Wedding in red


The wedding ceremony is traditionally associated with the white dress of the bride. But in recent years, the concept has become more and more fashionable. «color wedding». The bride, groom, guests adhere to the same tone in clothes. Room decor, accessories in a color palette are combined with the selected shade «color wedding». Due to fashion trends, the wedding in red has gained wide popularity..

Wedding in red

Red value

Red has long been associated with beauty, fire, heat, a symbol of life. In a close relationship between a man and a woman, bright rich red denoted passion, ardent love, the intensity of emotions, the energy of strength and determination. In many cultures, this color has a positive meaning. In the wedding theme, red color is often used in bouquets for the newlyweds and means the unquenchable love between them. With a modern interpretation, a lot of red in different shades at a celebration can mean how much love a bride and groom can give each other.

Outfits of the bride and groom in red

If you are planning your wedding for the near future and are not indifferent to red - «color wedding» created for you. Fiery shades of clothing details emphasize the extraordinary young couple. Depending on the season, red shades may be adjusted. For example, for autumn, deep tones of burgundy, terracotta color are more suitable. In winter, against the background of dazzling white snow, the bride in a bright red or scarlet dress will look great. Groom chooses accessories in the same shades..

For the warm spring and summer, the soft pink tones of a blossoming apple tree are well suited. Use combined wardrobe options all year round. Dilute the red color of the outfit with white, green, saturated blue, use golden or silver for decoration - you will get a royal wedding outfit. Remember that red color requires you to stay at a decent level. The bride in a red dress and the groom in boots, a tie of the same color should feel confident. The saturation of red in clothes should match the color type of appearance.

Bright outfits of the newlyweds at the red wedding

Bridesmaids Dresses at the Red Wedding

Sometimes it happens that you want a bright wedding, but the bride does not have enough determination to buy a red outfit. Then the newlywed's girlfriends come to the rescue and, by agreement, put on red dresses of the same shade for the wedding, styles can be individual. It is important that on this bright background, the bride in a white dress could stand out among the guests. Playing on the contrast of colors, the bride will be the center of attention.

Consider a more loyal option, when the witness and young guests complement their image with red accessories. It can be shoes, hair clips, belts, bouquets of flowers, handbags. Bridesmaids play an important role in the celebration, so their style, so harmoniously fitting into the red wedding, must correspond to a given theme.

Red themed wedding dresses and accessories

Scarlet Wedding Ideas

Wedding day is always a crucial moment in the life of every person. The desire to make it unique, vivid and memorable is the goal of every couple of newlyweds. Celebrating a holiday with colorful chic looks natural. A wedding in red is pre-thought out details of the decor of the interior of the hall where the celebration will take place, interesting invitation cards, all this together will create an unforgettable general impression of the guests and the heroes of the occasion.

Guest Invitations

Wedding invitation cards are like a business card. The first impression of the upcoming celebration, which is the strongest, is created. The presence of red color in the decoration of the postcard suggests that the person is invited to a creative bright wedding. The background may be white, and make decorations in the form of hearts, butterflies, flowers red. Initially and beautifully look the initials of the newlyweds, written floridly like a monogram.

Invitations on a red background will look more vividly interesting. The text looks catchy and spectacular. A classic red satin ribbon tied in the form of a bow or a strip of lace attached to a card will make the design unusual and memorable. A wedding invitation is sent in advance, at least 2-3 weeks in advance, so that guests have time to prepare for the celebration.

Red Wedding Invitation Cards

Banquet Hall Decoration

The banquet room decorated in red tones looks expensive and elegant. When organizing a wedding, it is worth considering that there should be a sufficient number of various details of red color in the hall. Covers for chairs and drapery on the walls made of the same fabric look very impressive. Bouquets of red flowers around the perimeter of the hall and on the tables will give the celebration an even greater sense of celebration. Red balloons in the shape of hearts, scarlet garlands, rose petals on the floor - all this is beautiful and romantic. For a more stylish, correct design, contact the designer.

Room decoration for a red wedding

Festive table decor

When serving a wedding table, do not forget the theme of the holiday. Almost all dishes should contain red elements. If you decorate the glasses for the newlyweds with red painting or tie small scarlet ribbons to the leg, the appearance will be very effective. Advantageously in the center of the table will look a bowl of water and floating red candles. Plates, napkins with red patterns, small bouquets of flowers - these are all small romantic little things that make up the overall solemn impression of the wedding.

Wedding table in the style of a red wedding

The bride's bouquet

No one will argue that the main attribute of the bride is her bouquet. A girl can take an active part in choosing and drawing up a floral miracle. There are three components that guests and passers-by who are fortunate enough to meet a young couple in the first place pay attention to - the bride’s wedding dress, veil and flowers. With the help of a bouquet you can emphasize the color accent and style of the wedding. The flower arrangement of the bride should look impeccable, because she will have to «fight» unmarried girlfriends.

Traditionally, the most common flower in the bride’s bouquet is a rose. Even if you decide to opt for this queen of flowers - it is worth experimenting with shades of red and the size of the bud. But you should not go in cycles in one look - a variety of flowers offered by florists can only surprise. Tulips, orchids of all shades of red, peonies, gerberas and many other representatives of the flora look very gentle. In winter you can add a sprig of mountain ash for the composition.

Wedding bridal bouquets in red style

A wedding cake

One cannot imagine a wedding celebration without the culmination of taking out a cake. The confectioners' imagination is sometimes fascinating, as is their skill. Entire works of culinary art are presented at wedding banquets. Decorate cakes in red, in accordance with the theme of the holiday. Even at Eva Longoria’s wedding, the cake was bright red..

Large flat areas, of several tiers, round, square, heart-made cakes are decorated with glaze patterns, sugar or vibrant red flowers, mastic figures. If a cake with several tiers, then each of them tie a scarlet silk ribbon. Cutting the dessert into portions, the newlyweds treat them to their guests. Together with the cake, as a souvenir, the newlyweds distribute bonbonnieres with pleasant small surprises to guests. It can be sweets, badges, candles.

Wedding cakes in the style of a red wedding

Wedding procession decor in red

If you approach the preparation of the wedding with all responsibility, then you will not lose sight of the moment associated with transport. Decoration of wedding cars is a great addition to the decor of the holiday. For a theme wedding in red, an ideal option would be to use a car of the same tones. But if this is not possible, do not be upset. Cars of white or black color, decorated with scarlet ribbons, bright red flower garlands or hearts, look very beautiful and fit perfectly into the theme of the wedding.

Car decoration for a red wedding

Combinations of red with other colors.

Red color likes to contrast with cold shades, because due to them it fully reveals its hot essence and passionate fiery nature. Silver, gold, juicy green, ultramarine, white, emerald, pale blue - perfect for contrasting a red wedding. A classic is a combination of three colors at the same time: red, white and black. Interesting compositions are obtained by merging red and «neighboring» shades: orange, golden, lemon.

Photo of weddings in red

Information devoted to the red wedding is very large and diverse. Important not to overdo it, «do not fill everything with red paint». Surround yourself with accessories and basic attributes of this color or the same shades, the choice of which is very rich. The main thing is that everything is harmoniously combined with each other and fit the chosen general style of the red wedding.

Red Wedding Decoration Options