Lilac Wedding


Elegance, restraint, tenderness, inaccessibility, romance - such criteria are endowed with a wedding in lilac color. Each couple, choosing this shade for their wedding ceremony, interpreted it in their own manner. This color has many tones: from rich, deep, from which it blows cold, to an airy, delicate shade of Provence lavender. Thanks to a wide palette, a wedding can be exotic or classic, but by no means commonplace.

The meaning and signs associated with lilac

Lilac Wedding

Lilac is one of the lightest shades of purple. It is shrouded in a haze of mystery, gives a sense of peace, tranquility. It is obtained by mixing violet and light tones of red. This color means a bright future, novelty, nostalgia. In addition, it is a symbol of male and female principles, a messenger of new beginnings, therefore it is ideal for weddings. Balanced people choose him, but with seething energy inside, which are strongly attached, do not survive separation.

The image of the newlyweds at the wedding

The newlyweds are the main ones at the wedding, so their images should match the theme of the wedding. The bride can find many dresses of this shade, although not everyone decides to wear an outfit of non-traditional snow-white color. But if you take a chance, then be sure that you will remind everyone of a delicate flower. You can complement a traditional outfit with a veil or a belt of light shades of the main color of the wedding. The easiest option for the groom is to choose a shirt for the main color of the celebration, which looks beautiful with white, silver, pearl, gray suits.

Dress and shoes of the bride

If you choose a snow-white dress, then support the theme of the wedding in lilac color with bright accents that will attract the attention of guests and complement the image: handbag, shoes, bright belt, lace veil or embroidery. There are many outfits in a suitable color, but remember that it is not suitable for everyone. Lilac dress looks beautiful on brides with gray or blue eyes, blond hair. For tanned skin and light brown hair, it is better to give preference to pale shades of this color..

Brides with bright eyes should choose rich colors, and ladies with bright hair and pale skin - the middle ground between bright and pastel colors. The choice of shoes is also very important: the lavender color is very noble, looks beautiful if the shoes are made of suede. You can choose classic boats, sandals with the intricacies of numerous straps, models with an open heel or toes.

No less important is manicure and makeup to create a complete, harmonious look. Lavender shadows are suitable for owners of gray, brown, green eyes. It is better to resort to the help of a professional makeup artist who will find a suitable shade for the bride of any color type. Decorate your hairstyle with a wreath, flowers, a veil, which will perfectly complete the image. But do not overdo it with the details of this color, in the image there should be no more than three.

Lilac color for the image of the bride

Outfit of the groom

The image of the groom should also fit the theme of the wedding. A strict high-quality suit with a lavender-colored shirt or tie will look great. You can also choose a beautiful vest in the color of lilac, complement it with a buttonhole, a pocket scarf or cufflinks. If you want to add a touch of creativity, then pick a butterfly of the desired shade and socks. Lilac color goes well with white, silver, gray in clothes.

Lilac style groom outfit

Dress code for bridesmaids and guests

The bride can dress all the girlfriends in dresses of the same color and style. However, the color of lilacs is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is better to come up with the same accessories, for example, shoes, bracelets, bouquets. Friends of the groom can match matching shirts or bow ties. Guests must be warned in advance that the wedding will be held in a certain color, then everything will be very original, colorful, harmonious in the pictures.

Dress code for guests at the lilac wedding

Lilac Wedding Design Ideas

The decor of the wedding must be thought through to the smallest detail, and you should start with invitation cards that immediately set the tone for the celebration and will please the guests. During the design of the hall, remember that there is no need to exaggerate. Decide on what elements will be the colors of lilac, for example, floral arrangements, decor with fabrics of tables and backs of chairs, an arch. Emphasis must be placed stylishly, competently, so that the main color scheme stood out, combined with other neutral tones. The lilac color is perfect for evening illumination of the banquet hall.

Guest Invitations

Invitation cards for guests can be decorated in original lavender shades. Think about the main idea, choose a style, take on the implementation. Decorate invitations with purple ribbons, attach a sprig of lavender or lilac to them, decorate with original ornaments or patterns. You can buy ink for the main color of the wedding and fill in the card yourself by writing a dress code for guests.

Lilac wedding invitation cards

Banquet Hall Decoration

If the celebration is planned in nature, then the tents, where guests will be located, decorate with a large number of pink, lilac, purple flowers, lush, voluminous pompons. Decorate the banquet hall with chiffon cloths of lilac and white. Since the wedding is considered an official, important celebration, the tables should be covered with snow-white tablecloths. Towels, napkins, decorative vases can be made in a bright, lilac color.

Small details of the restaurant’s thematic decor, for example, candlesticks, vases, bonbonnieres, name cards can have a bright, saturated shade, but voluminous objects such as textiles, dishes should remain in bright colors. Lilac color is associated with fragrant charming flowers of lilac, lavender, violet. You can make these plants the main stylistic direction of the celebration..

For example, on a lavender wedding, a soft shade of lilac should prevail and the flower itself in the decor is involved. Decorate the table with napkins with embroidered plants, bunches of dried flowers, candles of the corresponding shade, aroma. Bonbonnieres, seating cards can be decorated with the image of lavender. Natural flowers can be used in a bouquet, because they look very gentle, interesting. A lot of wedding items can be associated with lavender, even gifts to guests like essential oils or handmade soaps with the corresponding scent.

Lilac banquet room decor

Festive table decor

Decorate the banquet table with beautiful transparent fabrics, in the folds of which you can hide a garland. Use for decor compositions from balloons in the form of hearts, flowers. Use beautiful lilac napkins, appropriate cutlery, beautiful dishes. Any table will look solemn if you put vases with flowers on it. For a romantic atmosphere, add candles in long, thin candlesticks.

Tablecloths on tables decorate with wide stripes of beautiful lilac matter in the center. This will create an excellent contrast with a snow-white color. Place napkins of the necessary shade on the plates of each guest, bandaging them with a white ribbon. The elegant bright style of the banquet will complete the traditional decor of chairs in covers. Lilac candles add romance and a magical look. Live lilac flowers of lavender, irises, hyacinths, tulips, lilac, delphinium, arranged randomly in small pots, will look great.

The table is decorated with food and drinks. Offer lilac cocktails to guests: there are so-called violet liquors on sale that can be served in pure form or mixed with other ingredients. Purple smoothies are made by mixing liquor. «Blue Curacao» with red syrups, juices. For soft drinks, a mixture of blueberry syrup with ice cream and milk is suitable. Candy bar sweets are made in a suitable color..

Lavender Wedding Table Decor

The bride's bouquet

There are a lot of lilac plants, so there are plenty to choose from: perhaps you like elegant roses of pale lilac color, rare tulips of this gamut or fragrant lavender? It is worth considering orchids that look very original, beautiful and suitable for both a classic elegant wedding and a more relaxed beach ceremony. Unusually looks bouquet with irises, violets.

Lilac Bridal Bouquet

A wedding cake

The completion of the wedding celebration, the main focus of the festive table will be the original lilac cake. Modern culinary masters are able to create amazing sweet masterpieces. Such a work will not leave indifferent any guest. You can combine white and lilac colors in the cake, make each tier lighter by one shade, decorate the white cake with lavender cream patterns, soak the biscuit cakes with food coloring of the desired color.

Lilac Wedding Cake

Wedding accessories

For the lilac style of the wedding, it is necessary to select original, bright accessories. It can be baskets for rose petals, pillows for rings, bottles, glasses, and other details. Bonbonnieres for guests can be made in the form of lilac boxes, bags, chests, filled with chocolates or sweets, bandaged with a bright ribbon. For wedding rings, pick up pads in purple and white. A bright accessory will be a boutonniere made of lilac flowers, neat, small.

Accessories for Lilac Wedding

The combination of lilac with other colors

Lilac is perfectly combined with white, because against its background it seems to be pulsating and burning. Next to snow-white, it looks much brighter than it actually is. To make the color softer, softer, combine it with beige, cream, champagne. A very beautiful combination is green and lilac, which give a feeling of field wind, summer heat, pleasant aroma. For the wedding, you can choose a combination of gray and lilac, which is an elegant, strict tandem.

Photos of weddings in lilac colors

Delicate lilac color is an actual trend in the world of wedding fashion. This shade is perfectly combined with the innocent, easy way of the bride. Lilac color is better for summer, spring weddings, when the first flowers bloom. It consists of several shades - pink, purple, violet, blue, red, white, gray. If you add more saturated, dark shades, then the lilac will look expressive, bright, and if you dilute the main tone with light, you get a calm shade with a cold tint.

Photo of weddings in lilac color