Wedding in blue


The last trend of this season of wedding fashion is the design of the hall for the celebration, as well as outfits according to a single color scheme. Many lovers choose a gentle blue color, which symbolizes purity, nobility, wisdom. In addition, he means full confidence in his partner. Therefore, this color is perfect for a touching ceremony. It will create a light, soothing atmosphere. How is a wedding organized in blue??

Outfits of the bride and groom in blue

Having picked up suitable outfits, the couple will look fresh and innocent. The bride needs to pick up a long sky-blue dress that emphasizes the whiteness of the skin. Complete the look with golden accessories, this color goes well with the main shade of the wedding. If the bride does not want to move away from traditional white, a classic wedding dress decorated with bright light blue rhinestones will be an excellent option. You can bandage the waist with a wide ribbon of the corresponding shade.

Outfits of the bride and groom for a blue wedding

A man is allowed to wear a blue suit, complementing it with a snow-white shirt. But black men's trousers will look more solid. In addition, they are in harmony with a jacket in a light blue hue. Also, instead of a jacket, a vest is allowed to be worn. A blue tie or bow tie will suit a snow-white shirt. Complete the look with chic patent-leather shoes, then the groom will look presentable at his own wedding!

Clothing Ideas for Witnesses and Guests

A wedding in blue suggests that guests will wear dresses of this color. Witnesses should be especially careful about choosing clothing for the marriage of their close friends. The same goes for guests. Outfits should be modest, but leave a lasting impression on everyone present at the ceremony.

Witnesses are people who will be present near the bride and groom during the wedding all the time. Therefore, it is necessary to choose outfits that contrast in color and style. A knee-length dress of delicate blue color is suitable for the witness. The witness should wear black dress pants and a light blue shirt, possibly in a cage. Complete the look with a cute tie.

Clothing for guests of a blue wedding

Guests should look no less excellent at a wedding than witnesses. To make a spectacular image, a woman needs to use the entire palette of blue shades. It is allowed to wear both a light blue dress and bright blue. The only condition the outfit should not be too frank. A man is allowed to wear the classic formal suit white top, black bottom. But in the image there should be an element of the main shade of the celebration, whether it be a vest or tie.

Wedding accessories in blue tones photo

To make the wedding ceremony look as harmonious as possible, you need to choose accessories of a single color scheme. But the main rule is not to overdo it, the blue color and all its shades should be used in moderation to collectively create a beautiful single style of celebration. Consider what accessories to prepare for the wedding in an elegant blue color:

The bride's bouquet

Nature is rich in blue flowers. Therefore, you can easily find the right plants for the bridal bouquet. As a rule, lavender, cornflowers, hyacinths, hydrangea are used for this purpose. Florists practice combining blue flowers with white ones such as a lily or orchid. Tie the resulting composition with a wide ribbon of the appropriate shade. The bride will look great with such an accessory at her own wedding in an unusual blue color..

Bouquet of blue shades for the bride

Invitations and cards for guests

Go to the design of invitations with maximum responsibility, because they are the face of the wedding. Choose dense white cards, which later it is desirable to decorate with light blue rhinestones, beads, beads, paper. With white paper, the pale blue color of Tiffany looks great. Consider this when choosing materials for creating invitation cards. Wrap the resulting card or card several times with a ribbon, the color of which should correspond to the theme of the wedding, tie in a bow.

Blue Wedding Invitations

A wedding cake

A wedding in delicate blue color will not do without the sweet delicacy of a festive cake. Light blue color makes the dessert sophisticated, refined. As a rule, multilayer cakes made of air biscuit are prepared for the wedding. Next, the product is covered with a cream of a suitable color. Subsequently, the cake is decorated with sweet flowers, bows, which should be brighter than cream. They can be blue or marine. The emphasis is placed on these decor items when serving the cake..

Blue Wedding Cake

Blue style wedding hall decoration

If you are organizing a wedding in extravagant blue, you need to decorate the room with accessories of this color. But do not forget that the excess of this shade will make the situation too tense. Therefore, it should be combined with white. Cover the table with a white tablecloth, decorate the chairs with covers of the same color. But in addition to the tablecloth, a narrow sea-colored walkway should be laid on the table, and the covers should be tied with a ribbon of the same color, tied with pretty bows. Napkins should be lace.

Hang the walls with pictures, as well as photos with suitable images, whether it be the sky or flowers of the corresponding color. Blue, blue, white balls will be appropriate for such a holiday. Also prepare pillows for rings and bottle covers, the color of which should match the theme of the wedding. You will find such unusual accessories on sites that specialize in selling things for the wedding..

Wedding room for a blue wedding

Decoration of the wedding procession

The wedding procession is designed to deliver the newlyweds to the wedding venue. Guests will remember not only the outfit of the bride and groom, but also the vehicle on which they arrived. Therefore, you need to pay attention to its design.

The wedding in the original blue color involves the decoration of the tuple with decor items in blue tones, which can be made independently.

  • You will need small flowers, strips of transparent fabric, balls.
  • Put small lines on the hood with flowers. The same should be done with strips of fabric..
  • But the balls must first be inflated with helium, put on a rope and fasten on the hood.
  • Do not forget to install two wedding rings on the hood surface of the traditional wedding decoration.

The combination of blue with other colors

The palette of the blue wedding provides for the presence of not only this color in dresses and decoration of the festive hall. As we mentioned above, this color is combined with white. What other shades will harmoniously look with him?

  • Yellow life-affirming, optimistic color. The duo of yellow and blue makes up a bright tandem. These colors are preferably used for decoration of the autumn wedding and nature photo shoots..

Yellow blue wedding

  • Pink together with blue looks touching and romantic, because these colors are considered delicate shades of the color palette. These colors are allowed to be used for organizing a wedding taking place indoors.
  • Brown creates a warm, cozy atmosphere around the event participants. A vibrant blue color refreshes others. This combination is suitable for winter ceremonies..

Watch the video where you can clearly see the wedding of white and blue tones:

Such a wedding will be remembered by guests for its sophistication and sophistication. This color allows you to hold the ceremony, as if in air clouds!