Handmade Wedding Invitations


Wedding invitation – This is an important and indispensable attribute of the celebration, which invitees see immediately, even before the celebration. Therefore, it is important that the postcards for the festive event are made in a high-quality, original and in the same style as the wedding to which guests are invited. So that they are unique and meet the needs of the newlyweds as much as possible, they should be done with your own hands or ordered from masters offering handmade attributes. There are many varieties and techniques for creating true masterpieces..

Handmade invitation

Handmade Wedding Invitations

If a theme wedding is being prepared, then invitations should be stylishly executed. There is a wide range of topics for beautiful and interesting weddings, considered popular:

  • in the Tiffany style (shine, retro, glamor and modernity in one bottle, turquoise-white tones);
  • rustic (naturalness, proximity to nature);
  • marine style (yachts, blue and blue tones).

Handmade invitations for such weddings are easy to make on their own, thanks to computer technology and the presence of printing houses. Handwork always looks expensive, beautiful and unique, and even save the wedding budget.

Themed Wedding Invitation

Tiffany style

«Tiffany» implies the style that is used in the film of the same name «Breakfast at Tiffany's». This is the 50s of the last century, slightly adapted to modernity and adopting some glamorous notes of that era. When compiling wedding invitations in this style, it is necessary to use a white-turquoise palette of colors in their design (this is a prerequisite), decorate them with ribbons, crystals, shiny brooches or pearls. Openwork edges of invitation cards or strict forms will look good.

Here are two ideas for creating handmade attributes. «in tiffany style».

  1. It is appropriate to create a postcard in the form of an album for the disc on which the movie is actually recorded «Breakfast at Tiffany's». On the cover, print the invitation text, dress code requirements (it will be convenient to put it in the group on social networks, and indicate the link in the invitation), the place and time of the wedding. The design in the form of a book will also look spectacular, on the page of which frames from the film are displayed and the information necessary for guests is posted.
  2. Simpler option – roll up turquoise paper with a scroll, decorate with openwork fabric and a beautiful pendant in the form of a crystal, tie it with a ribbon. Or in the form of an opening envelope, the sides of which are tied with tape. Decorate the inner or outer surface with rhinestones.

Handmade Tiffany Style Invitation Cards

Rustic style

A distinctive feature of the rustic style of the wedding is beauty in the simple, because. «rustic» translated means «rustic». Invitations in this style are easy to do. Dark textured paper, cardboard, kraft paper, twine instead of ribbon and decoration in the form of paper or fabric appliqués, lace, wood bark, branches, dried flowers, burlap, bows and paintings are ideal for this. Everything should be natural and natural. Handmade invitation cards can be handwritten or printed, evenly or creatively..

Rustic style invitation cards

Some useful ideas:

  • Using a branch with leaves, make an imprint of paint on a sheet of dark paper. Print the invitation text in dark brown ink. Draw a route plan to the wedding venue, dress code rules, and time. Put everything in an envelope of the same color and texture. Tie with technical thread or twine, tie a bow, attach canvas tags with the name of the addressee.
  • Roll the scroll using kraft paper, on the inside of which will be written by hand or typed, tie a scroll with twine, fasten with a wooden brooch with the name of the addressee.
  • Take a cardboard with a floral print, place a small white envelope with the invitation text on it, tie this design with a gift knot from a technical thread, decorate with multi-colored buttons. On the back of the cardboard you can put the guest's mailing address.

Natural Ideas for Invitations

Marine style

Nautical-style invitations can be:

  • in the form of cards with starfish, seahorses, shells, sailor stripes painted on them,
  • voluminous: a box with sand, sea pebbles and shells, inside of which lies an envelope with an invitation, tied with a ribbon or rope; an envelope held together by a real starfish, a real shell; a card with volume lamination or glazing, inside which sand, small pebbles and shells are calmly sprinkled; scroll letter bottles.

Nautical style invitations for weddings.

The scroll letter in the bottle looks beautiful, exclusive and easy to make at home:

  1. Remove the label from an empty glass bottle (0.5 l.), Remove any remaining adhesive.
  2. Print the invitation on a sheet.
  3. To give the appearance of the old, burn the edges of the paper with a candle, and select the paper yellowish or brownish. You can hold it lightly in brewed coffee to give a dark shade.
  4. Fold a sheet into a scroll.
  5. Tie up with twine or cord.
  6. Put in a bottle and close the cork.
  7. Attach the inscription to the bottle with double-sided tape «Invitation», or tie on the rope the same inscription hidden in a paper card-shell. You can also mark the name of the invited guest there..

Scroll in a bottle for a wedding

Techniques used for handmade invitations.

A classic wedding should not be boring, so postcards for such a wedding should also be original. There are many ways and techniques that will make and issue a beautiful and unusual invitation yourself. The most common paper handling techniques – scrapbooking, decoupage, quilling, origami, pop up. Each of which, you can choose to create a greeting card with your own hands. Having sent guests an invitation to your handmade wedding, you will certainly please and surprise them.


Scrapbooking – this is the decoration of various objects (albums, cards, frames, invitations, notebooks) in the form of a collage from a huge palette of materials on density, nature, texture. Invitation made in this style. – this is an absolute fantasy flight in which you can use any materials, such as: paper, cardboard, organza, satin, lace, ribbons, rhinestones, beads, paper flowers or fabrics. Bonding occurs with double-sided tape (spots may remain from the glue) or with a special stationery gun.

  1. Buy an embossed blank that needs to be bent with a booklet.
  2. Print invitation text on matte photo paper.
  3. On another sheet of matte photo paper, stamp the pattern..
  4. In each booklet, first paste the sheet with the pattern, then with the text.
  5. Tie the cover vertically with a satin ribbon and tie it with a bow.

Scrapbooking wedding invitation


Decoupage – drawing a picture on an object through an application, which is then varnished together with the decoration. The result is beautiful updated things with a wonderful pattern. Often, using this technique, decorate dense things, because they are easier and more appropriate varnishing. It is appropriate to make an invitation to the wedding in the form of a wooden decorated frame, inside of which the invitation text is placed – so guests can use this accessory long after the wedding. This is done simply:

  1. Buy or prepare a wooden base frame.
  2. Sand her a little.
  3. Cut out flowers, roses, hearts, drawings of couples or other romantic drawings from paper, napkins and other improvised materials.
  4. Glue them on the desired parts of the frame with vinyl glue or PVA, egg white mixed with wallpaper glue, nail polish or other adhesive.
  5. Open the frame with varnish, preferably acrylic or other transparent waterproof. Let it dry. If you need another layer or more so that the picture merges with the frame – apply them.
  6. Place the invitation text on colored paper inside the frame, cover with glass, close the frame.
  7. You can decorate with a bow, volumetric fabric rose, rhinestones.

Decoupage Wedding Invitation


Quilling – This is a technique for making three-dimensional patterns from twisted paper strips. Using it, it’s easy to create beautiful and cute ornaments for a handmade invitation card. To do this, you only need paper, scissors, glue and a base for postcards.

  1. Choose the basis for the postcard: it can be thick paper, cardboard, embossed paper, specially ordered cover.
  2. Bend it in half.
  3. Place the invitation text inside it..
  4. On top of the cover, attach a white oval-shaped sheet. Choose a glue that does not stain the sheet and cover.
  5. Put the text on the sheet – word «Invitation» and the names of those who receive it.
  6. On the remaining free space, apply a pattern of twisted multi-colored paper stripes and fringe.
  7. We decorate the middle of the flowers with beads or buttons.
  8. You can spray glitter varnish on a card.

Volume flowers from paper on a card


Origami – it is an art to give paper a three-dimensional shape, as well as the shape of objects, animals, plants. Origami Wedding Invitations – beautiful and memorable thing, and most importantly – inexpensive because it will take only a sheet of paper and 5 minutes of your time to create it. Such an invitation letter – A great solution for a wedding in an oriental and classic style. Prepare a soft pink paper and fold it according to the pattern:

Origami Invitation Dress




Pop Up Technique

Pop-up Technique – this is the creation of volumetric cards that straighten out after opening the cover book. DIY pop up invitation – this is a real wedding masterpiece that will prepare guests for the miracle of this event. It is also one of the low-cost ways to create an original handmade card. To make it, you will need a cover (or colored cardboard), a sheet of beautiful not thin paper, a ribbon.

  1. Print the congratulation text on the sheet, leaving a place in the middle.
  2. Draw a ring in the middle of each side toward the inside of the postcard..
  3. Carefully glue the sheets to the sides of the cover with adhesive that does not leave marks on the paper.
  4. Stick on the junction of the cover and sheet lace tape.
  5. Cut the rings, but not completely, leave a place at the base, the place of attachment to the sheet.
  6. Make a small incision on the inside of the ring from the side where the middle of the card.
  7. Connect the rings and close the card.
  8. Tie it with decorative ribbon, add rhinestones, shine.

Volumetric invitation rings

Handmade Wedding Invitations: Master Class

There are many ways to create your own wedding invitations with your own hands in different styles, using different techniques. We bring to your attention another simple way to create a beautiful handmade wedding card, using openwork embossing and applying patterns on thick paper..

Photo of beautiful handmade invitation cards

Beautiful wedding invitation