Wedding invitations with your own hands


An invitation is considered to be a visiting card of the newlyweds, because thanks to the latter, guests will learn about the decision of the couple in love to marry and the appointed date and time of the ceremony. The range of invitations that are offered in wedding salons is very rich, but they are all banal and monotonous. If you want to surprise guests and do something original, you can easily make your own wedding invitations.

How to create a wedding invitation: step by step instructions

Before proceeding with the production of hand-made wedding invitations, you must perform a series of the following steps:

  • Decide on the style and colors of the wedding celebration, invitations should correspond to the general theme of the wedding. Having included imagination, you should choose the design and pattern of the invitation.
  • Choose an invitation technique. Popular techniques include the following: quilling, scrapbooking, invitation cards in the form of scrolls, posters, sweets, puzzles. Invitations created in the Photoshop program are equally popular..
  • Purchase the necessary materials. As a rule, various lace ribbons, decorative cardboard, flowers and other little things are used. If invitations are created in Photoshop, then no materials are needed here, and only your imagination is useful.
  • Come up with an invitation text. It can be standard, in the form of poems or with a joke – it all depends on your wishes and preferences.
  • Directly making cards.­
    Manufacturing process

Lace and bow

Making an original invitation using bows and lace is simple and it does not require large material costs. For such cards you will need: designer cardboard or beautiful paper, lace, braid, ribbons, beads, sequins, rhinestones.

Creating a vintage invitation card is simple:

  1. Take a piece of thick designer paper or cardboard and fold in half;
  2. Decorate the title side with lace and ribbon bows;
  3. In the middle, write the invitation text or paste the template previously printed on the printer.

Such an invitation will look gentle, and ribbons and lace, it is possible to use those that are found in the bride's dress. You can see examples of such cards in the presented photo.

Using lace and bows

Hearts and ribbons

An original invitation will also be obtained using hearts cut out of paper with a beautiful print, as well as with bright ribbons matching the basic colors of the wedding celebration. To make such wedding cards is simple, you need to cut out the heart (or a couple of hearts) from paper and stick it on the prepared blank for the invitation. Decorate with ribbons, paper flowers and beads.

Heart design

Quilling technique

Quilling is a recently-fashioned technique that has gained extraordinary popularity. Using quilling, unique paintings are created, and it is often used to design postcards, including wedding cards. What is the essence of quilling? This is a kind of application. Small, thin strips of paper are curled and after, a composition is created from individual parts.

Using quilling technique

To decorate wedding invitations, often use a composition of flowers, the image of the bride, or a couple - a man and a woman. Such invitations require scrupulousness and a lot of time. But the result will please you and amaze the invitees. Before proceeding to design, you need to think over the design, draw the contours of the composition, cut strips (or buy blanks), twist all the pieces of paper and then lay them out, bringing the idea to life.

Scrapbooking technique

For this technique, you will primarily need beautiful paper, a variety of ribbons, buttons, beads, clippings, threads, chains, flowers - all that is at your fingertips. You will definitely need: glue, scissors, adhesive tape. What is good scrapbooking style is that there are no clear recommendations and rules - everything is done as you like.

Postcard Design Idea

It will take a lot of time to create such a masterpiece, but you will be completely satisfied with the result, and most importantly, you will get an invitation card that no one has ever done - it will be unique and inimitable. To see an example of creating invitation cards in scrapbooking style.


Wedding invitations in the form of scrolls are quite popular. Such scrolls can be made «antique» or simply using beautiful paper and fabric elements. It’s easy to aged or tinted paper at home, the presented master class will help you figure it out:

Making the scroll itself is not difficult. It is necessary to print the invitation text on a tinted (or simply on a beautiful sheet of paper) and turn it into a tube, bandaging it with a ribbon or brocade rope. It is possible to decorate the scroll with a pendant in the form of pigeons or just flowers (for example, roses). This invitation looks original and certainly will not leave anyone indifferent.

Scroll options

In the shape of a poster

To create an invitation in the form of a poster will require very little time and materials. You will need an invitation text, a couple of your photos, an inscription resembling a poster, a Whatman paper. An example of such an invitation can be seen in the photo.

Poster Design

In the shape of sweets

To please guests not only with the upcoming wedding, but also with delicious chocolate, it is possible to send a sweet invitation. To do this, you need a bar of chocolate, your photo and a color printer. Print a new one «cover» for chocolate, put on top of the old one (or instead of it) and send to guests. Such an invitation will definitely not go unnoticed..

Candy design

If you prefer to use not chocolate, but small sweets. To do this, put the candy in a homemade organza bag, and roll the invitation text in a small scroll and place it on the bottom of the bag. Such an invitation is not only original, but also tasty.


If you want to torment guests a bit and make their brain think, you can use invitation cards in the form of puzzles. How it looks, you can look at the photo.


To make such an invitation is not difficult. Cut the printed invitation into several uneven pieces and fold neatly into an envelope (which can also be done on your own). To facilitate the task for guests, it is possible to make a frame into which the elements of the puzzle will be folded.


Often invitations are made in the form of airplanes. A sheet with printed text is folded in the form of an airplane and in this form is given to guests. If you forget how planes are made, the instructions below will help you remember..

Airplane figures


The invitation in the form of a fan looks original. Fold the invitation printed on a piece of paper with a fan, decorate with ribbons or flowers and your masterpiece is ready. Such a simple execution technique, but the result will exceed all expectations.

Fan options

The envelope

As a rule, invitations are sent in an envelope. Especially envelopes are needed for invitations in the form of puzzles, cards made in the style of quilling or scrapbooking. Making an envelope yourself is not as hard as many would have thought.


If the bride and groom are lovers of intellectual games, then in this case an invitation in the form of a crossword puzzle will do. Here your mind, ingenuity and imagination will come in handy. But you should not do complex questions in a crossword puzzle, it is better that all this be in a comic form. Crossword puzzles can help with special puzzles..

Crossword card

In Photoshop

In the case when one of the newlyweds understands photoshop, it is possible to make invitations in this program and then print them. Here you can use your photos, collages or just beautiful pictures or images that you find on the Internet. You can print invitations at the printing house or in the photo salon. An example of how to create an invitation program in Photoshop, you can view in the presented master class:

Texts for invitations

The texts for invitations can be used in a variety of ways from standard, to invitations in text form or comic. It is also possible to use original fonts, which will only add invitational sophistication.

The following are sample texts that are used in invitations:

Text options

If you have your own interesting option for issuing wedding invitations, leave a comment and share with other readers. May you live happily ever after!