Outdoor Wedding: Ideas, Tips, Recommendations

Have you decided to organize a wedding in nature? Congratulations, great choice! And if you are still in doubt - here are a few good arguments for you, as well as a couple of interesting ideas and useful tips to dispel all your doubts..

Let's start with the obvious (although not at first glance) advantages of organizing a wedding celebration in the open air.

Firstly, You can be 100% sure that you will have a great wedding (from others!). Just imagine: a chic noble estate, a gilded carriage drawn by four horses or a graceful open phaeton. The lackeys and the coachman are the same from the tale of Cinderella. A magnificent wedding dress on a background of picturesque landscapes and (attention!) Groom - on a white horse ...

Presented? Indeed, everything is like in a fairy tale. And this is just one scenario. A wedding in nature is good because there is where to turn around. It remains only to turn on the fantasy at full power. Dudes? The pirates? The musketeers? You are welcome! Brazilian Carnival? Western? Oriental motifs with hookahs and belly dancing? Easy! Well, if you want "all at once" - arrange a masquerade ball. Gypsies, bears, buffoons, fakirs and magicians - there is enough room for everyone!

Tip: spacious territory is, of course, good. But "boundless open spaces" is a completely different matter and categorically is not suitable for a wedding ceremony. We don’t want to miss our dear guests! A wedding in nature in a protected area is an excellent option that will help combine business with pleasure (or rather, safe!)

Secondly, organizing a wedding in nature does not limit you in time. You do not want to get lost among dozens of other wedding couples, stomp in line “hand in hand” with strangers and listen to the painfully familiar and hackneyed, like an old record, speech of the “authorized employee” of the registry office? You can hold a wedding ceremony on your own schedule. Exit registration of marriage is what you need, everything will pass without rush and fuss.

In this case, you can create an individual registration script. Whether it looks like a ceremony in our registry office or a classic European version is up to you. Show a little imagination - and the traditional exchange of rings can turn into a wonderful and magical ritual, the romance of which will keep and protect your feelings for many years to come.

Tip: if you are planning a "non-standard" wedding registration, be sure to conduct a dress rehearsal with the musicians and the main participants a couple of days before the ceremony - let them "enter the role" in advance. And then instead of a graceful procession to meet your fate, you will have to run and put everyone in their places, on the go telling everyone what to do next.

Thirdly, open air is a great opportunity to impress guests with various "special effects." And here, by the way, there are many options: from traditional white doves, balls and confetti - to voluminous hearts-lanterns, a "salute" of live butterflies, artificial snow and an unforgettable balloon flight. And in the evening, be sure to organize a laser show, "fire rain", fireworks or salute.

Tip: so as not to "mix horses together, people" - divide special effects by time. Do not leave everything to the "final chord", dose the pleasure! Let each new surprise be perceived by the guests "as the last" - so it will leave much more emotions and not be lost in the "general crowd" of vivid impressions.

And finally, some more tips.

Wedding organization
does not tolerate fuss, so do not put off everything at the last moment. Think ahead to the last detail.

Pay particular attention to the following points:

  • Tents, tents and awnings. Their stylish design and original lighting will give a special charm to your wedding. In addition, they will help you and your guests to shelter from heat or rain..
  • Catering. If you speak Russian, then this is a chic restaurant "home delivery" (in our case, the nature). Most often, with service. Very comfortably!
  • Musical accompaniment. Discuss the tune for registration in advance. And the first dance of the newlyweds will not rehearse separately.
  • Delivery of guests to the ceremony venue (and vice versa!). Take care of a comfortable and roomy bus. And on the way you can arrange an interesting and informative tour.
    Do not forget about:
  • Banquet cards that “seat” guests without fuss
  • Memorable souvenirs for guests (a trifle, but nice!)
  • Rose petals, small coins and rice - for good luck!
    ... and let your wedding become the most romantic,
    fabulous and unforgettable, but we sincerely wish you Love and happiness!