Wedding signs for the bride


The roots of wedding signs and beliefs go deep into the past. In those days, people were wary of things unknown to them, trying to prevent unpleasant phenomena. In order to preserve their family and in the hope of a happy life together, various signs were invented. Whether you believe in wedding beliefs or in every possible way ignore the works of folklore is up to you. Let's look at the wedding signs that the bride should know.

Wedding timing

Surely every bride is tormented by the question, which day is better to get married? This is what popular wisdom says about this. The most favorable for marriage are numbers such as 3,5,7,9. Skeptically, old people relate to the wedding on the 13th of any month. It is believed that such a marriage can be short-lived and very unhappy. It is not advisable to set a date for painting on Wednesday or Friday. You should wait a while with the wedding in May - people say: «Marry in May, all your life will be toiled».

Dress selection

Dress selection

According to popular beliefs, a wedding dress needs to be either bought or sewn. It is strictly forbidden to take a dress from girlfriends or relatives. Otherwise, there is a risk of constantly living in debt. In addition, you should not show the dress to the groom, as in the future frequent family quarrels are possible.

Another sign about the wedding attire: the bride should have something old and new, as well as something rented and something blue. The main thing is that the bride does not allow anyone to measure her dress, veil or shoes, either before the wedding or after it.

vubor platja

Buying rings

According to popular beliefs, both future spouses choose wedding rings, and the groom pays for them. There are no special signs regarding the choice of rings. The main rule - the rings should be made of white or yellow gold. If desired, you can buy rings with precious stones. An interesting fact is that each stone on the engagement ring carries a certain energy and, according to popular beliefs, has a different effect on the life of a new family.

On the wedding day, the bride is not recommended to wear any ring other than an engagement ring. A bad sign is when a bride or groom drops a ring during a wedding ceremony.

Wedding signs - buying rings

Bridal bouquet

Now florists offer brides a huge selection of all kinds of bouquets. Roses, irises, daisies, orchids are favorite flowers for wedding bouquets. The main thing is that the flowers should be alive. In no case do you need to buy artificial flowers. Cautiously, treat the guest who decided to present you dry flowers. If such an incident deserved to be, burn such a bouquet as soon as possible.

During the whole wedding ceremony and the festive banquet, an indispensable attribute can be given for a time only to the witness or mother. After the celebration, in no case throw your bouquet away, dry it and store it as a home amulet..

Bridal bouquet

Weather for the wedding

It's no secret that it is better to celebrate a wedding in warm sunny weather. Many couples are very upset when it rains or snows during their celebration, but in vain. Rain during the wedding symbolizes a happy family life. Among other things, he is able to protect young people from evil eyes or words. Snow, in turn, portends wealth, so a blizzard for a wedding is a pleasant gift from nature.

We examined only the scanty part of wedding signs that the bride should know. Currently, there are collections, including the widest list of beliefs. Undoubtedly, to observe all signs is unrealistic, but for greater reliability, to fulfill some of them will be out of place.