Traditional stages of a wedding celebration

Each wedding contains something unique. If you are not a professional holiday organizer, then you should not hold a wedding according to your own invented template. We offer you a traditional scenario plan, according to which many wonderful weddings were played..

The traditional wedding scenario can be divided into several important stages, each of which, in essence, is a mini-celebration. The first stage of the holiday is the ransom of the bride.

The ransom ceremony of the bride - not so much an ancient tradition, but an echo of an ancient way of life - when brave and warlike men went on a campaign for prey. Often after a trip, someone could grab or conquer a beautiful girl from a foreign tribe as a trophy.

According to the traditional wedding scenario, the future bridegroom with his friends (fellow soldiers) comes to the bride to "buy her out". Her relatives and friends “sell” the bride, who often create all kinds of obstacles in the way of the groom - jokes, contests, substitution of the bride and much more. What only at this stage of the traditional wedding scenario did not have to pay the future husband as a ransom - sweets, flowers, and even money!

Ransom bride

The next stage of the holiday script - painting in the registry office.

According to the traditional wedding scenario, the bride and groom drive in different cars, moreover, the groom's car arrives earlier. Musical accompaniment can be agreed in advance, and some modern music can be added to the banal March of Mendelssohn.

Next, the scenario is followed by a walk and a wedding. These two stages have one common feature: despite the fact that they are part of a traditional wedding scenario - recently, many young couples do without them.

Painting in the registry office

Wedding - beautiful and very solemn Christian rite, declaring in the temple in the face of God the union of two hearts.

stroll - An important stage of the wedding celebration. After the marriage is registered, the newlyweds can go to the most beautiful places in the city and create wonderful material for photo and video filming, according to which later it will be possible to restore this wonderful time for a long time in memory.

Wedding celebration

The next rite is also a good fit in the scenario of a walk - a drink for the beginning of family life. If the fragments are large - then the young couple will have a boy first, and if small - a girl.

Further according to the traditional wedding scenario follows feast, to the beginning of which young people are sprinkled with sweets, coins and rice, so that their life is sweet, rich and fruitful. Even before the feast, young people are greeted with bread and salt, while it is believed that the young person who takes a larger bite from the loaf will be the main one in the newly made family.

The feast is usually held in a wedding hall or tent, which is decorated in every possible way: with flowers, balloons, etc..

Toasts are made during the banquet. The first toast is either the most honored guest or the father of the bride. Then begins the feast itself, where playful skirmishes, talking and eating alternate with shouts of "Bitter!".

Wedding toasts

At the very end of the holiday, guests leave and the newlyweds return home. According to the traditional wedding scenario, the bridegroom brings the bride in her arms over the threshold of the house so that her evil spirits do not touch her. There is also such a rite: put under the threshold a locked lock with an ejected key - so that the marriage is long and reliable.

In conclusion, I would only like to note the presence at the wedding of the host or host. By tradition, the host is chosen from among the guests, but it is unlikely that any of them will be able to compare with a real professional in their field!