Wedding celebration

A wedding celebration will really look gorgeous if it is given a specific color scheme. The leaders of today's weddings are gold, silver, pink and white colors. They should be used to make flower arrangements, decorate the hall and the festive table, where the wedding celebration will take place and, of course, invitations and dresses.

If you hold a wedding banquet in the evening, you can arrange tables with small floating candles, which are placed in the central part of each table, since tall candles can make it difficult for guests who are in relation to each other across the table. You can give names to each table instead of numbers, as is customary. For example, such a name may be the name of the main constituent flowers of your bouquet or the name of memorable places where you have been together. Each place can be indicated, for example, by a card with the name of the guest fixed on a painted apple, or by the same card located on a small chocolate heart. All this is easily remembered by the guests and, in addition to everything, brings its share of romance to the wedding celebration..

A few weeks before the wedding try to send invitations, which can be bought at the post office or in a specialized store, ordered at a wedding agency or made by you yourself. Of course, the last option will be more interesting. But, in any case, do not forget to prepare some spare cards just in case. Suddenly, when filling out one of them, you make a mistake or at the last moment decide to invite someone else.

For professional shooting of your wedding, do not be too lazy to invite an experienced photographer who specializes specifically in weddings. After all, no amateur pictures can be compared with high-quality professional photos in your wedding album.

In advance, make sure that on the banquet part of the wedding celebration on some separate table there is an original book in which everyone who wishes can write down their congratulations and wishes to the newlyweds and, possibly, share their impressions about the wedding. An alternative to such a book can be reviews of guests present directly in front of the camcorder lens.

And finally, with regard to advice in terms of menu for a wedding celebration, do not go broke into various expensive desserts, because they may well become a wedding cake. Now, confectioners use a large number of different flavor combinations of fruits, cream, liquors and chocolate - you just have to discuss this with the masters of your craft, and your wedding celebration will be the most exquisite "sweet" for everyone present!