Honey wedding


To make the wedding celebration unique, many couples prefer to choose a specific theme for it. The style of the wedding depends on the season, preferences and fantasies of the newlyweds. For future spouses who want to bring a piece of warmth and comfort on a solemn day, a honey wedding is perfect. If the bride and groom are honey lovers, and the event falls on the season of its collection, then the sweet treat will be a wonderful motive in the design of the holiday. The original theme will delight those present, it will remain a beautiful reminder in the photo and video.

The image of the newlyweds for a honey wedding

The honey style of the celebration should be reflected not only in the decoration of the room or other details of the decor, but also in the images of the heroes of the occasion. Newlyweds need to think in advance which parts of the outfit will emphasize the theme of the event. If desired, they can assign a dress code to suit the guests ’clothing in accordance with the chosen style of celebration - then everyone, including the bride and groom, will look sunny and joyful. Outfits in certain colors of all participants in the process will become an ornament of holiday photos, for a long time they will delight the look.

Dress and shoes for the bride

When choosing a dress, the future spouse should remember that the color of the outfit or the shades of the decor details should combine well with hair, skin type, eyes. If the bride does not want to deviate from the classic festive look, a snow-white dress or an ivory dress, belted with a yellow, mustard or golden ribbon, will be an excellent solution. To complement this image, you need accessories that are suitable in tone - shoes of the same shade, jewelry, hairpins, and the most daring girls can choose a yellow veil. Emphasize the colors of the outfit suitable manicure, makeup.

If the future spouse wants to experiment and make the image more vivid, unusual, you need to pay attention to colored dresses for a honey celebration. All shades of yellow are suitable - from light to saturated, golden colors of the outfit. It is desirable that the honey scale of decoration be combined with the colors of the overall design of the holiday. Also, a girl can pay attention to dresses decorated with details that match the color of the wedding - gold embroidery or lace, yellow ribbons, shining lemon rhinestones look good on a white dress.

Honey Bride Outfit

Another beautiful color combination for the honey style of the holiday is yellow-green or yellow-green-white gamma. The sun and greenery - such shades cheer up, make the image of the bride joyful and bright. The future spouse can choose a yellow dress and combine it with a green bouquet or accessories. The decor of the honeymoon’s honey attire will fit black details in combination with yellow - this will remind those present about the bees that produce a healthy sweet product.

Groom style

Like the bride, the groom has many options for color combinations for clothing for a honeymoon. It is important that the outfits of future spouses are in harmony with each other, so they need to consult about the style of wedding decoration before creating the image. A young man can wear a classic suit of gray, brown or mustard shade (it is advisable to avoid black if the bride’s outfit does not contain details of this color) and complement the look with a bright yellow tie, a suitable boutonniere, and colored socks. A tie with honeycombs looks beautiful and stylish.

Groom Costume Details for a Honeymoon

If the hero of the occasion wants to look bright, an unusual suit will look great: a yellow jacket, trousers of a calm shade, a snow-white shirt and a tie that is suitable in color (it can be burgundy, black, green). For «bee» The future spouse can choose a jacket in yellow and black stripes - this detail of the outfit will look original and unusual. It is advisable for the groom to choose warm shades of the costume and other details of the image to emphasize the honey style of the event.

Honey Wedding Design Ideas

Honey wedding is a unique event, the decoration of which can be beaten in various ways. Newlyweds can turn to the rustic (rustic) style of decorating the holiday or adhere to a more official decor - unusual themes will look organically in both cases. It is important that all details - from invitation cards to wedding cake decorations - harmonize with each other, then everyone will have a pleasant wedding experience.

Banquet room decor

When decorating a banquet hall, it’s good to immediately determine the color scheme - it can be white-yellow, brown-white-yellow, yellow-green, yellow-brown palettes. Some details can be decorated in golden colors. When the main shades are selected, it remains only to decorate the room with them: the colors of the wedding should be reflected in textiles, in wedding printing, in the decor of glasses of the newlyweds, in the floral compositions that adorn the table, and other details of the decor. Wooden furniture and natural fabrics reflect a good honey theme..

The design of the banquet hall in honey-yellow tones

Newlyweds can take advantage of the European wedding tradition and make a honey candy bar on the territory of the banquet hall - this will become a wonderful element of decor, and even all guests of the holiday can enjoy a variety of honey. On the table with refreshments can be drinks made on the basis of this product, cocktails, cookies and bread to spread this sweet.

Festive table decoration

At the wedding table, guests spend a lot of time at the wedding, so it needs to be beautifully decorated according to the honey style of the event. As decorations, floral arrangements containing yellow, green shades can be used - the flowers can be tied with a golden ribbon and stand in jars of honey. Figurines of bees on honeycombs or on containers with a sweet product will give a cheerful mood to the festive table. An inscription in English, where the word «honey» - «honey» denotes at the same time «sweet, dear, beloved».

Honeymoon decoration details

Separately, you should think about the seating cards, which should be decorated in accordance with the honey style of celebration. Signed bonbonnieres - gifts for guests can act as these elements. It will be appropriate to present a small jar of delicious honey, wooden honey spoons, cookies with the image of bees or honeycombs.

A wedding cake

Wedding cake is the main dish of the holiday banquet menu, so everyone who is present at the event is looking forward to it. The filling for this treat is honey to the style of the holiday or fruit, if honey seems to the newlyweds too sweet or «heavy» for digestion. Future spouses can choose a dessert decorated in the shades of the event, or ask the confectioners to decorate the wedding cake with bees, honeycombs, make a treat in the form of a jar of honey - it all depends on the imagination of the bride and groom and the craftsmanship of the manufacturers.

Honey Cakes Wedding Cakes

The bride's bouquet

The flower arrangement in the hands of the bride should, first of all, be combined with the shades of her wedding attire, and only then with the decor of the whole holiday. Honey wedding «loves» naturalness, naturalness, saturation of shades, so plants of deep yellow flowers in combination with white are suitable - these can be tulips, roses, peony roses, daisies, dahlias. You need to tie the bouquet with a ribbon of a suitable tone - natural fabrics look good, with additional beading, brooches.

A variety of options for a honey-yellow bridal bouquet

Honeymoon Wedding Accessories

The presence of certain accessories makes the wedding decor complete, helps future spouses create the perfect, one-piece design. For interior details to look harmonious, you need to think through a combination of color, texture and even content. See examples of various accessories that will become a suitable decoration for a honey celebration:

  • Honey candles. Candles give a romantic mood to the holiday, and a special flavor will spread a wonderful smell around.
  • Wooden spoons for honey. This unusual accessory is almost rare in our country, but is widely used in the West..
  • Labels for example, «sweet as honey», look beautiful and interesting.
  • Honeycombs. When printing or as table decorations, honeycombs look great.
  • The bees. The decor with these charming insects will give the holiday a cheerful, joyful mood..

Honeymoon Wedding Accessory Options

Honeymoon Photoshoot

A honey wedding is a warm, sunny and photogenic celebration, the details of which must be captured in photos and videos. Having chosen a professional photographer, future spouses should tell him about the subject of the event, ask them to choose the right props. The specialist will help the heroes of the day to realize all the ideas related to the style of the holiday, make high-quality photos that will be a wonderful decoration of the new family album. See the selection of wedding photos for ideas for a honey photo shoot:

Ideas for a honeymoon photo shoot on honeymoon