Organization of a small wedding


Today, more and more newlyweds refuse lush and expensive celebrations and choose small weddings. And this is not surprising, because a small wedding has its own big advantages..

When you are both young, your budget is limited. A big wedding is always a big waste. Therefore, there is reason to think about a small wedding. Our wedding portal tells you in detail about all the benefits of a small wedding..

Little wedding


You can save a significant amount of money by choosing this type of wedding. This is probably the most important advantage. A large wedding costs an average of three thousand dollars, and a small one can be arranged for only a thousand. As you can see, the savings are impressive.

You can spend the money you saved on anything - on a honeymoon, on beautiful rings or on a designer wedding dress for the bride.

No panic!

You will not have a pre-wedding jitters that you will not be in time with preparation and organization. There will be no need to look for salons and large restaurants. You can arrange a small wedding yourself. Chat with your married friends or girls on the brides forum. They will tell you how to arrange a small wedding..

For some brides, it will be a little disappointing to refuse pre-wedding efforts. But for girls who do not like fuss, this wedding option will be acceptable and provide peace of mind before the most important event in life.

Tired bride

A small number of guests

This is just a dream for many newlyweds. Nobody wants to see completely strangers at their wedding. And choosing this wedding option, on the happiest day of your life, you will be surrounded only by people close and loving you.

Also, if the number of people invited to the wedding is small, then all the guests will be involved in all competitions and games. Each guest will not be deprived of attention and will take part in the event.

Restaurant Choice

If you are planning a small wedding with friends and parents, then choosing a restaurant for fewer people will be much easier. You will also have the opportunity to treat yourself to expensive delicious dishes..

The originality of the wedding

Scenarios for a small wedding can be very diverse. If you like adventure and extreme sports, then you can ride with the guests in a balloon or in a helicopter. A small number of people are just what you need for such ideas. It will be worth the extra investment, but your guests will certainly appreciate your efforts..

Happy couple

«All according to plan»

A small wedding will certainly be much calmer than a large one. She will be thought out and always under control. And if there are any problems, then it will be much easier to settle them, because you are surrounded by loving and understanding people. At a small wedding, you don’t have to worry about anything and just enjoy a wonderful moment.

Only you decide how to hold your wedding. In order not to bother planning, but simply to arrange a family holiday with family and friends, our portal recommends you to choose a small wedding. She will certainly remain in your memory.