Why you can not measure someone else's wedding dress


Wedding is a solemn and significant day in the life of the bride and groom. Girls in preparation for the marriage ceremony are largely superstitious. The bride’s outfit is the main attribute at the wedding ceremony, so every girl who is going to get married is very scrupulous about his choice. In addition to our will, signs and superstitions are present in life. With the day of marriage, it is believed that one cannot measure someone else's wedding dress. Believe it or not, the woman’s own business, but skeptical brides are also familiar with the nuances of choosing a young outfit.

Signs and superstitions associated with trying on a wedding dress

Wedding is a special ritual between people entering into a family union. There are many superstitions and signs associated with this ceremony, and those that tell about the fitting of the bride’s attire are very interesting:

  • Young should not wear a wedding dress in front of the groom.
  • The main thing is that the outfit is one-piece.
  • You can’t try on someone else’s clothes.
  • You should not give your holiday clothes to anyone - not your friends, or sisters, or mom. The same rule applies to the veil and shoes of the bride.
  • A mother helps to dress young (no stranger can touch her clothes), and earrings are put on by a married friend who has found happiness in marriage.
  • The image of the bride must have not only everything new, but also something old, borrowed.
  • Do not complement your image with precious jewelry and stones, it is advisable to use beautiful jewelry.
  • Often the outfit is passed on to the bride by inheritance, from generation to generation, from mother or grandmother, but only if the relatives were happy.
  • It is undesirable to immediately try on the full image - it can be a combination of clothes and shoes or a veil will replace shoes.

Trying on the bride’s outfit

Why you can not measure someone else's wedding dress?

There are traditions that people have followed for many centuries. It is also considered such a superstition that one cannot measure someone else's wedding dress, give one to other girls, even if they are sisters. The history of this tradition is associated with the fact that each thing has its own unique energy. A wedding is an event charged with powerful force, and the young clothes have the same energy as the bride, the same applies to the engagement ring. Do not measure someone else’s wedding clothes, otherwise you risk a lot, and your fate can radically change.

Another's outfit of the bride

Can I wear a dress for mom or grandmother for a wedding?

It is not recommended to measure other people's wedding dresses, but this rule has a slight exception. If this is the outfit of mom or grandmother, then you can not only wear it often, but even marry him (if the previous owner of the outfit was happy in her marriage). As a result, the positive energetics of their happy union will partially shift to a young one, the bond will be strengthened by the power of generations.

Is it possible to rent a dress?

A young outfit is a special outfit, which is a kind of talisman of a new family, so you can’t rent it. According to signs, the clothes that were taken from a friend or in a specialty store continue to store the energy of the union of other people. This can bring other people's problems, misfortune to a young family. Such festive clothes cannot become a strong amulet..

Hire a wedding dress

What does it mean to measure a wedding dress in a dream?

If a girl sees herself in a dream trying on a wedding robe, such a dream can be interpreted in different ways:

  • For a woman about to marry, this dream is not a bad omen. It means that the chores associated with the solemn event continue to haunt her, even while resting.
  • If an unmarried woman who is not going down the aisle soon sees herself trying on the bride’s clothes, then in the near future there will be a situation that will seriously damage her reputation.
  • Such a dream, which a married woman had, is an unfavorable sign that portends divisions in marital relations, is a harbinger of a break in marriage ties, a major quarrel.