Fonts for wedding invitations


A wedding is a significant and important event in the life of every person. There is always turmoil on the eve of the celebration, careful preparations are being made for each stage of its holding, but not everyone pays attention to the design of invitation cards. Many standard wedding invitations are on sale - postcards, aged letters. Recently, newlyweds are increasingly turning to the services of designers in order to create exclusive wedding invitations. After all, the original design, art painting and font on invitation cards is the key to success.

What fonts are suitable for a wedding invitation??

Handwritten font for wedding invitations.

The writing style and design of the holiday invitation card plays a special role. Psychologists say that there is a connection between a person’s perception of the information that the producer of the printed text wants to convey to him and the way it is transmitted in writing. Printing provides a large selection of fonts, but brides are increasingly looking for something original and unique. Therefore, the design of an invitation card for a wedding with handwritten beautiful letters is especially appreciated, and the work of a high-class designer-polygraphist with the artist’s talent is paid very well.

Handwritten letters for wedding invitations.

Depending on the semantic load of the transmitted information in writing, there are:

  • Square, straight, vertical lettering style with or without sharpening. Such a printed style is always official, they issue business announcements, papers and everything related to them..
  • Inclined font, which allocate additional information, write footnotes, comments.
  • The hand-written artistic style looks elegant and is used to write text about the upcoming celebration, event, anniversary, as well as to design headings and subheadings in samples of fiction.

Many newlyweds try to independently find the original handwriting with decor on the Internet, to use Word fonts. Indeed, beautiful symbols, stylized elements of letters on a card look elegant, stylish, memorized figuratively. The beauty of a postcard or invitation card is evaluated not only by the image, texture, size, but also by the font used to write the text.

Sample handwritten style for printing.

Fonts are a necessary resource for designers, so there aren’t many of them. In order to help the client choose the style of writing information, the specialist should have «combat» Arsenal of a wide range of ways to print letters. He has the right to create the latter with his own hands, if skill allows. But the client, making an order for printed products, should not doubt the professional suitability of the seller. Therefore, it will be convenient to download the necessary set of styles for programs from Photoshop, guided by the huge possibilities of choice, and then create a unique order.


Calligraphic invitation writing style.

The ability to write beautifully is called calligraphy, and calligraphic handwriting as a talent and artistic skill is especially appreciated. Calligraphic fonts look stylish in the design of advertising booklets, invitation cards and other types of printed materials. The choice of font depends not only on the preferences of the client, but also on the quality of the paper, its color and additional decor, which will be present on the covers, insert and in other sections of the printed matter.

Greeting card with calligraphic design.

There are different types of calligraphic fonts:

  • patterned,
  • capital,
  • figured,
  • calligraphic with curlicue elements,
  • Japanese style,
  • Gothic,
  • abstract,
  • angular.

The client has the right to choose the style of writing letters that he liked for the design of text information by looking at samples of text design on the monitor screen. The designer will help to harmoniously combine the chosen writing style, paper texture, design, shape of the printed product, creating a mock-up of the printed product from Photoshop. If you want to realize creative ideas for the invitation card project yourself, we recommend using Internet services.

Stylized and decorative

Stylized invitation card

In the sale of stationery there is a wide range of greeting cards with an anniversary, birthday, wedding invitations. Embossing, golden spraying or silver tint, intricate elements of handwritten writing, a colorful combination of shades of the product surface, font color, possible color gamut transitions - all these nuances appeal to the potential buyer. But an exclusive product should be distinguished by a special handwriting, emphasizing the creative thinking of the author.

Wedding invitation card

If you do not have the opportunity to use the services of a printing studio in your city, the global Internet will help you in finding hand-drawn stylized decorative fonts. Designers offer to download the finished product (in this case, handwritten font) with a simple click of a button «download». This will be done for free or with a certain fee for the service. And then it’s a matter of technology and the ability to work with a standard office program.

Beautiful simple fonts

Standard print style

Intricate curly fonts with curls and elongated decorated elements are beautiful, extravagant. But many clients want to see simple understandable letters on a custom wedding invitation without any special design «little things». The usual presentation of information on paper is always perceived by a person without a problem, and simple styles of writing letters inspire confidence in the information presented. Some people think that letters written in understandable Russian Cyrillic are easier and faster to read..

Russian simple fonts for invitation cards

An assortment of simple fonts is represented by oriental, curly, urban, 3D format, grunge style and others. Writing styles - to your taste and choice. This is black color and colorized letters with shades and color transitions. Different print versions are available for download on the Internet:

  • country,
  • large,
  • smooth,
  • Oriental,
  • creative,
  • fatty,
  • usual,
  • thin,
  • with stripe and circled,
  • simple printed,
  • typographic,
  • Latin,
  • Cyrillic.

Where can I download such fonts for free?

Wedding invitation design

If you are a beginner web designer and are interested in ways of writing letters, then special collections of writing styles are available to any Internet user. Go to the search engine, type in the search bar «fonts free download»: You will see a whole list of available websites. After looking at a couple of resources, you will make a choice. A selection of fonts is available for download absolutely free or for a small fee..

Postcard example

When choosing a method of printing letters for a congratulatory booklet or invitation card for an anniversary, holiday or celebration, they are also guided by the volume of the text to be placed, its placement on paper. Often an invitation or any other information is drawn up with a combination of simple and decorated, regular, bold type. But painted letters of a stylized style are better perceived in their proud loneliness..

A professional designer, as a rule, is looking for a ready-made set of Russian or Latin fonts. For fruitful work, the implementation of their ideas, creative ideas, a small number of ways to print letters is not enough. To create a unique layout where the font, size of the card, its design, drawings, embossing, logos, even small photos are harmoniously combined is quite real. For this purpose, it is worth buying interesting fonts to work in the online store..

Author's print style for invitations.

If you have to write a lot of text, choose a simple way to print with a minimum of curls. And just a few lines are best designed in a beautiful, sweeping style. Do not be afraid to experiment. Create your own unique way of printing, your design style, turning plain text into an exclusive masterpiece of writing. A set of fonts, a computer, a printer, design skills - that's all that is needed for fruitful work.