Wedding in black


As a rule, some color is used to decorate a wedding. Now pure black is becoming increasingly popular. This choice is shocking to many, because this color has always symbolized mourning. But he also attracts us with his mystery, elegance, hidden sexuality. Therefore, if you decorate the celebration with elements of this color, guests will find your wedding extravagant. Then after the event will remain an unforgettable experience! How is the wedding organized in black?

Outfits of the bride and groom in black

Alluring black allows you to experiment in full with wedding dresses. And if you were wondering: Is it possible to wear a black dress for a wedding? , then it’s worth considering all the options.

The bride will face a magnificent dress with an asymmetric shoulder. The second shoulder should be fully open. Also, a tight-fitting long dress made of lace fabric decorated with lace will create an unrivaled image of the bride, a rich color will emphasize the curves of a beautiful figure.

But if the girl does not want to depart from traditions and put on a white dress for the wedding ceremony, add a dark sachet belt or bows on the belt decorated with rhinestones to the image. Shoes should not be the same color as the dress, but make sure that it looks with the outfit. If you choose a black outfit, focus on the legs with red Cossacks or shoes. Massive high-heeled shoes are perfect for a white dress..

Outfits of the newlyweds for a black wedding

The groom should wear a black wedding suit, which will look harmoniously with a snow-white shirt. Pay attention to details: the successful combination of a tie, as well as shoes with a suit, is extremely important for creating a harmonious image. Do not use bright colors, they will look ridiculous with a dark suit.

Clothing Ideas for Witnesses and Guests

The attire of the witness should contrast with the dress of the bride, because she will have to spend a lot of time next to the newlyweds. So that the witness does not merge with the bride, you need to choose an original dress. If the hero of the occasion will wear a magnificent long vestment, her friend needs to pay attention to tight-fitting outfits of medium length. Refuse frank outfits decorated with an excessive amount of sequins, sparkles. Similar recommendations should be observed by other guests of the wedding.

Clothing for witnesses and guests of a dark wedding

The witness, as well as other men at the wedding, should wear dark gray or blue suits, which must be combined with a red or white shirt. Do not choose a tuxedo for the wedding, leave this special piece of clothing for the groom. Lacquered oxford shoes or brogues are perfect for the overall style. Add a bow tie or tie to the image, then you will look presentable at a wedding.

Wedding accessories in black tones photo

Not a single wedding can do without stylish accessories! If you are hosting an event in dark shades, you need to choose the right accessories for your wedding. Let's consider what items are worth picking so guests enjoy the holiday.

The bride's bouquet

The bride’s bouquet is traditionally used for many ceremonies, as well as for decorative purposes. For a wedding in extravagant black, you should not choose flowers of bright shades, because they will not fit into the general gamut of celebration. But white anemones with snow-white petals and dark centers are perfect for a wedding bouquet. Tie the resulting floral arrangement with a dark ribbon embroidered with golden threads.

Black Wedding Accessories

Invitations and cards for guests

An invitation is the face of your wedding, so you should make sure that it is designed correctly. For a dark event, get dense snow-white cards on which you need to write the name of the guest, the venue of the celebration. It is desirable to trim the corners of cards with openwork fabric. After you decorate the card, tie it with a dark ribbon, tied in a bow.

A wedding cake

As a rule, a multilayer cake is created for the wedding. If the cake is small, goodies may not be enough at all. Wedding cake is allowed to be made as completely black, and to combine this color with white. It is made out with cream, as well as sweet roses of the corresponding shades. A good idea for decorating a cake is openwork made of dark chocolate. Experiment, fantasize, then the guests will be amazed by your invention!

Black style wedding hall decoration

The design of the wedding hall should correspond to the main idea of ​​the wedding to create an extravagant style. Tables, as well as chairs, must be decorated in black and white. On the table, place a white tablecloth over which you should lay a narrow black path, or naparon. Decorate the chairs with white covers, tie them with black wide ribbons.

Watch this video, from which you will draw a lot of recommendations about the design of the hall in black and white and the outfits of the newlyweds, guests:

The dishes should be classic white. Complete the table with anemones in vases decorated with black and white ornaments. It is desirable that the napkins on the tables are openwork. Hang balls of black and contrasting colors everywhere. White tulle pompoms and dark feathers perfectly decorate the walls of the hall.

Ideas for decorating a dark wedding hall

Decoration of the wedding procession

As a vehicle for the bride and groom, choose a luxury black car. The shiny hood of the car can be decorated with white as well as red flowers. It is desirable that they be small in size. Lay out several lines of flowers on the hood. Remember to dilute the composition with large leaves. It is also advisable to set on the hood the traditional decoration of the wedding procession two wedding rings.

The combination of black with other colors

The palette for creating a black wedding is not limited to black and white colors. Let's consider what other shades look harmoniously with black:

Red and deep dark mean passion, temperament. What you need for the wedding of two loving hearts!

The combination of red and black for the wedding

Yellow dilutes the mystery of the dark color, adding notes of cheerfulness. Black and yellow colors in equal proportions will cheer up all guests of the holiday!

Ideas for a Yellow-Black Wedding

Pink is allowed to combine both in clothes and in the design of the hall. Delicate pink with a strong black color will create an excellent tandem.

Pink and black wedding decoration

Green is suitable for creating a catchy, vibrant style at a black wedding. But if you want the room to be calm, use olive as well as light marsh.

The combination of green and black for the wedding

The wedding ceremony in black will be an unforgettable event for the newlyweds and guests. Take photos and videos to leave memories of this extravagant event!