What is a wedding album for?


When you want to plunge into the world of memories, you open a wedding album with photos - here they are, bright and happy moments of your life caught in the lens. The wedding ... as if again plunging into the maelstrom of events surrounded by pre-wedding bustle, noisy celebration fun, solemn grace of the official part of the wedding ceremony, joyful smiles of guests and relatives. These moments will forever remain in the photographs on the pages of the wedding album, which will undoubtedly be given an honorable place on the bookshelf. Later, showing it to children and grandchildren, you will suddenly realize that in your soul you have remained as young and beautiful as in these photographs, where the master captured the wedding commotion and the exciting moments of the wedding ceremony itself.

What are the albums

The design of the wedding album is of no small importance; it should be not only beautiful, but also functional, where the photos will be stored for a long time, not faded or remembered. A photo album is not just an original frame of pictures, it is the design of expensive memories of one of the most vivid moments of life.

The most successful variant is the album with small corners of white or transparent color, attached to thick pages with glue or double-sided tape. In this album, you can place pictures of various formats from any angle. The cover can be made of velvet, leather, laminated paper, and even glass or wood. To provide additional safety for photographs, photo album pages can be arranged with translucent parchment paper.

Another type of album is with pockets of different sizes made of transparent film. In such pockets can be placed both photos and cards with comments on pictures. In addition, albums can be provided with paper fields for notes. Variability can be manifested in the design of the cover, the number and color of the pages of the album. Wedding photos can also be placed in special typesetting folders consisting of separate sheets with pockets, which are fastened according to the principle of a folder. You only have to decide on the cover design and pocket size in advance..

Magnetic albums have thick sheets, and photos on them are attached under a transparent film due to a special adhesive composition applied to the page. But, despite the apparent convenience and functionality of such albums, they have their drawbacks. The magnetic film glare and interferes with comfortable viewing of photos, in addition, if you often get pictures out from under the film, then for a long time the magnetic album will not serve you. The substance covering its sheets gradually dries and, over time, the film may move away from the page. As a result, dust accumulates under it, and photos may turn yellow and deteriorate..

The next version of the photo album also deserves attention. Photographs printed by the printing method can also be made out in the form of a book - a book edition allows you to save photo images for a long time. Using special computer programs, digitized images are adjusted to the necessary standards, processed using modern technical means, printed in a printing house, and, finally, pages with photos are intertwined. As a result, your photo album becomes like a bright glossy magazine, the subject of which will be devoted only to the events of your wedding celebration. You can make small copies of such an album and present as a gift to parents or friends.

Wedding Album Tips

You can use the proposed options, but at the same time your photo album will still remain the one and only. The design is more dependent on the nature and habits of the customer, on the mood that the pictures carry in themselves. Favorite colors of spouses, funny inscriptions made by friends and relatives can be used, nothing limits your imagination, and the help of specialists will only allow you to realize the most daring projects.

In addition to wedding photos, the album can also contain documents, for example, a wedding certificate, or such trifles dear to the heart as wedding invitations, cards and even a dried flower from a wedding bouquet.

To make an album interesting and tasteful, you can use one of the ideas below:

- portraits of the bride and groom, and if desired, some guests, can be placed on separate pages;

- the album may include photographs of the bride and groom taken before the wedding, photographs of the house, family, relatives;

- the album can be decorated with lyrical landscapes shot in those places where the celebration took place;

- pages of the album can be painted in various colors, and the photos themselves can be placed not only in color format, but also in black and white, highlighted with sepia, as well as executed under a pastel or painting;

- an album can be performed in a certain style, for example, retro, using both staged and reportage photographs;

- the possibility of placing photos in the album, taking into account the chronology and thematic focus, allows you to create an illustrative annals of your wedding;

- You can make a separate album with a ceremony, as well as with the unofficial part of the wedding;

- an interesting option would be to create a photo collage based on small format photographs;

- and a few more secrets in the end: when placing photos, avoid a large number of small pictures on one spread, in addition, try to keep guests shot in one direction in close-up shots.

So you got acquainted with the various subtleties in the design of the photo album. Which option the newlyweds will choose depends only on their imagination, taste and preferences. Perhaps someone owns his original design technique, and someone is pleased to personally paste photos into the album and compose funny captions for them, someone will prefer the work of the master, making light adjustments to it. But, of course, there are those who consider the traditional album an outdated model and want to make their own in electronic form. Such an album is very convenient to use: it can be sent to friends, can be posted on your personal wedding site.