Conduct a wedding: the secrets of craftsmanship

A series of vivid images, selected for the bride and groom, attention to detail, all this gives the wedding its gloss and charm. To hold a wedding, with the memory of which hearts will beat more often and lips to form a smile ... To hold a wedding in which your Dream will be realized ... To have a wedding that will be surrounded by a halo of sophistication, luxury ... If you think that to realize these bold fantasies you need a fabulous budget, you are deeply mistaken.

Actually, a real wedding begins with a real thorough preparation. Remember the golden rule: "Impromptu is good when well prepared." Homework and drafting begin a few months before the long-awaited event. Usually 2-3 months is enough to navigate and draw up a budget for a solid and memorable wedding. But if you open a bank account specifically for these purposes ahead of time, believe me, greatly simplify your life. This is our first secret..

Let us reveal the following secret, which is no less important from a practical point of view: sketch the outline of your wedding theme. Set what is called the tone. Then you will enter the whole canvas into it.

What does it give? Cost savings. Determining the theme and, accordingly, the venue of the wedding, you will not be scattered with options, but rather consider a narrow range of proposals.

Let's say the wedding dress for the bride. A wedding dress can be made in a classic style, or you can conjure over its decoration. Turn the bride into a fairy fairy or the ancient Greek goddess! Here is the first touch to the painting.

The same applies to places for a wedding party, and the choice of menu. What do you want to surprise guests with? Spicy oriental cuisine? Overseas delicacies? In any case, keep in mind that buying the same vegetables and fruits, sweets and drinks will be much cheaper than including all this in an order when renting a restaurant for a wedding.

Actually, in the same style you choose the transport and venue. Say, you wanted not royal chic, but a simple friendly party. Then why not have a wedding outside the city or consider such an option as a wedding on a boat. An appeal to folklore, fairy tales, epics, and various legends will also help brighten the wedding. Remember a number of entertaining and interesting rituals, beat them in your wedding scenario.

The entertaining program is diversified by artists - performance of a gypsy camp, an oriental dancer or music performed by a guest ensemble, circus performances - all this will light the fire of your hearts, fill them with happiness and joy. The spark of any wedding will be added by a professional host. It’s better to entrust the wedding sensibly and accurately to a professional, as well as capturing your most pleasant moments of your life, it’s better not to lovers, but to real wedding photographers and videographers.

Now, by the way, wedding films are very popular. You can shoot them in advance. And you can beat your wedding as the shooting of a real feature film. You are heroes. Assign the role of director to the host. Distribute the roles between the guests. A lot of takes, a lot of bright moments - this is how you can hold a wedding that is actually original, exclusive and memorable!

These are the simple secrets of craftsmanship. Inspiration to you on the most fabulous day of your life!