Wedding Organization - The Work of a Wedding Planner

A wedding day is a day when everything should be perfect. It is clear that it is impossible to foresee and predict everything at once, but, nevertheless, due to good organization and carefully thought out moments, your wedding will become a truly festive celebration.

The organization of a wedding is actually the starting line, with which actually everything begins. With the help of a professional wedding planner, you can paint all the events of a wedding event, from its very beginning to the end.

Before deciding on a particular wedding service company and manager, rely on the long-known principle of price-quality ratio. If you have not been recommended a specific specialist in this area, go in search, check out the prices and servants of such services. Often in the pursuit of the number of customers, the quality of service is significantly reduced. Behind beautiful booklets, business cards, there may well be a "teapot" steward.

When choosing a company, try to get to their office, get familiar with the materials (photos, videos), an assortment of different options for organizing a wedding, pricing, the wedding planner who will help you, and in general, with the range of services.

Often, many service companies involved in organizing celebrations, including weddings, pre-determine the standard range of services. Presenting them to the client, as one or another, "package". The client, in turn, can order the whole package or choose what he needs.

Standard list of services provided by companies:

  • Choosing a venue for the celebration (restaurant, cafe, banquet halls, nature, etc.);
  • Organization of a wedding table - banquet, buffet, picnic, etc.
  • Selection of toasts for the wedding;
  • Room decoration (balloons, fabric, flowers, etc.)
  • Development and selection of a scenario for a wedding celebration;
  • Development and selection of entertainment programs (contests, games, shows, music, etc.);
  • Selection of artists;
  • Technical equipment and accompaniment (light, sound, scenery);
  • Transport support (selection of wedding procession and transportation of guests);
  • Wedding cake (selection, order, delivery);
  • Selection of a photographer and operator (photo, video studio);
  • Pyrotechnic equipment (salutes, fireworks);
  • Organization of a honeymoon (tourist trips);
  • Printing equipment (cards, invitations, etc.)
  • Stylist, makeup artist, hairdresser, etc..

If you do not have enough time to organize a wedding, and you are ready to entrust this business to the wedding manager, then feel free to go in search of a wedding service company. Professional experienced staff will always be able to help you and organize your wedding at the highest level, from start to finish.