Wedding area or lounge - fashion trend


The lounge or sofa area is a modern phenomenon at weddings, which has been actively developing in recent years. If you want your wedding to be fun for both you and your guests, be sure to consider organizing a sofa zone.

What is a wedding sofa zone?

Lounge - translated from English «restroom», «idle pastime». This concept came from interior design. Lounge means a separate room or at least a visually limited area, which is intended exclusively for relaxation. This is a cozy and comfortable area where you can relax yourself or meet friends, here you can read books, listen to music, watch movies, etc. At the wedding, the sofa zone primarily means a place (room, balcony, tent, zone, etc.), where guests can chat with each other in between parts of the wedding banquet.

Cozy lounge at a wedding outdoors
Sofa zone at a wedding

The use of the sofa area

Lounge at the wedding - a multifunctional area. Here you can hold a banquet so that guests do not get bored during the newlyweds photo shoot, the website offers. Here you can arrange banquet cards and a seating plan, photo zone, tree or album for wishes, bonbonnieres, etc..

This is a place where university friends or relatives who have not seen each other for a long time can chat. A well-organized sofa zone affects all five senses of a person and, thus, allows you to spend time with maximum comfort.

Lounge at the wedding

Where to arrange a lounge?

It all depends on the degree of officiality of the event and the wedding budget. For grand holidays you can not do without the design of a separate room or a spacious tent. You will practically get a small additional banquet hall.

For more informal events, the sofa zone can take a different format. First of all, evaluate the capabilities of the restaurant. Perhaps the owners have already designed the lounge. Perhaps the institution has a balcony or porch, which can be rented under the sofa area. For small holidays, put a small tent.

Restaurant Lounge
The original sofa area at the wedding

Visual design

Of course, first of all, people evaluate the appearance. Important is the general atmosphere, aesthetics and style of the zone, the decor in detail. Work out the color scheme separately. If the wedding is not organized in a specific color, remember that soft pastel tones contribute to relaxation and peace, greens soothe, and warm yellows or oranges help create a positive and cheerful mood..

Provide soft light, such as candles or floor lamps with a mysterious dim light. Place accessories reminiscent of a wedding in the lounge - monograms, photos from a love story, cupids, garlands of hearts, etc., to your taste and discretion.

And finally, the sofa area should be decorated in the style of a wedding. If the restaurant is carefully decorated by itself and already contains a lounge, perhaps this is a clue to choosing a wedding theme. After all, you can always choose an institution in a romantic or adventure style and, thus, save on the services of decorators.

Orange Wedding Lounge
Wedding theme in the lounge
Sofa zone for a book wedding
Oriental style wedding lounge


Have a cocktail bar and a variety of snacks in the sofa area. Guests can come here to try «surprises» from the newlyweds. For example, in the sofa zone there is a Candy bar, a stand with salads (the modern trend is the placement of food blankets and dressings so that guests can make their own salad), a stand with a palette of cheese or seafood, etc. In the cold season, mulled wine or grog can be served in the lounge.

Candy bar in the wedding lounge
Reception in the wedding lounge

Auditory sensations

If the lounge is an integral part of the banquet hall or is located nearby, then the best option is to exclude additional musical accompaniment so that a cacophony of sounds is not created. The music will be muffled to reach the sofa area from the main hall, pleasantly complementing the atmosphere of relaxation and without disturbing guests to communicate.

If the lounge is located in an isolated space, then take care of the music. For example, invite a saxophonist, guitarist or keyboard player, put a gramophone or an ordinary laptop with a selection of songs. Two conditions: music should be background, not distract attention and correspond to the general theme and atmosphere of celebration.

Live music for the wedding lounge
Musical accompaniment of a wedding sofa zone

Tactile sensations

The lounge area should create an atmosphere of relaxation and peace. If you create a sofa zone yourself, pay serious attention to the furniture that you plan to place in the lounge. Interior items should be comfortable. The wedding portal advises giving preference to soft sofas and plush chairs, kleslam-pears, voluminous pillows, hammocks, rattan chairs, etc. Make sure the fabrics are pleasant to the touch. This is an important component of tactile sensations..

Pleasant fabrics for the wedding lounge

Involving the sense of smell

Place scented candles or incense along the perimeter of the sofa area. Smells should be unobtrusive and light. For example, an orange, orchid, watermelon or sandalwood. The smell can come from warm drinks or pastries when it comes to winter weddings.

Scented candles for a winter wedding lounge

Nice bonuses

Throw soft pillows on sofas. Stock up on a few fun and simple board games (try to keep one game from potentially taking up a lot of time). So you combine the game zone at the wedding with the sofa, it’s convenient, isn't it? !

If the lounge is located on a street, veranda or balcony, prepare a lot of rugs or wraps. In the evening, even in the warm season it can be cool, and guests will appreciate your concern for their comfort and health..

Warm plaids for the wedding lounge

The sofa zone helps to make the celebration cozy, exciting and organized. Lounge at the wedding - a relevant and useful trend!