Organization of a summer wedding: fashion trends in 2020


Each season offers something unique and unusual that can distinguish your wedding from hundreds of others. From year to year, trends are changing, allowing you to diversify the holidays with new colors, themes, finds of designers and managers. What you should pay attention to in 2013, read on.

Breeze freshness

Summer is a hot season. Saturated, intriguing shades of blue will allow the newlyweds to refresh the summer heat and transfer guests to the sea distances or heavenly blue. Decorate the banquet with transparent blue utensils, decorate «ceiling» tents with a blue cloth, order refreshments. An interesting option is to completely organize a wedding in a marine style, with real smooth pebbles, corals and seafood. In addition, fresh mint color is in fashion..

Blue summer wedding

Naughty lemon

Lemon is a piercing and cheerful shade of yellow. If you want a naughty, youth and informal wedding, then your choice is a lemon wedding. The wedding portal advises to decorate the wedding not only with this color, but also with the lemons themselves, using them, for example, as banquet cards or filling them with vases on tables. The wedding will be juicy and interesting.

Lemon Wedding Decoration

Wedding camping

This summer's trend is weddings in nature. However, you will hardly surprise anyone with a usual holiday in a garden or park. But a wedding stylized as a vacation at a campsite is a completely different matter! In addition, such a holiday offers many options for entertainment: outdoor games, competitions for «treasure hunt», discos under the starry sky, even songs by the fire - fun is guaranteed.

Camping style wedding

On the honeymoon road

A wedding can be a kind of transition to the honeymoon. Organize a wedding in the style and spirit of the place where you go on a trip. Romantic France - then add more truffles and colorful passion fruits. Exotic Hawaii - then decorate the wedding with orchids and put flower necklaces on the guests. Each style is good in its own way..

French-style wedding candybar

Fabulous weddings

Beautiful wedding ideas can be drawn from fairy tales and films. Many tales tell stories of beautiful and eternal love - a good guarantee of future happiness. Can choose as classic «Cinderella» and «Sleeping beauty» or more specific like «The Wizard of Oz» or even «Howl's Walking Castle». In any case, fairy tales offer beautiful options for dresses, banquet design, wedding accessories, as well as for thematic surprises and entertainments..

Cinderella style wedding

Do it yourself

As in «good old times» our ancestors themselves sewed dresses or decorated tablecloths for the wedding, and today independent preparation for the wedding is in fashion. Accessories for photo shoots, invitations, bonbonnieres, table numbers or banquet cards - the bride and groom can make many nice little things with their own hands. This will make the wedding more comfortable, personalized and original, I am sure the site

DIY wedding decoration

Flower decoration

Since ancient times, flowers have been a mandatory attribute of weddings. In each culture, certain plants had positive symbolism. Flowers for the wedding should be chosen with great care. Having decided, you can make the wedding colorful and fragrant. Flowers are good for decorating almost everything: a hairstyle (weave or wreaths), bouquets (for the bride and for tables), compositions for decorating a banquet hall or visiting paintings, on menus, bonbonnieres, dance floors, etc. Flower wedding - a bright and airy holiday.

Flower wedding

Follow the trends or create your own - you decide. However, you can find inspiration in fashion trends, add your own charm to them and organize a wonderful, memorable wedding.