A wedding floating on the waves of dreams


Many girls dream of a romantic sailing ship and beloved captain hugging her on the nose of a snow-white frigate. Many boys since childhood dream of being at least a few moments captain of a proud ship.

If so were your childhood dreams - make them come true on your wedding day! Depending on whether you plan to spend most of the wedding day on board the ship, or spend only a short excursion on the water, the necessary chores will depend.

Buffet Tour

Such an excursion can be an excellent alternative to the traditional visiting of young memorable places. Romantic travel on the waves, beautiful weather, fun company - what could be better!

Preparation for such an excursion must begin with the preparation of the route. This issue can be approached from different points of view. In any case, consider what species you would like to enjoy during the tour and how much money you are willing to pay for it..

When the route is completed, call several shipping companies and state your wishes for a trip. In the conversation, be sure to say the number of guests, the need for snacks and drinks and the amount you plan to spend. Employees of the shipping company will certainly take into account your wishes, and will also help you choose the best option for you. In addition to the shipping company, only the wedding manager can help you in solving this issue. A wedding manager is a wedding company engaged in the preparation and conduct of wedding celebrations from A to Z. But, believe me, the shipping company will also be very happy and will try to make you satisfied customers.

Celebration to the sound of waves

If you decide to spend almost the entire wedding day on board the ship (with the exception of painting at the registry office), then you should first discuss the exact number of guests invited. Then you can choose the ship that can comfortably accommodate the whole company.

Nowadays, liners are equipped with everything necessary for the celebration. The smallest of them can take on board a couple of dozen people, and the largest - over 150 guests. But you can find medium options, with the number of people on board from 50 to 100.

Tables on board the ship are usually arranged along the sides along the windows, and the main festive action takes place in the center of the hall. But at your request, the arrangement of furniture can change.

The bar is located at the entrance to the banquet hall and is filled with drinks to the taste of customers. It is worth considering that if you plan a large number of alcoholic drinks, then you can not include tea or coffee in the menu. In addition, you can always discuss with representatives of a shipping company or a catering organization additional delivery of drinks and dishes to the ship. But remember that abusing alcohol on board a fast-going boat is not worth it: it will be very difficult to quickly pick up some particularly strolling guest from the water.

In principle, each shipping company has several proven routes for holding holidays on board. But if you still choose your route, then note that additional stops will have to be paid separately. And besides, it is better to warn about such stops in advance, as some berths may be closed on the most inappropriate day for you.

Also, many companies already have several proven options for the wedding scenario and menu. In any case, you can make your own, then employees of the catering organization will be engaged in its finalization and implementation. They will try a few hours before the arrival of the young to deliver on board the necessary dishes for the celebration, glasses, cutlery, tablecloths and actually prepared dishes. Already on the ship in the chef's cabin, the delivered dishes will be properly laid out and decorated. Do not hesitate, the food will be delivered to you in the best possible way, since modern catering allows you to preserve the taste of food, its aroma and the right temperature, not only for several hours, but also, possibly, for several days.

To entertain guests, a DJ and a wedding host are usually invited on board. Large festivities are held on the upper open deck. All that will be associated with the selection of music and soundtrack of the holiday is the care of the DJ. The ship usually has its own music center, but if you need additional equipment, you will have to pay extra.

Also pay attention to the cost of the holiday. Usually it is calculated on the basis of the menu (per person about 600 rubles), the fees of the DJ and the host, payment of alcohol and additional parking, if any. It is worth noting that some shipping companies ask to pay for the rent of the ship separately, while for others it is already included in the price of the menu.