How to choose a videographer for a wedding


The joyful events of the holiday are dear to the bride and groom, so they want to preserve their memory for life. Wedding photographs and video recording will help newlyweds remember and relive the happy and funny moments of the celebration months and years later. The quality of the film about the wedding completely depends on the skill of the operator. Should I entrust the shooting of the marriage to a friend or relative? How to choose a good videographer?

A professional cameraman or buddy with a camera?

At first glance, it might seem that any person who has a good camera can make a video of the wedding. Shooting a wedding with your relative or friend on a regular camera is perfect as an economical option, because a couple can save a lot of money. However, the choice of a layman to create a film about the wedding day has its drawbacks:

A friend’s lack of experience shooting solemn events can manifest itself in the fact that not entirely successful camera angles will be selected or important moments of the wedding will not be captured on camera.
Using an unprofessional camera often creates an effect «shaking video», which causes inconvenience when viewing a recording.
Amateur editing of the shots will not always be up to standard, and this will affect the overall impression of the film.
If your friend captures events all the time on the camera, then he will not be able to have fun with you. And if a friend only occasionally shoots wedding events, then many important and interesting moments of the celebration will not get into the video.

Professional Choice for Wedding Photography

What you should pay attention to when choosing a videographer?

Real-world examples show that films shot by a professional and an amateur differ strikingly from each other in quality. Therefore, many newlyweds want to choose an operator with a wide experience of similar work for video recording. If you really want to find a professional to create a film about your wedding, then start your search 1-2 months before the date of the celebration. This will increase your chances of ordering services from a good video operator for the time you need. If you start the search a few days before the wedding, there is a risk that the specialist who is suitable for you will be busy.

Is the advertised operator busy? Then you have to hire a person with dubious experience or a beginner. It is imperative that you meet with a videographer before the wedding to specify the nuances of shooting at the celebration. This will help the specialist to take into account your requirements when recording a holiday. Ideally, it is desirable that the photographer and videographer be familiar or find a common language for cooperation at the wedding. This is important, as sometimes quarrels may arise between these specialists at a celebration because one may interfere with the other during the work..

Video operator reviews

The film about the wedding day will become a family heirloom, which the couple will review with their children and even grandchildren: this fact obliges you to try to find a high-class videographer for the wedding. To choose a good specialist, find out impressions and reviews about the operator you liked from former customers. This will help to make an objective opinion about the abilities and quality of the videographer’s work..

The positive attitude of the person filming your wedding is of no small importance, because the film will reflect his vision of what is happening at the celebration. Before choosing an operator, ask his former customers about how comfortable they were during his work at their wedding. Only a person with great professional experience and the right attitude can create a good movie about your triumph.

Operator selection for high-quality shooting

View operator’s portfolio

Be sure to ask the videographer to show you some examples of his work from the portfolio. If you are denied this, then try looking for another professional. If the specialist has provided you with your wedding films, then carefully review them and pay attention to the following points:

picture quality;
harmony of the entire video material;
installation quality;
shooting style;
what kind of specialist applies special effects, «transitions» and how harmoniously they look;
how music is combined with video.

Availability of professional equipment

Before choosing a specialist, look at his equipment for shooting. High quality film directly depends on the level of the camcorder. It should only be a professional class. For high-quality video recording, the operator must use additional lighting devices. If you have the opportunity to hire 2 cameramen, the film will be more vivid. They will be able to capture more memorable moments. Installing 2 cameras will positively affect the quality and content of the video.

Professional Operator Equipment


Punctuality is an important quality for the videographer, because if you chose him and agreed, paid him a deposit, and the professional was late for the celebration, then there will be no plot in the film about the preparation of the bride before going to the groom, the procedure for her redemption, or another important episode of the wedding day. All this will negatively affect the mood of the newlyweds on their holiday and the general spirit of the whole video..

Service price

The video about your wedding should be bright, colorful and interesting. Only a highly professional operator whose work cannot be cheap can do this. If you are offered to choose the services of a videographer at a low price, then most likely you are dealing with beginners or non-professionals. On the other hand, the high cost of a specialist is not a guarantee of quality. It is better to choose a videographer with the cost of services, starting with the average price category. Hiring a wedding operator costs 10-15% of the celebration budget.

Experience videographer in wedding photography

Video: how to choose the right videographer for a wedding

Are you getting ready for the wedding and are thinking about which videographer to choose? What must be taken into account in order not to be mistaken and to invite a professional to create a film? Only an experienced and talented operator will be able to make high-quality video recording of your wedding. When choosing a specialist, it is necessary to take into account many factors: not only experience, shooting equipment, additional equipment is important, but also the personal qualities of a videographer.

The interest in your couple, celebration, creativity, the ability to notice interesting details and even a kind of sixth sense of a specialist in relation to the creation of the film plays an important role in what the result will be on the video. You will find out a lot of useful tips on choosing a person on whom the first family picture, even a short one, from our video: