The most unusual places for a wedding ceremony


Speaking a wedding toast in honor of the newlyweds, someone may wish them unearthly happiness ... And if you take these words literally? Indeed, the happiest moment of the life of the bride and groom, when they give each other a promise of eternal fidelity, may not come on the earth ... The wedding site offers today to follow European fashion trends and find out where the most unusual wedding ceremonies take place.

Space open spaces

Dreamers and lovers often «fly in space». In fact, in space you can even get married! American tour operators Rocketplane Kistler Japan and Virgin Galactic offer customers a service such as a wedding ceremony in space. Such an unusual flight will last about an hour, the bride and groom will even spend several minutes in zero gravity (by the way, the bride can wear a special wedding dress for flying in zero gravity). A small party can be arranged on board the shuttle, the newlyweds will be sure to be provided with photos and videos from the wedding, and relatives and friends will see a live broadcast of the ceremony. A wedding in space has only two drawbacks: firstly, it is impossible to take many guests with you, and secondly, such a wedding will fly you a pretty penny ... however, it will be remembered for a lifetime!

Wedding in space

Underwater kingdom

An underwater wedding will be no less romantic, although, unlike a space wedding, it is no longer a novelty. Just imagine: the newlyweds in wedding dresses, masks and fins go down under the water, accompanied by a diving instructor, who «holds» the bride and groom to a beautiful corner of the underwater world, where among corals and exotic fish they swear an oath to love and honor each other all their lives! Such a ceremony is unusually romantic, BUT, firstly, the wedding hairstyle and makeup are canceled, secondly, masked traditional kiss will turn out to be somewhat unusual, and thirdly, you will not invite many guests ...

By the way, after a wedding ceremony underwater, you can arrange a romantic dinner underwater, for example, in an underwater restaurant off the coast of Australia.

Wedding under water

Heavenly paradise

Happy «soar in the sky»... And this can become a reality: today the bride and groom can have a wedding ceremony in the sky ... in a balloon. Oddly enough, this service is relatively inexpensive, in addition, it is perfect for a mini-wedding: you can take a few people closest to you in the balloon basket. Such a wedding is ideal for romantics ... if you are not afraid of heights. You can arrange such a flight in almost any corner of the planet, but make sure in advance that you can observe truly beautiful landscapes from the basket. And find out the weather forecast for the day your ceremony is scheduled.

If you prefer «fly in the clouds», Try organizing a wedding aboard an airplane! Maybe it will turn out a little less romantic, but it will certainly be very fun!

Wedding in heaven
Wedding on the plane

Sea surface

If you and your soulmate have been dreaming of sea adventures since childhood, make your dream a reality and arrange a wedding ceremony on board a sea liner or sailing yacht! You can go on a honeymoon to the resort town and go out to sea on a sailboat on one of the summer evenings and pronounce the marriage vow to each other in the rays of the setting sun, or you can go on a sea cruise and arrange not only a painting, but also a wedding on board the ship!

Yacht wedding

The wedding site introduced you to only a few possible options for holding a wedding ceremony ... And what kind of wedding do you dream about? Do not be afraid and try to make your dream come true, because the wedding, ideally, happens only once in a lifetime ...