2020 Wedding Trends


If your wedding takes place in 2015, then you should definitely know all the fashion trends and trends in the wedding sphere. Then you will be able to organize a chic celebration that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. The portal www.articlewedding.com presents you an overview of wedding trends in 2015.

Color palette

Fashionable colors for weddings 2015 are as follows:

  • blue (dark and pale blue);
  • pink, peach, coral;
  • red shades (marsala, sangria, burgundy);
  • brown, light beige, sandalwood color;
  • pastel shades (ivory, cream, pastel yellow, gray);
  • green (from khaki to dark green);
  • violet (lilac, lavender);
  • metallic shades (gold, silver, copper).

Decorators advise using these colors for organizing a stylish wedding celebration. If we talk about the combination of colors, the most fashionable variations are the following:

  • lilac + yellow;
  • pink + gray;
  • sangria + silver;
  • gold + maroon;
  • coral + blue;
  • blue + green.

Wedding in green
Wedding in purple
Pastel Wedding

Wedding dresses and accessories for the bride

For brides 2015, the choice of models and styles of wedding dresses is especially wide and multifaceted: from vintage dresses to modern asymmetric dresses. This year, fashion designers represent women with various details: pockets, lace sleeves, sparkly appliques, etc. designers pay special attention to wedding dresses with airy skirts that seem to take off when the breeze blows.

If we talk about bodices, then two directions can be distinguished: this is a closed lace neckline with elegant embroidery and a deep neckline with a V-neck.

Wedding dress 2015
Wedding dress 2015

One of the new trends of this year are silk dresses, striking with the divine play of light on their smallest folds. A simple bouquet decorated with a long silk ribbon will complement this exquisite outfit..

Silk Wedding Dress 2015

The most fashionable colors for wedding dresses 2015 recognized pastel shades: pink, mint, blue and gray.

Baby pink wedding dress
Blue Wedding Dress

As a fashion accessory for the bride, you can choose a floral wreath that gives the bride's image of romance and bohemian chic. Veil again enters into fashion in its various variations. And accents in the image of the bride will help to place massive earrings and necklaces.

Wreath for the bride
Veil for the bride

Image of the groom

Vintage motifs are also present in the image of the groom in 2015: fashion designers return to the style of a true Englishman and offer grooms to put on brown tweed suits.

If the groom prefers the classical style, then the vest may become the highlight of his image, the portal www.articlewedding.com believes.

Those suitors who want to create a more modern and bold look can be offered pastel costumes (e.g. pink) and neck scarves instead of ties.

Tweed suit for the groom
Image of the groom

Wedding decorations

One of the main trends of the 2015 wedding decor is the rustic style, with the help of which it is possible to create a cozy, almost homely atmosphere at the celebration. The rustic style involves wooden tables and chairs, candles and natural materials in the decor.

Styles such as eco and boho again take the lead. When designing a wedding, maximum attention should be paid to nature, using simple details and natural materials in the decor..

Eco-friendly wedding decor
Boho style wedding

Among the trends of this year, the following can also be distinguished:

  • "flower" walls;
  • the use of trees and vintage furniture;
  • luxurious decoration of the ceiling with fresh flowers and fabric;
  • animal motifs in the decor (animal figures, feathers, horns and fur);
  • flower paths instead of traditional tablecloths;
  • "non-floral" compositions on tables (fruits, vegetables, moss, fur, feathers), etc..

Wedding Decor 2015
Wedding Decor 2015
Wedding Decor 2015

Wedding floristry

In 2015, florists are advised to use garden and wildflowers to create luxurious and delicate bouquets of brides. At the peak of popularity - disheveled bouquets, airy and delicate. Along with fresh flowers, you can use natural materials: chestnuts, pine cones and acorns, cotton, etc..

Wedding bouquet 2015
Wedding bouquet 2015

Wedding accessories

In 2015, wedding accessories can be made in a watercolor style, and pastel colors like pink, ivory, etc. are best chosen as their color scheme. Special attention is paid to fonts in accessories - calligraphy is back in fashion.

Wedding Invitations 2015
Wedding Accessories 2015

Wedding Treats

In 2015, three completely different directions in holding a wedding banquet will be fashionable: either a buffet with a tasting of dishes, a sumptuous Michelin-style feast, or a dinner with homemade dishes based on local products.

As for the wedding cake, the classic multi-level cake is returning to fashion, with and without icing.

A wedding cake
A wedding cake

Traditional sweet tables are replaced by cheese tables made from different types of cheese, fruits and nuts..

Cheese bar for a wedding
Cheese table for a wedding

As you can see, the wedding trends of 2015 are quite interesting and many-sided, because each couple will find something suitable for organizing a unique wedding celebration.