How to make everyone remember your wedding?


In the life of everyone, such a significant and crucial moment comes as a wedding. On this day, two loving hearts will forever become one, therefore it is necessary to celebrate this event properly so that after ten years there is something to remember and tell first to the children, and then to the grandchildren.

Wedding organization

It is necessary to approach the organization of a wedding with all responsibility, to think over every little thing, otherwise God forbid that something is forgotten and goes wrong. Therefore, you need to start preparing for the wedding in at least a couple of months, of course, it happened that in a shorter period, the newlyweds began to prepare and had time. But we will be more practical and think with a cold mind, so let's get started in two months. First you need to make a list of their wishes, namely what and how we want to see on such a touching day. After we consider the approximate expense, and only after we all agree, namely on the desired pigeons and exit registration that we have enough money, we go to the most important one, we are looking for the organizer. The organizer is the same manager in any company, a person who will control the ongoing process, monitor how the celebration hall will be decorated, what will be served on the tables and who will sit.

Of course, there are times when there is not enough money for what you want, but you really want to. Our hired manager will help us again in this, thanks to his experience and connections, it will be possible to correct something, and even bring down the price somewhere. The wedding industry also has its own moves and exits, and a manager with experience already knows them and will help you.

Work of the leader at the wedding

Little tricks from us

In order to somehow reduce costs, you need to reduce or replace them, for example, if you want bouquets on tables with orchids, you can put them only in the front rows, and then roses or peonies, this will save a lot of money. You can do the same with the organizer, each of us has a relative with a powerful character who will not only build us, but also others. It will be enough for them to explain what is required of them, and you will get exactly the same result, without spending a single ruble. And people with this character will only be happy to work hard.

Wedding steward

Whose services cannot be refused at a wedding

First of all, this is a host, without him not one wedding will not pass, as it should. Toastmaster for the wedding is necessary, like rain for watering. This is also the case with the video and camera operator. On such a day, you should not count on friends with a reflex camera. Therefore, the search for good deeds of the masters is worth starting in advance, because it is not so easy to get to them. In order to find a good camera operator and host, it is enough to visit wedding forums, where you can collect all the necessary information about those who work in your city. It’s worth visiting sites where there is a whole section "host for a wedding", where you can pick up and find out everything about who you liked.


We hope you find our tips useful. All the best, be happy.