Wedding planning does not endure fuss


Usually the tone is set by future newlyweds - they express wishes about the ceremony and the celebration script. But before the whole piece is played, you need to write a score. The process begins with the planning of the wedding. So let's get started!

Before preparation begins, it is important to find witnesses. They will be your faithful companions in this difficult matter. It is important that friends know you well and are able to hear all your wishes.

The result will not be long in coming if responsibilities are distributed between the bride and groom, their witnesses and parents (if they are involved in the preparation). No matter how pre-arranged the celebration, there’s still not enough time if people duplicate each other’s actions.

You should also pay attention to lovely subtleties already at the stage of planning a wedding. For example, find out in the registry office whether it will be possible to remove the registration ceremony to your operators. Or you will be forced to use the services of full-time photographers. In any case, it would be nice to find out if you can still invite your.

Musical accompaniment, white doves or a garland of balloons released into the sky - all this will also require considerable expenses, so now discuss everything. Or maybe you want to change the course of the wedding ceremony! Do not be afraid to discuss this with the registry office. They will meet you, especially if your desire is paid through the column "additional services".

The style of wedding dresses should also be taken care of in advance. Buying or renting at half price is up to you. A decent dress for the bride will cost no less than $ 500 You can reduce the cost. You buy a dress that suits your style and act like Anna Pavlova: remove it here, add it here, sew it in here, cut it off here. And with a minimal cost, an almost exclusive gizmo is ready. Perhaps, in two hundred specific to take into account all your wishes.

The key to the whole process of planning a wedding is to not forget anything and calculate everything. After all, the financial costs are very big. However, this is not a reason to buy the first engagement rings that caught my eye. The order will be more expensive, but if you go around more than one company salon in advance, you may be able to choose exactly what you need.

Designers can have polar views on the design of a wedding bouquet. We need a non-standard option - go to the nearest flower shop or kiosk, make an order and do it yourself. Any fantasy can be realized, especially on such a wonderful and unique occasion as your wedding.

The situation with making a guest list during the wedding planning process can get out of hand. Therefore, more patience and understanding. Not only all relatives and acquaintances should be invited to the celebration, namely those with whom you are pleased to share the joy of this important day.

About the main chords

The order of transport is better to issue ahead of time. Ordinary cars, a limousine or an old bridal carriage - you have to make a choice. The main thing is to decide what you want. Say, for a trip to the registry office for an official ceremony, you will need two cars and two operators, one of which will accompany the newlyweds, the other - their witnesses.

Decide who will play the role of photo and video chronicle. Our advice is to trust the pros, but having previously studied their previous work. You will not be satisfied with the template movie! Shooting without editing will cost around $ 200. The difference in prices here can be very significant. From 800 cu a highly professional photographer can ask for with his professional photography, or you can invite two photographers (up to $ 200 for each work).

The banquet hall should be properly decorated. Organize a decent wedding banquet. Gray and bare walls are unacceptable. Here you have to be biased. Make sure the hall, kitchen, utensils are clean.

Count somewhere up to $ 20 per person. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the quality of the culinary masterpieces of your chosen cafe or restaurant. Plus spirits that you can buy on your own.


It is from his art that the mood of the whole honest company will depend. In order not to get into trouble, it is better to get acquainted with the work of the candidate on the eve, it’s not a sin to discuss together the whole scenario of the feast.

There are no trifles in wedding planning. Favorably emphasize the style of the ceremony, the original invitation cards. Pre-rehearsed manicure and styling procedures for the bride’s hairstyle will help you plan your time on the day of the wedding. It will be nice to remember all these troubles over time. In the meantime, your goal: to foresee everything. No, literally everything!