Uzbek wedding: traditions


The customs of the Uzbek people were formed over many centuries, so their wedding traditions are one of the oldest on the planet. Uzbek weddings are widespread, numerous rituals, therefore, are a great event not only for newlyweds, but also for their families. The traditions of the Uzbek wedding imply a certain sequence of events, where the very first thing is to find a suitable bride. Often this process takes months, and sometimes years. An Uzbek wedding is bright, interesting and delicious.

Traditional engagement in Uzbekistan fatiha-tuy

Parents of the groom collect information about the future daughter-in-law through friends and acquaintances. Usually they are interested in:

  1. Social Status of Candidate Family.
  2. Level of upbringing and education.
  3. Ability to housekeeping.

After the candidacy is found and approved, the main match-up procedure called fatiha-tuy takes place. For this, matchmakers are invited, who are sent to the house of the girl they like. They have a task: to draw a conclusion on the first impression of the bride and her family. The matchmakers traditionally with a keen eye notice the level of cleanliness in the house, and also observe the ability of the chosen candidate to care for the guests.

The couple are greeted in an oriental manner, they are offered tea in the room, entertained by conversation, but according to tradition, the first time they do not give consent to marriage. The parties, as a rule, come to an agreement no earlier than the third time. In agreement, the bride’s side breaks the cake. Engagement Fatiha-Tuy is held on a large scale: on this day, the parents of the groom in every possible way give the bride money, beautiful fabrics, sweets and meat.

Tea party before engagement

Uzbek national wedding customs

According to the Uzbek tradition, the cost of the wedding is borne by the groom, but modern Uzbeks often distribute the costs by agreement. And honestly, the expenses are considerable, because the Uzbek wedding is celebrated especially solemnly. The main point of the wedding ceremony is the woman’s transition to the man’s house, but until this point, many more customs must be observed.

Cooking pilaf

According to the traditions of the Uzbek wedding, the day begins with the solemn preparation of pilaf. This event takes place at the bride’s house, but only men brew it. The ritual of morning pilaf is preliminary agreed with all relatives, neighbors and acquaintances. Pilaf is ready by the time the morning prayer ends, after which the male population traditionally sits at the tables. For a long time, men are served tea, cakes and pilaf in lagans (large dishes). An Uzbek wedding pilaf that has become a legend lasts about two hours and is served only by men..

Uzbek pilaf at a wedding

Sacrament «nikoh tui»

The groom, traditionally dressed in the festive costume that the bride’s parents give him, arrives at his future wife in the afternoon. A girl dressed in a national wedding attire must cover her face with a veil so that she does not jinx it. Young, before officially registering in the registry office, are engaged to the imam, who is called the sacrament «nikoh tui». During this rite, the imam reads prayers, after which the young promise to be close friends and remain faithful..

A rite of farewell to the bride

The bride's farewell to her parents is also a traditional Uzbek rite. After the sacrament «nikoh tui» and officially registering the marriage, the new husband brings the young wife to her parental home to pick up the next morning. Parents traditionally symbolically mourn the girl, thereby wishing her a happy family life. In the morning, the young wife is already finally leaving the parental home, accompanied by her husband. Seeing off the girl, the family sends the dowry with her:

  • kurpachi (Uzbek mattresses);
  • linens;
  • kitchen utensils and everything necessary for the household for the first time.

Hand-embroidered national guru

Wedding feast and national dishes

And then the husband brings his wife to his house, where her relatives are waiting for her, having previously laid a white path to the porch. From this moment, according to tradition, the family life of the newlyweds begins, in fact. A young wife, crossing the threshold of a new home, bows to him, and her husband’s relatives showered her with money, wishing a happy family life. After meeting with the new home begins the main fun, which is held in the house of a man. True, modern financially secure Uzbek families celebrate their wedding in restaurants.

The celebration of the Uzbek wedding is noisy and fun. The number of invited guests in Uzbekistan often exceeds 300-400 people. The feast is accompanied by national songs and dances, during which there is video and photo shooting. Tables burst with traditional Uzbek treats, which are known throughout the world:

  • thuja palov (special wedding pilaf);
  • manti (traditional eastern meat dish);
  • naryn (thinly sliced ​​noodles with horsemeat);
  • turup (Margelan radish salad);
  • kazi (horse sausage) and other Uzbek delicacies.

Uzbek dish for Naryn wedding

Celebration after the wedding «Kelin salom»

«Kelin salom» - The final touch of the Uzbek wedding. Direct translation of this name means «greeting daughter», when the next morning after the wedding, native girls come to the groom's house, and the bride and groom comes out to the guests in a national costume and greets them with bows. But she bows for a reason: for this, the young wife receives gifts from the groom's parents and other relatives. According to tradition and depending on family affinity, young people are given everything that they need for family life: furniture, carpets, household appliances, jewelry.

Video: how is the payment of kalym in Uzbekistan

When the Uzbek parents of the bride give her to another family, it is believed that they lose their working hands, therefore they demand traditional compensation for the girl, which is called Kalym in the East. The traditions of the country do not imply just the transfer of values ​​or money, but a real idea. The video below will let you evaluate how this happens: