Bad signs at a wedding: be careful!


There are a huge number of wedding signs and superstitions. Someone believes in them, and someone is skeptical, but this does not prevent superstitions from existing for a long time. The portal will tell about what the bride and groom cannot do, and also show that it is useful to know bad wedding signs, because by warning the bad signs, you will be sure that after the wedding you will have a long and happy life together.

Bad omens

There are many signs and superstitions about when it is best to have a wedding. It is believed that it is better not to marry on Thursday and Friday. These are the most difficult days for future family life. The most suitable days for the ceremony are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday..

Bad omens

As for the month for the wedding, the signs say the following:

  • The triumph in January threatens with a loss. But the other two winter months are considered favorable for the wedding: December promises love between a husband and wife, who will grow stronger every day, February - a long life together.
  • A wedding in March promises a joint move of the spouses to a new place, a wedding in April means inconstancy of family happiness, and a celebration in May means betrayal and distrust..
  • June wedding promises a sweet life. If the marriage took place in July, then the couple will be happy and sad in equal numbers, and August portends a friendly life together.
  • The wedding in September and November promises a quiet family life, but October portends a lot of difficulties in relations between spouses.
  • Bad omen to endure the wedding

    Is it a bad omen to endure the wedding?

    Why is the omen about the transfer of the wedding date considered one of the worst? Sometimes something may go wrong, because each couple may have various unplanned circumstances (trouble, financial difficulties, health problems). Such factors put the young people before a choice: to hold a wedding on a planned day no matter what, or still move the celebration to a date more favorable for everyone.

    If the bride and groom are superstitious, then transferring the wedding is not recommended. After all, the couple will look for the cause of any future failure in a bad sign of postponing the wedding, which can lead to deeper problems.

    Bad signs about the wedding dress and shoes of the bride

    Many signs and traditions associated with the wedding outfit and accessories of the bride and groom. And if the bride believes in superstition, she should know in advance about the following points:

  • The bride should not show her wedding dress to the groom before the wedding, this is considered a bad omen.
  • A girl cannot see herself in full shape before the wedding. If she still needs to know how she will look on the day of the celebration, you can remove one jewelry or hair clip from her hair. Violation of this sign about a wedding dress promises trouble in family life.
  • The bride should not see the full image before the wedding
  • A wedding dress cannot be worn over the legs - living together will not be very favorable.
  • No one should be allowed to measure a wedding dress, because such an action predicts frequent quarrels between spouses.
  • No one should be allowed to measure a wedding dress
  • If a wedding dress broke at the bride’s party, then this is a bad omen, portending a bad relationship with her mother-in-law.
  • Do not throw away or burn the dress - this can adversely affect the physical and spiritual health of one of the spouses.
  • Do not throw away or burn the wedding dress
  • What should be the wedding dress:

    • It is not recommended to wear a separate dress for the wedding (the skirt is separate from the corset), because it promises constant separation.
    • Sign about a separate wedding dress
    • Short sleeves of a wedding dress portend trouble.
    • Wedding dress with short sleeves
    • The beige color of the dress portends adultery and frequent quarrels.
    • Beige Wedding Dress
    • Don’t wear someone else’s rental outfit for your wedding. Such a dress can transmit energy from previous brides. But what energy was like - no one can know. The same goes for selling your outfit. You can’t sell a wedding dress, since happiness leaves with it, this is a very bad sign.
    Sign about wedding dress

    It is recommended to choose closed classic shoes for the dress, open sandals and shoes with an open toe promising poverty in the family.

    Closed wedding shoes

    Signs about a wedding bouquet

    The most famous sign about the bride’s bouquet is this: if an unmarried girl catches him, then she will marry the next. However, there is a «but»!

    The bride is not recommended to leave her original bouquet, because with it she can give her family happiness to other unmarried friends. For this, the bride always has an understudy bouquet with her and can easily drop it, leaving herself the original.

    In addition, the bride should know that a composition that has fallen from the table or from the hands portends a difficult start to a life together.

    Sign about the bride’s bouquet
    The bride throws a understudy bouquet

    Wedding rings: bad wedding signs

    Wedding rings are an important attribute of the newlyweds. And various superstitions and signs are associated with them that will tell you how to avoid problems with family life in the future:

  • Choose smooth rings without patterns and sharp pebbles, then family life will be without quarrels. Decorative elements on the rings promise a troubled union.
  • No one should be allowed to measure wedding rings
  • It’s a bad omen to give someone try on wedding rings before the wedding, which means giving fate to someone else’s hands.
  • Young people are not recommended to touch a box or pillow from wedding rings after painting. Let her take any of the unmarried girlfriends of the bride.
  • Do not touch the pillow from the rings
  • Using rings or parental jewelry is a bad omen, portending a dysfunctional family life.
  • Fast divorce heralds a ring with pearls.
  • Ring with pearls on the bride
  • A ring worn on the bride’s glove - unfortunately.
  • A bad sign at a wedding is the loss of an engagement ring that promises a breakup. The same applies if a bride or groom drops a ring at a ceremony..
  • Dropping rings is a bad omen

    Bad signs associated with wedding glasses

    Accidentally breaking wedding glasses is considered not a good omen. Usually young people buy two pairs of glasses: they break one pair before a feast (the more fragments, the happier the family life will be). We recommend taking this as a good wedding omen and be sure to say: «For luck!». And the other pair is used for its intended purpose and then stored at home.

    If one of the wedding glasses accidentally crashes, this is a bad omen that portends scandals and problems in the family. In this case, it is better to break the second glass, so that all troubles are divided into two.

    According to another sign, the contents of the glasses must be drunk to the bottom, because the rest in them symbolizes tears in the family and contradictions.

    Signs about wedding glasses

    Believe in superstition or not - it's up to you! Portal for brides recalls that knowledge of bad wedding signs will help to avoid future difficulties in marriage and fill life together with joy and consent.