Organize your own dream wedding!

Where to start organizing your own wedding?

Once you read this article, it means that you already know the answer - from the Internet. Here you can find out almost everything that interests you and chat with people who have already gone this way - preparing your wedding.

Do not neglect the advice of loved ones and girlfriends. Perhaps your mother’s life experience will serve you well, girlfriends can recommend a bridal salon, a shop, a hairdresser, and your sister will be able to draw up a ransom scenario, knowing the nature of the groom. Listen to all the tips, but make your own decisions. After all, the wedding is yours. Previous wedding experience allows you to formulate some of the most important tips that you may find useful..

  • Preparations for the wedding should begin in advance. 3-6 months should be enough. First of all, you need to choose a hall for a banquet. If the restaurant is good, then everything is scheduled for several months in advance. Toastmasters, cameramen, photographer, musicians during the wedding season can also be busy all days. If you plan to carry out a painting in one of the central Wedding Palaces, then file the application early, there is probably also a queue. What else needs to be done ahead of time is to warn the witnesses that they are selected for this honorable role. Write the exact detailed plan for the wedding, so there’s less chance of missing something.
  • After the wedding day is appointed, it is necessary to determine the style of the celebration and the financial costs of it. Depending on the wedding scenario, the venue is also selected. It is possible and vice versa, if you were lucky enough to remove an old manor, a wedding can be organized in the spirit of the era to which the building corresponds. Maybe your dream was a pirate or gangster wedding, or based on your favorite movie, historical era, ethnic style. Make sure that all the details correspond to the given topic and then you will succeed.

For a wedding in the Greek and Italian style, choose a hall in the interior of which a lot of wood and stone, wicker furniture and clay flowerpots are used. For romantic weddings, the Middle Ages are suitable. If there is no way to choose a suitable room, then decorate the one that is. With the help of details, the corresponding musical background, you can achieve a complete sense of the given style.

When choosing a banquet hall for a wedding, pay attention to the availability of parking for cars, air conditioning or heating the hall, the ability to connect musical equipment.

Specify a menu and entertainment program. They should take into account pastime and refreshments, for example, for children invited to the wedding.

Do not forget to take care of the delivery of guests to the venue of the banquet. Order enough cars and discuss the possibility of decorating them. Provide a detailed address for the celebration, explain how to get there.

Send invitations to all guests. They can talk about the style of the wedding, be made of original materials, with your photos, etc..

The bride’s wedding dress should fully comply with the theme of the wedding, be comfortable and not hamper the movement. But most importantly, no matter what style you choose, the dress should emphasize your dignity and sit perfectly. The groom should look like a bride. Therefore, you should discuss your outfits together.

  • A wedding hairstyle is no less important than a dress. Sign up to the master ahead of time and do a trial hairstyle and makeup. If you like the result, take a picture of yourself. Then you can show the master on the wedding day a photo sample. A few weeks before the wedding, visit the beauty salon, pamper your skin. Sign up for manicures and pedicures. You should look perfect on your wedding day.
  • Do not refuse the services of a host - host. A professional host will make the wedding fun and memorable. If you were recommended such a pro, still meet with him personally. You may not like him. Discuss the scenario, suddenly, you will find some of his jokes and contests inappropriate.
  • Do not save on photos and videos of the wedding celebration. This is a memory for many years. Then it will be possible to arrange a beautiful album.

When ordering a wedding cake and a loaf for ceremonies, ask if there is delivery in the confectionery.

Develop a route for the wedding procession, walks after visiting the registry office.

Do not arrange a bachelorette party on the eve of the wedding, it is better to relax on this day and spend it calmly and leisurely.

Turn the wedding into your celebration, not a celebration of many guests. By undertaking the organization of the celebration, you will be sure that all your dreams will come true. Although not very easy, it’s interesting.