Ivory Wedding


The classic white in the design of the wedding is gradually losing ground to the fashionable noble ivory color. We know it under the name «ivory» or «champagne». A gentle ivory is suitable for all brides, without exception, because its rich palette of shades allows you to choose an outfit for each color type, age, and also taste. A wedding in ivory is an excellent choice for those who want to excel, to give originality to their event.

Ivory bride and groom outfits

Ivory wedding

Cream wedding dress is found in all fashion shows of modern designers. A wide selection of styles of attire: from traditional retro to minimalistic, ballroom and Greek. Ivory - a winning color that will look great in dresses that combine different materials (satin with chiffon, silk with guipure).

The main thing that girls are advised to pay attention to is the shade of the fabric. It has warm as well as cold shades, which you need to choose based on your color type.

  • Almost all ivory shades should fit the spring color type, girls with blond, golden hair and skin. You need to try on the dress not only under artificial lighting, but also look at it in natural light to appreciate the outfit, its suitability to your skin, tan.
  • Autumn color type with light yellow skin is recommended to abandon the golden, creamy ivory. Give preference to cold tones..
  • For the winter color type, brides are better off choosing only cold tones, for example, paper, as close as possible to white.
  • «Summer» brown, beige, peach, pink ivory shades that accentuate the tan are perfect for ladies.

Ivory wedding dress ideas

The suit of the groom must match and follow the tone of the dress of his chosen one. If the image of the bride consists of paper or brown ivory, then the groom is recommended to choose a gray suit, the colors of wet asphalt or classic black. To harmonize with a warm-colored wedding dress, you need to use a fabric that has a coffee, pale brown color when sewing clothes for the groom.

Groom's boutonniere for ivory wedding

Make sure that the white color is not used when creating the image of the groom, otherwise, against his background, the ivory dress runs the risk of seeming dirty, outdated. It is advisable to sew the shirt of the future spouse from material of the same tone as the main color of the dress of his chosen one. The groom's shoes, as well as the bride’s shoes are selected taking into account the selected color scheme.

Ivory style: images of the newlyweds

Clothing Ideas for Witnesses and Guests

Coming up with images of bridesmaids, support the theme of wedding in ivory color. The bride should be the center of the event, but girlfriends, witnesses need to create dresses that match the theme of the celebration and the clothes of the newlyweds.

Since the image of the bride has a cream color, it must also be traced in the clothes of the girlfriends. For this, choose a fabric several tones darker than the material for the wedding dress. Try to observe the necessary shade: pink, brown, peach. It is advisable for a witness to sew a shirt from the same fabric that was used to dress up girlfriends or to limit himself to a scarf for a breast pocket.

Costumes for girlfriends and guests at ivory wedding

Outfits of newlyweds, witnesses, girlfriends in which ivory color is used, will be enough to maintain the theme of the holiday. But some couples want guests to come to the wedding in a single style. To do this, along with invitation cards, you can send your guests handkerchiefs made in the main color of the celebration, indicating the theme of the wedding.

Wedding accessories in ivory tones: photos

A wedding in ivory tones should be created not only at the expense of costumes of future spouses. With the help of important little things you can put the right accents. Pay attention to the bride’s bouquet, wedding cake and invitations for guests. Here are some useful tips for combining these details with your overall celebration style..

Ivory bridal bouquet

The bride's bouquet

The choice of bouquet depends on the main shade of the outfit. With a beige dress, flowers of the same shade are combined, as well as slightly lighter or darker. To ensure that the image does not come out excessively faded, add a bright element to the bouquet - a pale blue, terracotta, red flower.

The combination of ivory dress and bridal bouquet

Against the backdrop of a cream dress, floral arrangements look beautifully lavender, pale lilac, yellow, burgundy. Bouquets of cold tones are suitable for a dress of paper or brown ivory, while only warm are combined with pink.

Invitations and cards for guests

Ivory wedding invitations

Much of the invitation depends on how many guests will attend your wedding. Touching a postcard of a noble cream tone, an association with tenderness, comfort, warmth will arise. This will set the tone and mood for the event. Take care of name cards on tables indicating the location of each guest. Withstand invitations and cards in the same tone and style, it will not be expensive if you order invitations and cards from one master.

A wedding cake

Dessert should also be stylistically seasoned. Decorate cakes for ivory weddings with delicate beads, caramel threads, flowers made of cream or mastic. Emphasize gold, chocolate decorative edible elements..

Ivory Style: Wedding Cake

Ivory Wedding Hall Decoration

In order to create a fabulous palace from the usual banquet hall or even a simple city apartment to celebrate the wedding ceremony, you need to make a little effort and imagination. It’s easy to come up with intricate compositions even from banal beige helium balls, ivory balls, baked milk or pearls.

Ivory Color: Banquet Hall Decor

In the decor of the hall, actively use candles and flowers. An experienced florist will tell you which floral arrangements are suitable for your theme. Match the tablecloth to the tone of the dress. Lush cream bows made of chiffon, organza or taffeta look originally on the chairs of the newlyweds. Watch the related video for ideas.

Decoration of the wedding procession

A classic retro car is an ideal solution for an ivory wedding, it does not need additional decoration and decoration. If you want to order a modern car, opt for a light or white model. When decorating a tuple, golden or beige bows, pearl ribbons or flowers matching the wedding gamut are used.

Ivory wedding: motorcade

Ivory color combination with other colors

Ivory is a grateful color that goes well with many other shades: from pastel to bright. A classic wedding option is a combination of cream tone with gold. Other colors are selected depending on the chosen shade. With brown ivory, chocolate-colored details will look good, with pink - tea rose-colored elements. Beige ivory will sparkle with matte purple or coffee color. To paper - mint, turquoise or shades of blue.

Choosing the color of ivory as the main tone of the wedding day, you will not lose. Thanks to its many shades, you can choose the one that favorably emphasizes the beauty of the bride and the overall style of the celebration. But be careful when combining different wedding details..