Wedding in green


The design of the wedding ceremony in green colors and begins with the choice of a palette of shades, the atmosphere of the celebration. What will it be: gently touching or filled with bright color? Choose the newlyweds. A wedding in green is special and unusual. Greens are present on every wedding accessory or attribute: guest number or personal card, chair decoration or floral arrangements, cake or invitation to the ceremony.

Green value

Traditionally, green is the color of lightness, naturalness, virgin nature and purity, symbolizing youth, vitality. All shades of greenery - from light green to rich emerald - are preferred by balanced, calm people who easily cope with life's problems. Is that about you? Then boldly arrange the wedding in green tones that will open your couple to a bright happy future..

The greatest strength is in the light green hue, combining the living naturalness of nature and sunny perky bursts. A light green wedding is associated with the freshness of spring, the birth of a new life, good mood, and a desire for a joyful future. Dark greens look more complicated, perfectly in harmony with a white wedding outfit. This is a sign of sustainability, the power of the earth coming from mother nature itself. The newlywed couple, surrounded by noble emerald shades, looks elegant, restrained, but without dry stiffness.

Images of a bride and groom at a wedding in a green style

The newlyweds do not always like the traditional ceremony, including a white wedding outfit. A dress with a light turquoise or pistachio color, complemented by accessories in green shades, looks original, original. Open shoes of suitable tone and jewelry from leaflets will create the image of a forest nymph, involving her friends in a fairy dance. The groom does not have to wear a green suit, in such colors there can only be a tie and a boutonniere.

Wedding look in green

Guest outfits for the wedding in green

Attention at a wedding celebration is attracted by girlfriends and friends of the bride and groom. The color of dresses for girls is selected in exact accordance with the main shade of the decor. Bridesmaids should complement her image with her appearance, accessories, jewelry, make-up. Guests in dresses of blue, purple, pink, coral, black, yellow will create the necessary color accents..

Friends of the groom can wear shirts or ties the color of green, tie wide sashes grassy shade. Butterflies will give solemnity to the bride’s retinue as a neck ornament of the male half. Other guests do not have to comply «green» dress code, otherwise there will be a feeling of general color congestion. Their appearance should be in harmony with the style of celebration..

Outfits of guests at a green wedding

Green Wedding Ideas

The power of spring, life, «natural» The image is very attractive. Spring brings juiciness and contrast, the young green is ideal as the main color of the wedding ceremony. This shade was honored by medieval brides; it was considered a symbol of female power. Selection of accessories for newlyweds from fresh flowers will create an original floristic solution.

Guest Invitations

Unusual invitations to a celebration with a green decor are an integral part of a thematic wedding. They are made original or traditionally classic. Attached to ordinary postcards, decorative succulent leaves or flowers will easily support the natural style of the wedding. Invitation cards of various shapes and colors are interesting. For example, invitations in the form of plant leaves cut from green paper will delight guests with their originality..

Classic invitation cards decorated with a green satin ribbon are suitable for an elegant celebration. They are best combined with yellow or white jewelry, blue or purple. It all depends on what kind of atmosphere you need to create at the celebration. The green color is always the arrival of spring, the decoration symbolizing the arrival of birds will be useful on the invitation card. Such a decoration looks beautiful if it is made of glossy paper.

Wedding invitation cards in green

Banquet Hall Decorations

The tables of the wedding hall are well decorated with green tablecloths, flower arrangements, candles. Do not forget about napkins, cutlery suitable shades. Garlands of balls of grassy shades, diluted with white and color products for emphasis, will festively look in the newlyweds area. Especially bright on a green background look red hearts made of foil paper.

Decorate the bar counter of the banquet hall for the wedding with compositions «ball in a ball», flowers, ribbons. Wall decor should be in harmony with the general color ensemble, not merge, but exquisitely shade it. Floral pendant arrangements that accentuate wall lights are appropriate here. When decorating the hall, be sure to use live greens. Skillful arrangement of outdoor plants with decorated pots will create the effect of spring in the botanical garden, visually wipe the walls.

The spring wedding ceremony in green dictates a special design approach. Additional colors for decoration - pastel beige, pink delicate shades. Twigs with young leaves look impressive, emphasizing the early spring, the breath of new life, and fragrant lilies of the valley, placed in vases on the tables of the guests and newlyweds. Elegant daffodils and tulips underline the selected color.

Banquet hall decoration in green colors

Festive table decor

Table decorations from baskets of kiwi, apples or limes, treats from the wedding menu look advantageous against the background of white or beige shades of tablecloths. «Green company» Mojito cocktails, mint jelly muffins will support. No decor of a wedding festive table can do without flowers. In addition to floral arrangements, unusual ornaments in the form of delicate petals or young leaves of plants scattered between glasses are suitable. Lace, ribbons, holiday candles will become the main elements of a small table decor.

Wedding tables will be decorated with beautifully laid out fruits of green and yellow shades, fruits with carving. This art form came from the east, where the refined luxury of fine carving is appreciated. Masters carve masterpieces from fruits and vegetables that guests enjoy eating. This sophistication will attract the attention of children, adults, will become the center of the best feast frames of the wedding photo shoot.

Design options for a festive table at a green wedding

Green wedding bouquet

A charming bride with flowers in green is romantic, tender, fresh in spring. Whether natural plants are collected in a bouquet or artificial, fruits or herbs - everything looks amazing, original. A creative selection of plants for a flower arrangement will help the bride to more clearly show her personality and mood. The bride and groom can lead the process of compiling their bouquet, choosing flowers that are in harmony with the wedding dress.

It is difficult to find plant elements for composition in green, but it’s worth the effort to put your idea into practice. Grassy shades of buds can really be found in any flower salon. Roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, orchids, apples, limes, herbs, succulent leaves added to the composition will become the basis of a unique bouquet for the bride on the occasion of the celebration.

Green flower arrangement for the bride

Green style wedding cake

The culmination of the celebration is a confectionery masterpiece for the newlyweds. Wedding cake attracts special attention of guests. He supports the concept of the holiday with its color, shades, fully consistent with the style. The festive cake in green is incredibly original, beautiful, and will appeal to all guests and newlyweds, without exception. It can become not only a culinary delight, but also an original decoration of a banquet hall.

Green Wedding Cakes

Confectioners and designers use different attributes for decorating wedding treats: green marzipan mass, beautiful cream jewelry and molded sugar figurines of the newlyweds. Newlyweds will have to choose the appropriate product style. What do you choose: a green cake in the style of Ombre or a treat in a classic embodiment, in a simple and elegant form without unnecessary decor elements or expertly crafted exotic masterpiece?

Wedding accessories for a green wedding

Bright fresh spring colors will decorate the celebration, create an atmosphere of an unusual holiday. A green wedding is relevant in spring and summer. In winter, plant decorations are not so appropriate. The color palette has more than fifty options for green tones. In spring it is better to use light green shades of light, in summer - bright saturated, in autumn - deep dark olive. These colors are refreshing, but each tone looks different..

The main accessories of the celebration are invitations, flowers, banquet cards, jewelry for cars, the hall, bows, a pillow for rings, small details of the decor. Everywhere adhere to the chosen style and color. Wedding cards in the form of crafts or mini-trees in pots, a pillow for rings with a grassy design look original. Bonbonnieres for guests with green trim look nice and cute.

Wedding accessories, in which leaves, herbs, moss, living plants prevail, are relevant for the celebration of the color of greenery. They will complement the photo shoot of the newlyweds on the background of the spring-summer landscape with an abundance of light green, emerald shades. The refined luxury of the natural beauty of the world does not compare with anything in its richness and strength. Natural motives always win.

Accessories for weddings in natural shades

Combinations of green with other colors

Natural greens go well with white and with all shades of the rainbow. Imagine a bright clearing strewn with a variety of colors. Harmony and order reign on it, even the incongruous is combined. Beautiful bright purple and juicy red flowers framed by lush greenery, delicate pastel colors are in balance with light green shades.

Red-green range is suitable for a winter celebration, will enhance the positive mood of guests. On the suit of the groom and the bride’s outfit, small scarlet accents will look spectacular, which will add contrast and brightness to the image. Instead of red for the original finish, rich burgundy, more calm and balanced, is perfect.

The white-green color scheme is ideal for the traditional colors of the dress of the bride and groom, but the small decor of herbal shades will give them a natural touch. Yellow blotches, like the rays of the sun on a spring day, will add bright touches to the main colors of the celebration. Warm pastel or flashy lemon colors will add a special charm to the wedding ensemble. A noble combination of greenish colors with a golden tone is suitable for lovers of luxury and sophistication.

Soft pink and light beige shades complement their special romance with a vintage wedding in green. Guests will remember the calm and serenity of the bride, accustomed to the image of a beautiful shepherdess from a medieval canvas, for a long time. Naturalness and not overloaded with bright colors is the strong point of the pink-green wedding. Choose any shades to design a celebration, showing your individuality and vision of the world.

Photo of weddings in green

Close to the natural color of the celebration is always attractive and varied. The harmony and naturalness of the wedding in green colors is the result of a long search and a return to the roots. Having pushed aside the pressure of civilization, on a festive day the newlyweds will be able to merge in a single ensemble with nature. Stiffness is excluded in the images and design of a green wedding, here you do not need to observe strict traditional rituals - greens and naturalness dictate their own rules. Feel these images by looking at the photo selection below..

Photo of weddings in green