Living sculptures for a wedding


Have you planned to organize an unusual wedding celebration? An elegant, elegant holiday that you, the newlyweds, and your guests will remember forever? Then, in addition to the traditional show program, host, contests and entertainment, add a little twist: live sculptures for the wedding. Silent statues that suddenly come to life will become a wonderful decoration of the celebration, will make an indelible impression on the guests, create an atmosphere of celebration. What images to choose, how to intrigue guests?

Images of living sculptures

The history of this type of art is very ancient. Theatrical performances in ancient Rome necessarily included «living pictures», when the actors appeared in front of the audience motionless poses. In medieval Europe, theater charades were played for kings and suites with the participation of mime artists. The founders of the modern art of creating living sculptures are considered to be unemployed actors from Latin America: Tonio, Pepe, Paco. In search of earning money, they, having invented images for themselves, became the founders of such a popular art direction.

What images will decorate the wedding

The last decade, this type of art is becoming increasingly popular in Russia. Corporate parties and festive parties, the opening of fashionable salons and shops, anniversary evenings, weddings - this is an incomplete list of the demand for mime actors depicting animated figures. Buffet girls, representing different eras as living tables, will be the highlight of any event. What is the reason for such popularity?

Wedding tables with living sculptures

Create an atmosphere of ancient Greek triumph, organize a holiday in the style of Bonnie and Clyde, get to the court of French kings will help professional artists who create unsurpassed images of living statues of any era. Extremely popular among future newlyweds are living sculptures for a wedding. Depending on the scenario of the wedding, preference is given to:

  • snow-white angels blessing the young;
  • traditional «accomplices» all lovers - Cupid, Cupid;
  • historical characters;
  • cinema heroes.

makeup process

To create unique images, artists cover their face, body with gold, silver or white paint. Dressed accordingly, professional actors freeze in certain poses, remaining motionless for a long time. What will be the surprise of the guests when a silent statue suddenly comes to life, smoothly changing its position! An element of surprise for children invited to a wedding celebration will be revived angels or a beautiful knight from the time of King Arthur. In addition, this is an additional reason to attract the attention of children and offer them entertainment.

White angels

Decorating a festive banquet with living statues is a great idea for creative newlyweds. If the reception is held outdoors, living sculptures of snow-white angels will meet a young couple, guests, surprising with the clear lines, airiness of forms. A pair of angels blessing the bride and groom will harmoniously fit into the design of the wedding arch. A barely noticeable change of pose by the actors during the celebration will give the wedding ceremony an effect «living pictures».

Live sculptures of angels at a wedding

Magnificent photos of the bride or groom with motionless angels will leave a long memory of the celebration. The delight and admiration of those present will be guaranteed when towards the end of the evening the snow-white figures come to life, moving in a slow waltz. Beautiful lighting, music, graceful movements of living sculptures at the wedding will be a spectacular end to the ceremony.

Queen with retinue

Living statues at the wedding of the era of Catherine the Great

Is the wedding ceremony organized in a chic royal style? Living sculptures of the corresponding era will help to recall the times of gallant gentlemen, beautiful ladies. Feel like royal persons will be able to newlyweds, dressed in magnificent wedding dresses, around which in a banquet hall a motionless retinue was silently settled down. Imagine the guests being discouraged when, while making toasts and wishes at the wedding, the figure of the empress comes to life, blessing the union of the newlyweds with a royal decree.

Plunge into the atmosphere of magnificent balls, romance, wealth, luxury and children will be able to guests invited to the wedding. Undeniable delight will cause «living figure» in the form of a gallant gentleman presenting a scarlet rose to the lady of the heart. The photo from the bronze beautiful maid of honor of the Queen, greeting the audience with a deep curtsy, will delight the acquaintances and friends of the kids.

Statue of Cupid and Cupid

Living sculptures of the god of love at the wedding

The crafty god of love Cupid, aka Cupid, the son of the beautiful Aphrodite, pierces the hearts with arrows filled with love. Do not forget, in honor of two hearts, united in one union, to decorate a wedding banquet with figures of gods and goddesses, patrons of high feelings. A snow-white Cupid with a bow at the ready, a beautiful muse that inspires young people to harmoniously complement the interior of the banquet hall, decorated in a romantic style.

The first people - Adam and Eve, having tasted the forbidden fruit and toppled to the earth by the power of the gods, will remind those present, newlyweds of the all-conquering power of love. Only she is able to overcome all obstacles, uniting together loving souls and hearts. It is worth capturing in the photo the moment when Eva hands the golden apple to the bride as a symbol of temptation, passion, love and unity.

Historical characters

Historical characters of living statues for a wedding

Want to organize a wedding, stylized in the time of the Knights of the Round Table? Living dolls of King Arthur, his faithful knights, the beautiful lady Ginevra will give to the wedding «round table» the corresponding atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Surprise, delight will cause Elvis Presley, silently looking at the whole banquet at the guests, when he suddenly sings the most famous song in honor of the newlyweds at the end of the evening. Would you like to hold a ceremony in the spirit of James Bond or Jack Sparrow? Mime actors will help to realize the plan.

How much are living wedding sculptures

Revived wedding sculptures

The cost of living statues for a wedding depends on the skill of the actors, the amount of work, professionalism. The cheapest thing for the newlyweds will be the silent motionless figures who greet guests and young people at the entrance of the wedding banquet. They can take any poses, holding certain objects in their hands. Sculptures reviving during the holiday, communicating with guests, congratulating newlyweds are paid at a higher rate..

The most expensive expense item for young people will be revived dolls, playing pantomime, demonstrating choreography, playing musical instruments. If you want to hold an unusual wedding ceremony - elegant, extravagant, unforgettable - do not spare part of the wedding budget for decorating with living sculptures of the banquet.

Photos of live wedding sculptures

The effect of surprise, surprise among the uninitiated is caused by live wedding statues. A slight smile, a subtle gesture, a change of pose delight the guests of the evening. After all, the impression is that real silent statues come to life. The unreality of what is happening captivates and conquers those present at the wedding. Photos of animated wedding sculptures are presented below..

Living sculptures for wedding decor