How to have a wedding?


Weddings can be held in different ways.

: confine yourself to the traditional wedding option with engagement, wedding, bride redemption and other rites, or put on your bride a ring on top of the Egyptian pyramid, get married high in the sky, hovering in a balloon, inviting the sun god to witnesses, creating an unforgettable romantic atmosphere. Although the whole wedding ceremony is saturated with romance, however, not everyone can afford this romance as a style of conducting, and not always such a wedding organization will have an adequate reaction from others. Holding a modern wedding is a series of established customs and traditions, a stage in human life that will mark the transition to a new, more responsible stage.

So where should you start your wedding? Even in Soviet times, there was such a saying: "Without a piece of paper you are a bug, and with a piece of paper you are a man." And in fact, it is the regulatory framework that makes the wedding an official event. And so we do everything in order:

1. We submit an application to the registry office and at the same time choose the most suitable day for registration

2. We are looking for a knowledgeable person (lawyer) who would help draw up a wedding contract.

Well, the first preliminary step in organizing the wedding has been completed, now you should think about the following things: the appearance of the bride and groom and the general surroundings, a special place here is occupied by the choice of a suitable room. Making a list of guests you intend to invite to your wedding is important..

So, the appearance and surroundings. Here you can not do without the services of professionals. On the wedding day, the bride and groom are in the spotlight. It is advisable to pre-visit the makeup artist, or at least sign up for a good hairdresser, think in advance all the details of wedding dresses and accessories. Therefore, a visit to specialized salons, where experienced consultants will help you to choose a suit for the groom and the dress of the bride, is of particular importance. And the choice of wedding rings in general can turn into a small celebration. I would like to find something special, intended only for him and only for her among a diverse assortment. You may have to visit more than one jewelry store..

Finally, rent a decent hall for a wedding party, hire a motorcade that will deliver the newlyweds there in all its splendor. The rich external surroundings will allow you to have a truly festive wedding and make the celebration unforgettable.

Preparing for the wedding: the choice of dresses, a hall and a wedding procession should be taken care of at least two months before the wedding.

Now about the organization of the celebration. Invitations must be sent to all guests at least a couple of weeks in advance. You can purchase invitation cards at numerous retail outlets, but printed according to an individual order in a printing house and selected according to your taste, invitations testify to the level of the inviting party.

An experienced host, who will be able to create a festive mood, smooth sharp corners and artistically conduct a concert program, is a real find! In the role of a wedding leader, it is best to hire a professional actor, it is advisable to use the services of a reputable company or the recommendations of friends.

Do not forget about the photo and video shooting of your wedding celebration. To do this, you should hire a professional, since nothing will make the memories of the wedding even more colorful as good as high-quality photographs and films do..

About a week before the wedding, you need to take care of the wedding cake and the wedding bouquet - this is a tradition!

And, of course, it is impossible to have a beautiful wedding without

specific scenario

. It is advisable to carefully paint the wedding program, given the sequence and nature of the events. Here is a sample wedding plan:

  • Registry office
  • Wedding
  • Wedding restaurant
  • Ransom bride
  • stroll
  • Reception
  • Inviting guests to the restaurant
  • Show program, dancing

Each item should take a certain amount of time, rationally think through all the stages of the future celebration, so that the wedding will not then knock you and your guests out of the life line.

Well, in conclusion, I would like to note that there is no universal wedding plan. This article is more a set of directions than an exact instruction. Many celebrations and happy events take place in the world, but only a wedding is a special holiday, and nothing should stop you from organizing your own wedding so that the memories of it remain in your memory the most joyful and happy forever. Let your wedding, the beginning of a new life, become bright, unforgettable and beautiful! And she will be likened to those Gates that open the way to Paradise!