Electronic Wedding Invitations


When the World Wide Web first appeared, few could imagine that in just ten years almost every person would have access to it, and using the Internet would become an integral part of life. Modern young people use Internet mail to subscribe to all kinds of newsletters, to communicate and work, so why not send wedding invitations in the form of electronic cards? This simple and quick way to deliver invitations has many advantages, and composing text, selecting pictures will give you the opportunity to show your imagination and have fun.

Wedding invitation

Almost every computer has a front-facing webcam that spouses can use to record a short wedding invitation video. If desired, young people are able to arrange a real performance, write roles for themselves, pick up props so that the video is interesting to watch. And if you want to make a masterpiece, you’ll be able to invite an operator with whom the couple will make a real beautiful film about love, and then send the resulting video by email.

E-card invitation

The type of electronic card may be different – static beautiful image, moving pictures, presentation with musical accompaniment of your favorite music, etc. If young people are familiar with various video and photo editors, then you can make the invitation yourself. For those who only know the skills of Photoshop or even Paint, original templates have been created where you need to enter invitation text: there are thousands of them on the Internet, so the bride and groom will be able to choose what they like best in appearance and content.

If the need to work with photo editors horrifies future spouses, a solution exists. There are sites that specialize in sending electronic cards of various genres – from Happy Easter greetings to invitations to your child’s name day. There are a large number of diverse templates designed to create wedding invitations. All that needs to be done to the heroes of the occasion – enter text with the names of guests, the date of the wedding, a description of the event in the correct columns, and then do the newsletter by e-mail.

Wedding invitation with photo

Another fun way to make an invitation – Use photo sharing. This can be a photo collage or a simple image, neatly taken in a frame. For such a thing, it’s even possible to hire a professional photographer with whom the couple will develop the style of the photo shoot, find the appropriate props, and most importantly – have fun and fill up the joint album with some great shots.

When deciding to use the electronic form of invitations, it is important to consider the following: the probability that the letter is lost is much lower than when sending by real mail, but it exists. Some people may rarely check email addresses or even change their mail since you last met, so make sure you make a phone call after sending and make sure the guest is notified. If you and your friends use the social network much more actively than using e-mail, then it is better to send out a friend list.

How to make an electronic postcard yourself

Making an invitation yourself is easy if you know at least the basics of Photoshop. As a rule, people who make template pictures save them in the psd extension. In this case, opening the image through the program, you can use the same fonts used by the creator of the template. There are also «empty» pictures where the text is found on its own, but it's simple: open the invitation through Photoshop, select the tool «Text», find the type you like by type and type text that reflects the style of the celebration.

Wedding invitation card template.

Tips: how to send a postcard

If you can’t imagine what a wedding invitation should look like, some basic tips for finding and creating such products will help you..

  • First, use the search engine to find the template image that you like the most, download it.
  • Think of the location of the required information: write your names, guest name, place, time, date of the wedding, contact details.
  • Experiment with fonts, add a few details, if the situation requires it, insert your photo.
  • When preparing a celebration in a particular style, try to find a template that best emphasizes the theme of the event. Indicate if there is a dress code, whether to take special things with you or whether they will be distributed upon arrival.
  • When the text part is ready, once again examine the result, select the recipients to whom the invitation will be sent by email and click «Submit».
  • A day after departure, call the guests and make sure that they receive a letter.

Original email invitation

Advantages and disadvantages of electronic invitations

Due to the undeniable advantages that accompany sending invitations in electronic form, this type of postcard is increasingly popular. This list is made for those who have not yet decided how to send invitations. The main advantages of the fact that the guest will receive an invitation letter to the email address:

  • This will allow future spouses to send an unusual type of invitation – e.g. video.
  • Practicality and safety of delivery. If your relatives live in another country, then the chance of a lost letter is almost zero, and sending out does not require much time.
  • Good image quality will give guests the opportunity to print the image and save.
  • Variety of styles of template images.
  • The ability to easily create your own version of the invitation card.
  • Profitability. Such cards in most cases do not require financial costs at all, unlike printing wedding printing.

Beautiful invitation option

After considering the main advantages of sending letters of invitation in electronic form, one cannot but say about the possible disadvantages of this method of distribution. Most of them are insignificant and solvable, but the choice of the final type of postcards requires familiarization with all parties to the electronic delivery process. The main disadvantages of wedding invitations over the Internet:

  • A little disappointment to the guests. Some people find it more pleasant to receive paper invitations..
  • Failure to send invitations to most older people unfamiliar with the worldwide network. However, in this case, invitation cards will print.
  • Unfair work of sites engaged in sending template invitations.
  • Outages in the mail network, the possibility that the letter will not be noticed if guests receive a lot of spam daily.

Wedding invitation – this is the first thing that future guests will see. It should be original, reflect the style of celebration, tastes and preferences of the couple. For the recipients to like the invitations, you need to put your soul into their creation, come up with a touching text, beautifully design the look of the postcard – then the guests will be satisfied and will probably want to keep the image in memory.