for a wedding

Mint wedding is a wonderful theme event. Careful organization of the banquet, attention to details, nuances guarantees a festive mood to all participants in the menthol party. Elegance, freshness, cheerfulness of a menthol wedding will be remembered for a long time by you, your relatives and friends.